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January 21, 2013


Leslie Fehr

I finished the Hat with the DIC January yarn--now, I'm waiting for it to dry while it's on the "blocking plate". I've cast on for a watch cap for my husband using some of the Opal's sport weight yarn -

But for now, I have to work!! I'll get in more knitting when I get home this evening.

Kay L

Sitting and knitting then going outside to sit some more while the dogs play in the cold and sunshine. Maybe I'll get my socks finished this week after all!

Renee Anne

Sadly, I've had a sick kiddo for the last few days (complete with stomach contents on the floor)...but the good news is that we're getting the house we want and both my properties back home have accepted offers! So, hooray for that!

I wish I had some time to knit, though. ::sigh::


I knitted a lot while listening to a book on tape (Metatropolis) and later while watching the parade - working on a sweater in bulky yarn and it is going really fast. Tonight it was tai chi at Salomon Farms.


Yesterday I made a couple of cards, worked on a hat project for my husband (it was 1F this morning and he keeps asking when will it be ready!), and started a new pair of socks for me. My first with a little pattern, all my socks so far have been plain knitting. Good day, productive!


Knitting on my red "Soulmate" socks in a very vanilla pattern #242 from Knit Simple. Just knit, knit, knit :) and they are for me!!

Susan Ipavec

I LOVE the Seattle Coffee Blues colorway of Poste! Can't wait till it gets back in stock.

Lilly Jarvis

I missed knitting while sitting in our veranda. It feels so relaxing. Soft top socks are the most common item I love to do. I didn't notice that time is passing by until the chirping of birds caught me. I really missed this kind of life. Simple but happy.


Thorn was the project I was working on for some selfish knitting from some handspun yarn, but I got lured away by some quickie knits. ;-)


What do you think a Baby Surprise Jacket would look like out of Poste Yarn? Would the stripes show

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