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January 30, 2013


Judi Kennedy

Finishing a pair of socks for my stepson. First sock done, second sock at heel. Not colorful yarn though, so I need to work on something pretty.


I'm working on this pattern by Clara Parkes, my first ever patterned sock. I'm just doing it in a plain colour so the pattern will stand out. Everyone is telling me I won't recognize my own feet in plain coloured socks!

Karen Pettyjohn

A sweater for one of our grand-daughters for Christmas. We have 15 grandchildren so I need to start early!


I just finished up a baby blanket for my new Great Nephew - his baby shower is this weekend and I actually finished on time! I am also working on a cowl in a very pretty green - for my sister in law.


I started a sock in Simply sock Yarn, Mocha. Also have a baby sweater and hooded scarf on the needles that I am working on. There are other things on the needles, but they have been put to the side...

Kristina Karpinski

I'm knitting socks like crazy for the girls in my spinning/knitting group and my sister. So far I have given away 10 pairs. Must make sure nobody has cold feet this winter. Trying out new patterns but also repeating some good old ones.

Julie Davidson

I'm practicing my magic loop and 2 circular technique. When I get good, I'll have to get some pretty yarn!

Leslie Fehr

Finished the hat with the January DIC yarn - now I'm knitting a navy watch cap style hat for my husband with some Opal yarn --- then, a little girl's hat for a co-worker. And, my list of "want to knit" just gets longer and longer.


When you had a Potluck sale of Poste Yarn, I was happy to get a skein of navy, gold and purple. Its called Garden District on your site. Im halfway finished on the first sock. I absolutely love working with it and plan to get another colorway when this one is finished. Hope you didn't have any winter storm damage.


Hubby's Vanilla sock in Black Trillium Pebble in Brindle colorway. Can safely say his feet have never worn socks this nice before


I am working on the Macallan vest by Thea Colman, it is in the new Brooklyn Tweed look book, and another pair of Roger socks by Ann Hanson.

Kay L

As usual, I'm working on socks. I've got 4 pairs currently on the needles and I've had several serious talks with myself about casting on others. I need to finish at least 3 pairs before I start more!


I'm knitting myself a pair of socks from Opal Surprise yarn. It's wide gradient stripes that shade from aqua through blue & purple to yellow & spring green. I am crazy for this colorway. Opal colorways are always so much better looking in person than on a monitor & even prettier when knit up. I think this is my favorite commercial sock yarn ever. I just finished a hat & mittens for my granddaughter using Regia 6 in shaeds of hot pink, purple & black.


I just finished a nice warm sofa blanket. Now I am working on a scarf and will be starting a pair of socks soon.

Susan Hill

I limit myself to 4 works on the needles from very simple to difficult. My simple is a big color-block scarf, average is a pair of socks and a sweater for my grandson and difficult is a fair isle sweater. My mood and what else I'm doing dictates which I pick up. When one is finished I let myself start a new project. I find this rotating system works well for me for finishing projects and never getting bored with a project.


Socks, socks and more socks. Next pair will be with your Poste yarn. What is the colorway in your picture?

kathi c

Began Multnomah shawl with 'Christmas at Downton' colorway when I received it barely two weeks ago. Had carpal tunnel surgery on Monday and today realized that I can knit relaxed easy garter stitch quite easily--hoorah!


Tonight I'm casting on the Sweetest Heart Socks that were part of last years SSYC Valentine kit. I got it too late for last year and thought I had plenty of time to make them for this... Two weeks should about do it!


I want that sock yarn.... what is it called and is it available yet?? Also, does it have blue in it?

blogless grace

Finishing a pair of socks for a mystery KAL. All I need to do is the sewn bind-off and work in the ends in the toes.

Amy St. Amour

Just finished fingerless mittens (took Marly Bird's Craftsy class online).
I always have at least 2 sock projects colorful socks!

Susan Ipavec

I'm working on a shawl using Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in a spring-like shade of green. I'm also in the process of finishing up a baby blanket.


I'm making the Sockhead hat (free Ravelry pattern) from a skein of Seacoast Handpainted merino/tencel in a colorway called Iris Garden. I bought it directly from Jennifer at the New Hampshire Wool Arts Tour. The colors are springy for a winter hat!

Patti Young

Socks with glitter in them. Sounds gaudy but they are quite attractive. Also working on a scarf of oranges/greens/browns. Should be finished by fall!


pretty pretty yarn! love bright colors :)


This week is a bunch of smaller projects from last year's Rose City Yarn Crawl. We have 18 local yarn stores that participated and so you can do projects from the crawl in anticipation of this year's crawl and potentially win a gift certificate to one of the stores. I have one done and two on the needles. Plus I need to get a baby sweater done by Saturday. I imagine I might be up late the next two nights!


Finished a cowl for me and started a lacey shawl for my daughter for her wedding

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