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January 02, 2013



Do more Charity/Committment knitting i.e. blankets for Linus Project. Cotinue to enjoy ongoing projects and finish many pairs of socks. Start Christmas gifts now.


I like to challenge myself, so knitting resolutions include choosing patterns with something new to learn. Last year I learned and got comfortable with different types of heels and toe up cast ons. I'd like to continue that —sweet tomato heel for one! I'd also like to make a scarf with hand dyed yarn which uses the lengths of color to best advantage, ie.vertical stripes. That one might test my patience!

Leslie Fehr

I've decided to challenge myself to having no more than 2 projects on the needles at one time. This way I might actually finish more things. But, I've also decided to make this the "year of the hat" - I go by a facility for the homeless everyday on my way home from work. Next winter, I want to be able to give them a goodly number of warm hats.


My knitting resolution isn't a good one for SSYC - knit from the stash, mostly. I use knitting as a way to relax and stay sane, but my knitting closet currently houses a stash that is causing me stress. So time to open up some space on the shelves by knitting what I have.


New Year's resolutions have never struck a chord with me - maybe because it doesn't really feel like the start to a new year to me. Late summer, early fall with the beginning of the new school year seems like a more logical transition point to me. If I did have a resolution, it would be just to spend more time knitting.


Learn to spin - and I'm already signed up for lessons! Also, knit socks from the toe up, on circs. I've knit two pair toe-up using dpns and short rows. Last night I knit a toe using the Turkish cast-on, on circs - took me an hour, but I did it!


Try and get through the WIPS and don't cast on anything else big.

Kathleen B.

I plan on making 6 shawls for hospice by the end of June. My goal is to knit from stash predominently in the first half of the year as I will be moving in in September. I'll then have more room for fresh stash!


Start knitting sweaters and vests, up to now it's been many socks and scarves.

Brenda B

I would really like to branch out a bit more, try something a bit different and learn a new technique. I'm self taught and have to fix my own mistakes and I really have to concentrate on my knitting to keep it looking good, so I'd like to have the courage to move on to something with some simple patterns in it, maybe even a simple lace project.

Karen M

I'm going to knit other things along with my socks this year...I really need to finish the several scarves I've got going and most especially my son's sweater.

Kay L

I don't make resolutions of any kind - I'll just break them! My new year will include more sock knitting with some challenging patterns, shawls and at least one sweater. I knit for others throughout the year so I just need to plan who and when.

Susan Hill

Love the beginning of a new year. I try to maintain the same goals every year and reflect on them again and reenforce the goals I set for myself. However, this year, I'm going to try to expand just taking care of myself better on a personal level. As far as knitting goes, I have so much pleasure and comfort from my knitting as it is and don't feel a need to change anything. I would like to knit more from my stash but I already know i won't be able to resist your beautiful yarn offerings. I keep telling myself just this one more skein and then I'll stop. Won't happen.


I am going to learn to make socks! I've tackled shawls and sweaters, so socks should be a no-brainer, right? NYDay I practiced handling five needles, yesterday cast on and knit about two inches of quite holey sock. So ripped back and now have a good half-inch down. I'm doing a simple pattern for my first, no heel turning, just to really get the hang of the needles. Thereafer - a pair a month?

Amy St. Amour

This year I am joining in with my LYS to knit chemo caps. These are beautiful caps/hats knitted up for cancer patients and donated to our local cancer treatment centers for distribution.


My knitting resolution for this year is to begin making Christmas gifts by February 1 and to be done knitting gifts by December 1. I would really like to take the stress out of the gift giving process. Knitting is so relaxing for me normally, but trying to finish stuff up the week of Christmas is just not very stress-free.


I'd like to knit a sweater for each of my grandchildren. Soon to be 5. The oldest is almost 11. I am finishing the baby blanket for Andie Grace - due 2/3/13 and I am wanting to knit a Verybusymonkey shawl and socks by Michelle Hunter and Adrienne Fong. Oh, if only I had more knit time!

Renee Anne

I don't know that I necessarily have a knitting "resolution" but my second year of projects started this weekend and I'm hoping I can make a dent in my Ravelry queue. We'll see :)

Donna Shelby

I hope to prevent myself from getting caught up in too many deadlines, which always end up in frantic knitting marathons during which I neglect my husband, my house, my friends and neighbors, etc. When that scenario happens, much of the joy is removed ... I love knitting too much to let that keep happening to me.

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