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January 04, 2013


Leslie Fehr

Those are wonderful doors!! A balance in one's life? Just when you believe things will even out, life occurs! But, I do think you are starting to reach the point where you can look forward to "date night with Joe" again and some time with friend also.
Henry is getting so cute! I love those eyes --they're just like James'.


You're so right about balance, Leslie! Maybe I'm just learning to be more... selfish? I think that's one word for it. Or perhaps just learning that my kids would rather spend 4 hours with Grandma or a great sitter, rather than a 60th hour with me.
And I think Mama is a lot happier when she takes some time for herself.

Leslie Fehr

I wouldn't call it "selfish" - it's more of "mental health" time. If Mom is worn to a frazzle - everyone suffers. Learning how to carve out personal time is something that many don't learn for a long time. But, it is essential for your own well-being.
I used to take advantage of the Mom's Morning Out sessions that a local church would offer. Good supervision and snacks and other kiddos to play with - and I would read or sew or knit or get my hair cut - even take myself to a tea house for a treat for myself.
Lately, I've been tell my coworkers I need to cut back to 3 hours a week with a super huge raise or my quality of life will suffer LOL I think I'm finally approaching retirement.

Susan Hill

Being retired, almost all of my time is "me" time. And I love every minute of it. There is balance, however, with family which gives me my love connection.

Enjoy when you share pics and remarks about your young life. Makes me smile remembering those days in my own life and embracing my own memories.

Nancy Butler

Zingerman's! Good choice of bib!


Mmmmmmm, we have an Indian restaurant near us that has a buffet. I love it because I can eat all the samosas I want! And lamb curry and aloo gobi (potatoes & cauliflower on a reddish spicy sauce - Yum). It's been rated by restaurant reviewers as the best Indian restaurant in the Chicago area. Henry is getting so big so fast! Those doors are gorgeous but moving them might be a monumental undertaking also.

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