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January 23, 2013



Decaf peppermint tea. It's 50 degrees outside in Tuscaloosa, AL. Come on down, y'all!


Right, peppermint tea is decaf anyway. Duh.


Wow, that's fabulous weather!


French Vanilla Cappucino. It is in the 60's in Texarkana, TX


mocha is my choice for cold days...we are
-1 C or 30 F, in southern British Columbia, Canada

Mun Yee

We are having -45 windchills here in Winnipeg. It's been like this for the past few days. Fry's Hot Chocolate is the way to go


Good 'ole black coffee and the weather at our end of I-69 is pretty much like yours!


Peet's coffee (French Roast) in a press pot and/or tea,all sorts. Yes, it is bitterly cold here in PA, but it's 77 in Claremont, CA where my baby in a college freshman.


Hot chocolate, coffee, hot tea, or a cappuccino is what I like.

Leslie Fehr

Here in the Austin area in TX, we are having unseasonably warm weather for a few days this week - into the 70's. But, about 10 days ago it was 21 in the morning and warmed all the way up to 46 in the afternoon! And, when it gets that cold, if it's a hot drink, I'll drink it --- even a warm soda will help on those cold morningsLOL


Ice tea for me, sunny Florida, where it has been in the 80's for months now.

Kathy Sue

72 degrees here in coastal Southern California. Cloudy and very calm. Last week we barely made it into the 50s. I know, poor me! I will drink black coffee, preferably with cinnamon, or any kind of tea. Really fond of Rooiboos Vanilla and Jasmine tea.

Amy St. Amour

I'm usually a coffee fan; however, this past Christmas season, I revisited a hot beverage I haven't had since childhood--hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream. Oh my gosh thought I'd gone to heaven! :)


Pretty cold here but not too bad (about 20) much warmer than yesterday or the days before (hovered around zero). It's 67 in Baton Rouge where my daughter & her family live. I may have to start spending the winters there since the cold really makes me hurt as I get older. I love the occasional cup of hot chocolate but my go to cold weather drink is tea. I love many different kind: Earl Gray is a favorite but I also love Lipton's Blackberry, Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach & Vanilla Almond, all of which are black teas. My very favorite tea is Jasmine Pearls, a very delicate, almost sweet green tea that I buy in Chinatown. I also like Celestial Seasoning Raspberry Zinger which is really a tisane but most folks think of them as herbal teas. In fact I think I might go make myself a cuppa & drink it while I knit - sitting in my recliner, wearing my Clapotis & my Poste socks (they feel soooo good on my feet) & watching Rebecca.


It is in the 70s here in Southern California, last week we had that big cold snap when some places, like where I live, got down into the 30s and below. Unheard of here. That Black Tea you show there sounds yummy, where do you get that?


It was 14 degrees when I left the house this morning with a big cup of Starbuck's CasiCielo--love that stuff. I've noticed, however, that what really helps banish the cold is my nice wool socks. Couldn't survive this without them.


-3C here in my part of the Uk at the moment, according to the calculator thing that's 26F


I would totally trade you weather right now. Every single person I know is suffering from allergies that a good hard freeze would take care of. It got up to 77 here in N Central TX today; that's just wrong for January. My hot drink of late has been (Stash brand) Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea. I'm going to have to look for your Decaf Black Vanilla, it sounds nummy!


Year 'round, hot or freezing, sunny or sleeting its always black coffee. Usually generic or Eight o'Clock. Just discovered Starbucks Via a surprisingly excellent instant. I always keep a packet or two in my purse or knitting bag for emergencies.

Renee Anne

'Tis not "cold" here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, I'm from Wisconsin: 58F in January is not cold. It's been rainy though and that always throws a chill in the air. Oh well.


80 in Riverside CA but it drops to 45 at night.
Love tea with lemon when it's cold thogh.


It's cold where we come from but we"re in Honolulu for 2 weeks and it's a lovely 80 degrees with a light breeze-perfect!
Peppermint tea is always my choice on a cold day.
Here it's a glass of sangria.

R Morris

15* here in Cincinnati and right now my cuppa is BerryBlossom White in a lovely mug with a lid to keep it warm.


You have one of my favorites. Eight O'Clock columbian coffee. Sometimes with cinnamon, and if I'm really feeling decadent, heavy whipping cream. (I don't have *that* often!)

Afternoons, I go for genmaicha, Japanese brown rice tea. Yummy and toasty and mostly caffeine-free.

LN in TX

It was 71 degrees here in Canyon Lake, TX this afternoon.


Got to 100 in my part of the world today.... Definitely shorts and tee weather!!
My son returned to Canada today - not a happy lad going back to all that snow and freezing conditions.

Chris, in Australia


It's been warming up in Michigan for a few days... -2F on Tuesday morning, 6F on Wednesday, currently 7F today (Thursday). It's still cold but at least it's going in the right direction! Favourite drink... Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Bolivian coffee, freshly ground and made in my french press. Don't like the concept of those little coffee cups, far too much material waste for my liking! Favourite tea right now is Charleston Tea Plantation Island Green loose leaf tea. Wonderful flavour, and grown, processed and packed in America. And of course a good hot chocolate goes down a treat in this cold weather.


Numi decaf black vanilla is probably my all time fave tea!


Good morning right now in MA it is 7 degrees with a wind chill of -8 degrees, now that's cold!! Favorite hot drinks: Paramount's Pumpkin Pie Coffee (any time of year) or Teavana Youthberry white tea


I have some sad diet cocoa packets in my desk at work, but I've found that the taste is much improved if I use a candy cane as a stirrer!


On a day like this (about 10 in Boston, cold for us), I like my hot tea black and fully loaded with caffeine, no sugar, no milk, no lemon.

Susan Ipavec

It's 15 degrees out here in NE Ohio. On cold days, I love to drink Trader Joe's Decaf Candy Cane Mint Green tea. It's delicious.


I love herbal tea... chamomile, peppermint and Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer are my favorites. I would love some winter. I live in GA and we've had a pretty warm winter, though they are calling for ice tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a tiny taste of winter. Ooh, maybe enough to cancel sat morning class! Keep your fingers crossed!

Susan Hill

Around mid 50s in bay area of northern CA. Oakland is my city. After running some errands in a light, lovely rain, touring my grandson's new school and having lunch with his mother, I'm ready to enjoy a day at home with my always choice of fresh, hot coffee. When I'm treating myself, I add a heavy dose of cream. Knitting a sweater for grandson in bright color blocks of purple, turquoise, dark brown and dark red. Love reading everyone's post about where they live, the temperature and what they like to drink.


Here it's winter too - today we have a cloudy 70 degrees. Next week it will go down to 60.
I'd rather have snow.


its 15 degrees here in MD. Snow on the ground.
Socks on my needles wodded up in my oversize chair.
Sipping on some supercharged Foglifter with hazelnut sugar free creamer and a dollop of whipped cream!! AWWW relaxation here I am.


We're currently in the low 50s for a few days, but I'm all about the coffee. I get it from Gevalia and my current flavor is Cinnamon. I love their pumpkin spice and its available year round now!


What I've been making recently is a decadent hot chocolate: Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate made with milk, some extra dark (70%) chocolate, Gianduia (Chocolate-Hazelnut Liquor), and often a bit of Creme de Cacao. Sometimes with real whipped cream. It's an indulgence, but oh so very good.

heating and cooling

Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very interesting to see people's responses. In Southern New Jersey it is about 30 degrees.

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