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December 27, 2012



Love it & am knitting my Poste Christmas socks too


I am knitting that one right now! But I haven't even finished the first sock yet, so I'm a little behind for this Christmas, but way ahead for next Christmas!!

Leslie Fehr

You could almost call those: "Grinch finds Christmas" LOL I love the post yarns - and they knit up great for children's hats, too. I'll be watching for the new Poste colors - with 5 little girls to make hats for next year, I'll need to dive in very early - and they all love wild-ish colors.


Wore my Poste Christmas socks on Christmas. My husband didnt wrap some of his gifts and put them in some of his hand knit socks, one being Purple Mountain Majesty!


I did finish Christmas Island socks...early this morning in the nick of time(!)...for my son's girlfriend. He says she will love the colors! If he makes it there today in the weather, I'll know tonight!!


PS I had a very hard time letting them go--I love the Christmas Island colors!!

Sue J

I absolutely LOVE the colors!! I will have to get some Christmas Island to knit myself some more Christmas socks!! A friend of mine dyes yarn, and I brow-beat her into doing reds and greens for me last year, so I could have Christmas socks. Love the bright green in yours.


The Poste yarn I planned on ordering as soon as I returned from visiting the grands at Christmas us gone 8-( Anyone have any of the green & gray Poste (I think it was one if the Wizard color ways) they'd be willing to sell or trade? My grandson fell in love with my socks & I don't have enough left to make him a pair.

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