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December 24, 2012



I would like to see Poste in the colors of Necco Swearthearts. Pink, yellow, green, purple, orange and white.

Patti Young

How about Poste Yarn in the soft tones of red, blue and purple. It could be named Lovestruck.


This is a difficult one...

For the two colors - grey and purple.
For the 3 colors - colors of a fire - red/orange/yellow

Merry Christmas to all!


Medium Pink. light grey and dark grey please.

Diane E. from PA

How about white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffle stripes with a little raspberry cream for good measure - in the heart shaped candy box stripe mix :-)


While I do like the pink/gray combo, my favorite would be a pink/brown combo. And then maybe a dark red or maroon with some dark gray shades that guys would like would be cool.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Chris M

I would love to see a mocha, pink and cream mixture. I also like the pink and gray combo suggested by CindyC and the chocolate combo by Diane E. Yum to all of it!

Kathy Boettcher

Pink/Gray/white might be interesting combo or pink/maroon/gray combo.

Karen M

I think 3 shades of pink going from light to dark. Merry Christmas!!

Karen Pettyjohn

Burgundy/Pink/Cream or a traditional Red/Pink/White

Ashley W

I think white, pink, and silver (grey) would make a nice Valentine's sock.


I'd like to see a combination using a pale to bright pink gradation or maybe burgundy, light and dark gray in Poste yarn. Of course, I don't think you can go wrong with reds for Valentines Day!

Abby M

A valentine candy box - rich chocolate browns with pops of cherry reds. I'm making myself hungry thinking about it


How about a rose and grey color combination .
And a red , white and blue . You can't go wrong there ,

Merry Christmas

Chelsea W

I think cream, red, and pink would be fun. Thanks for the chance :-)

Vivian Johnson

Well, Pink/White/Gold for 3 combo and for a two combo cherry red/pink


I would like to see purple, pink and white. But the color of Tiffany jewelry boxes is in right now.


I agree with grey and purple! But my orange/red/yellow would be neon :)

Beverly Shearon

I love the hot pink/lime green combination for Valentine's.


Carol - neon would be sooo cool!!!


For 2 color, pink and red. For 3 color pink, red, and white. Not too imaginative but those are the colors I really think of for Valentine's Day.


I like hot pink, lime green and black. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Valentine's Day. Have a great Christmas and thanks for the give-aways!


I like red and hot pink! Sometimes I see those colors together in fabrics, and they can work while competing for attention. I also LOVE pink and taupe-y browns together.


Forgot to say Merry Christmas to all, and especially to you, Allison. I read the blog regularly and these 12 days have made me hungry for yarn though my baskets are filled.

Jennifer M

I am partial to shades of pink and brown. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Kim Deiro

Red,pink,white. Red,purple, white. Grey, for mr, is a "winter" color - by February, I am eagerly awaiting Spring colors!!!


I'd love a burgundy with pink and cream colors. Or with gray. Either would be good! :o) I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas!

Leslie Fehr

For a two-color stripe - a traditional pink and cream stripe. For a 2-color stripe, I'm partial to a dark pink, light pink and pale gray combo.
Merry Christmas Allison and staff at Simply Socks Yarn! Thank you for making it possible to try so many different types of sock yarn all through the year!


Cream, pink, lavender and soft grey might be attractive, maybe even a hint of soft blue added. Call it " hints of sunrise!"
Merry Christmas from Wyoming!


My vote would be for red, pink, and white.

Lisa Viviano

A very soft pink with light grey. Merry Christmas!


I think raspberry and lilac or cream and pink. That pink you can se in some roses

Merry x-mas to you and thanks for a fun blogg and all wonderful yarn you sent too me !

Jean Y

I would have to say a deep burgundy and a beautiful pink!!!!!

Amy St. Amour

For the 2-color Poste, an intense red with a dark purple.

For the 3-color Poste, softer pastels such as a cream, light pink and light gray.


pink/charcoal/black, or light pink/hot pink.


Red, cream and mocha would make a good combination. The contest has been fun and I can't wait to see what next year brings from Simply Sock Yarn. Happy holidays, everyone!


Cherry red and chocolate brown; chocolate covered cherries are my favorite!

Nancy Cain

Hmmm, I am still thinking pink, but a bright shocking pink with cranberry to go with it. For three shades I would love to see brights again - light, medium, to rich dark pink. No pastels!


Red, pink, white; pink and white; 3 shades of pink; hot pink and soft pink; pink and lavender and cream...and I love the idea of the chocolates and rasperry combo above. I also love pinks and taupes together...I love anything with pink in it!
Merry Christmas!


...also, a "roses and chocolates" colorway would be fun with colors representing the most traditional valentine gifts. :-)

Cindy Carpenter

conversation hearts pastels

Melissa B

I'd love to see some red and purple with possibly some orange thrown in! Or perhaps something completely nontradional like steely blues (or teal) and brown? Fun!

Terri Brinegar

For the 2 color, I like pink and white. For the 3 colors, I like red, pink and a shade of purple.

Cindy saar

When I think of valentine's Day, I think of Red and pink, or red, pink and white. That may not sound very original, but there are a lot of different shades and intensities of red and pink, and white is always good to use as a contrasting color.


I think an interesting three color set, and kind of manly, too, would be red, cream, and brown. Maybe a brick red. For a two color set, maybe purple and blue (to think outside the traditional Valentine colors).


I kind of like the pink and gray combo myself....maybe with 2 shades of one of the colors.
Thanks for this has been fun.

And Merry Christmas to all....

Rachel S

What about pink and brown? (Think cherry blossoms) Or pink, brown, and either white or light yellow.
Or pink and black could work - it's a bit more edgy.

Kathy S

I love the chocolate and red combo.

Brenda B

It's already been stated a couple of time but I do love pink and brown too. I've had fun with the questions over the last 12 days, thanks for putting it together and have a wonderful Christmas.

Judi Kennedy

I would love to see a blue, green, yellow stripe. periwinkle blue, lime green and true yellow.


I think a light grey, pink and dark red would be beautiful together. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


hot pink/lime
lime/perwinkle/purple Well, not too valentiny, but it would be pretty


I'd like something reminiscent of a cherry blossom, a couple of soft pinks with a pale brown or grey. I'm not very good with color names, my artist relatives would be more specific, but you get the idea.


Wow! There are some really great suggestions in other comments. Would probably be happy with any of the above. But to answer your question:

Is there a Valentine combo of colors that you'd like to see us dye up in Poste Yarn this year?

A: One of my favorite knitted pair is the color combo of light pink, white, with a blue gray in a wool/bamboo blend. (And I don't even like pink but love these socks.)


I would like to see the colors of chocolate, off white, milk and dark. For two colors blue and purple. Happy holidays to all.


I think brown is a better combo with pink than red is. I also think blue and grey with a bit of red would reflect the season well.

Beverly J. Killick

I am conserative with my socks - so how about shades of:
Navy to medium blue
Brown to medium beige
Dark maroon to medium rose
Merry Christmas to all - - - -
Chalet Knitter


Something with a light pink, white, a light grey and a really dark grey. With maybe a bit of purple thrown in for a stripe round or two.

Cynthia Parker

I am afraid that pink in socks doesn't do too much for me. I am more of the green, blue and white persuasion.

blogless grace

Neon pink/hot pink/pink for the three-ply that would be a shot in the dark when wearing knitted socks. Two-ply a maroon/dark gray combination where the two colors are almost the same value to give one color when one is up close and personal and a third color when the socks are viewed from normal eye-to-foot distance. Thanks for the 12 days!


Hum, if not various and assorted reds, how about pink and cream? Or pink and peach? Candy stripe might be fun too.


I would love to see red, pink and purple for the three color version and fuchsia and purple for the two color version. I'm sure any Valentine combo you choose will be luscious, though.

Merry Christmas!


I would love to see white to very pale pink to pale pink, three very soft subtle shades. Thanks so much for the 12 days of giving and Merry Christmas to you and your whole family.


I would like to see a mint green, light teal and pink combination


Dark Brown, Soft Brown and either Raspberry or Light Pink. Purple, Blue and a zip of lavender. Brown and Red for 2 colors or Denim with smaller bits of pink. Merry Christmas to all and thank you Allison for the 12 Days of Christmas fun!


Hot pink, cerulean blue and a silver/grey might be a fun combo.

Thanks so much for the 12 Days of Christmas. I have really enjoyed reading!

Andrea Sandahl

PINK! Dark, medium & light.


Red, light pink and white would be very pretty.

Susan Hill

Love purple with red and brown or green and brown and also love the gray and pink mixture. Gray would also be good with a purple and brown. Obviously, I love purple.


I like fuchsia with just about any color, black, lime green, yellow, orange, teal. Everything looks good with fuchsia.


Oh, I love pink and gray. Red and gray would be nice too, if a bit Confederate looking. Or an array of antique pink/rose colors.


I cast another vote for the traditional red, pink, and white.


The two colors I would pick would be a deep crimson red and brown. 3 colors would be purple, silver and a denim blue. Any color combo would do for me. Thank you so much for the 12 days of sock yarn. It was so much fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2013 bring you yarns of happiness.


How about a Valentine's Bites (vampire-ish) in black, purple and red. I really don't care for Valentines Day so a line of Valentines Day Sucks yarn would be a lot of fun!!! (My crazy ex--yarn therapy when you dump the looser...could be fun..)


I would like red, pink and purple for Valentines day.... not in equal proportions, say 10 rows red, 5 rows pink, 10 rows purple, 5 rows pink, repeat.....


I love pink and purple together. Love the 12 days contest. Merry Christmas to one and all.


How about a deep red, black, and dark gray? At the other end of the spectrum, pale pink, cream, and pale gray.


Pink, cream and light grey. Or red, mauve and white.
Merry Christmas to everyone!


I really like lilac and pink for 2 colors and maybe orange , green, and yellow for 3 colors. Merry Charistmas ............

Kay L

I like more of the pink values when thinking of that but for a valentine color I always think of red, possibly with gold. So my choices would have to be
two color: red/gold or red/white
three color: red/gold/cream or red/cream deep pink (with the red tones)

Allison, wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and thanks for the contest!


I'm with Elaine. My first thought was the Valentine's hearts; pretty pastel colors with thin stripes for the 'word' color. But that would be more than three. Three colors, blood red, dark green, small amount of white to mimic roses with baby's breath. Two colors, chocolate brown with blood red, roses and chocolates.

Thanks for these fun contests! Merry Christmas to you, your family, your workers and their families, and the whole SSYC-lovers group!


I love Diane's suggestion of Valentine truffles : white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, with a raspberry stripe. If that's too many colors, leave our the milk chocolate. I'd also like light &'dark gray with red or hot pink. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with you three guys! Which reminds me. I'll be buying more of the gray & green posterior my grandson whose eyes lit up when he saw my socks!


POSTE YARN not posterior! I failed to notice that autocorrect changed it!


Pink with pink, lol. I love pink.

Or how about a deep wine color and a lighter blush.


raspberry, pink and white

Kathleen B.

Orange and Pink! Then you could add Purple to make the trio of colors. That would be delightful!!!


I think gray and purple would look good.


Blood red with a coal dark black. I know that that dark of black can be difficult. So maybe a rich eggplant purple if you can't get there?


So many ideas, how about drk pink, grey and a dark merlot colour. thanks for having the contest, it has been fun :)


Dark raspberry, soft grey, milk chocolate


I think Red and Black would be nice, personally!

Kelly-Ann (on ravelry))

I would love pink and chocolate brown. Not sure of a third color.

Linda B

Pink with grey would be very nice. Pink and soft taupey brown would be spectacular, but of course, that's my favorite combo for quilting fabrics!! Peace and health in the New Year. Thanks for this wonderful give away.


I'd like to see cream, a very soft mocha, and a soft rose - nothing too vibrant. Although not very Valentine, I'd like burgundy, pine green, and a deep blue.

Happy Holiday


I'd go for pale pink with light brown, and a stripe of white.


I like to see a medium cherry red, deep pink and an old fashioned lacy valentines


pink, bright orange and red!


I think chocolate for Valentine's day, but then I'm not a big fan of pink. So I'd go more browns/reds with maybe a winter white for contrast. Thank you for the contest - it has been great fun.

Debbie H

I like classic red, white and pink for Valentines Day. thanks!

Renee Anne

The one thing I dislike about Valentine's Day is that it's covered in pink and red, neither of which I really like. Red is okay but pink and I are not friends.

So, for Valentine's day, I'll go to a standby of purple, perhaps with white, black, or grey...or all three :)

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