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December 15, 2012


Vivian Johnson

First of all let me say, I have never been the first to answers. In answer to the question for today. I do consistently knit or crochet over time. I always have something on my needles to complete. I am in a prayer shawl guild - we meet every month so I always have something to turn in. We also do hats & scarves preparing for the next year, cancer hats. If I knit several socks - I do have to take a break for both wrists then I will switch to crochet for a couple of items.

Anne Marie

Knit Knit Knit! Although at times I do have an uncontrollable urge to crochet. Then I whip out a baby blanket (or 2!), then return to the usual. Knit Knit Knit!

Cathy Goldman

If I have a good book to read.....the knitting is less...but I am never without some knitting with me....


I've gone from crochetting, to quilting, to knitting andround again. Depending on the season of life I get passionate about different things at different times. Right now I'm all about the knit.

Rasa Chambers

I've knit non-stop for the past 8 years. I slowed down this past fall due to arthritis and am now re-learning how to knit...knit continental and now learning to throw;-(


I am never without a knitting project on the needles (or 3 or 4 projects). My daughter thinks I need an intervention, but I find it keeps me sane. Luckily, I rarely have pain from knitting, but when I do, I either read or sew for a couple of days. And then I'm right back knitting, knitting, knitting.

Melissa B.

I consistently knit over time (sometimes that is only a row a day!) and only in my first pregnancy seven years ago did I have pain. It was related to swelling during pregnancy and I had to painstakingly give up knitting for several months. Sometimes, if I'm knitting with metal needles, my fingers hurt but I rarely use metal needles for that reason!


I use chinese health balls to chase away hand aches. I also wear therapeutic gloves while I knit.


My knitting is like a sine curve, sometimes slow if the projects I have on the needles don't fit my mood/situation and sometimes non-stop if the timing is right. But I always have at least a sock and something else in progress.

Jennifer M

I always have a project or two or three or four on my needles. To break up and rest my wrists, I have spinning and weaving to do. I usually have down time over the summer and may not touch my knitting for a month or two.


I'm always knitting and/or crocheting and have a project (or more!) in every location of my house and car! I also teach children, some of whom have special needs. A late baby gave me some carpal tunnel issues, which are frustrating, but haven't stopped me so far. I do switch between crochet, continental knitting, throw-style knitting, and online SSYC blog reading/shopping (!), depending on how my wrist feels! When I can't knit, I read about knitting! I'm little (ha!) addicted...but my "fiber therapy" keeps me sane and happy and helping others!


Everyday if I'm lucky. Year round. It's just become a very important part of me.


I knit pretty consistently, so I try to take lots of little mini breaks while knitting. I stretch my hands and massage my fingers a bit. It really helps.

Danyelle N

I always have at least 2 or 3 projects going on at one time - usually something simple that I can pick up where I left off easily, such as a sock/legwarmer, something a little more complicated for tv/car knitting, and something challenging for when I have the time to really focus (which, as homeschooling mother of 4, seems less and less every day!) Right now I get most of my knitting done while waiting for my children at ballet lessons, and extra practices for the Christmas show have been a blessing for Christmas knitting! My wrists are sore if I knit too much in a short period of time, which doesn't happen very often.

Rebecca Gabriel

I go through periods where I don't knit much. When I'm knitting regularly, though, I use the Melt Method balls to keep my hands and wrists flexible and in good shape. It's made a huge difference.


I find that crocheting hurts my hands in a rather short time, but fortunately knitting seems to be less of a wrist issue. Unless I'm working on a sock w/ a lot of weird cable twists, or big needles/yarn, or it's been a bad day at work (data entry). The only time in the past 3 years I've taken much of a break from knitting is when I went on a beading binge a few months ago!


I always have something on the needles, but it's just a matter of how much time I have in the evenings. I have a hard time reading emails and blogs while I knit so if time is limited after a long day at work knitting usually gets pushed aside.


I've always got something going and something in mind, even if I'm not actively working on it.

Ruth Anne

I knit consistently. I never have had problems with hands/wrists from knitting, but I have from piano. I've found that sleeping a few nights in the braces from the drugstore clears it right up.


Always knitting and crocheting. I have four categories..Commitment: which is usually a sweater or socks for someone; Charity: last year it was 7 chemo caps in various pastel colors, this year maybe a Project Linus blanket; Finishing up old unfinished projects and yarn: self explanatory; New and exciting projects: with new self striping yarns which I cant resist. Never had any pain so far.

Beverly J. Killick

Yes, I usually have four knitting projects started. Depending on time and "mood" I can knit of my choice. Yes, I get pain in my wrist and part of my thumb, in time it does go away. I always complete my projects.
Chalet Knitter

Abby M

I knit ALL the time. Spare moments & teleconferences. 3 nights a week out with friends. Yeah. I get some stiffness but not much pain unless other injuries. Happy knitting!


I knit pretty consistently, getting in some time most days. The competition is usually a good book, since I definitely read every single day. Any hand pain issues disappeared with the elimination of grains from my diet. No gluten=no sore joints.

Sharon Darr

Since I took up knitting almost 3 years ago, I knit all the time, in every spare moment! I quickly got bored with hats and scarves, but love anything lace, colorwork or cable. I generally have between 5 & 10 projects at any one time. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with pain free hands, but about a year ago, I started getting monthly deep tissue massages, with an emphasis on upper back and arms. It has taken away any pain or ache, and I have no problems with arm/hand pain now. Highly recommended!


i knit quite a bit. i am sure to take breaks every hour and walk around. I rarely get pain but am sure to stretch also.

Jean Y

I definately knit daily...I only use wooden or bamboo needles; that seems to help me a lot!!!

Cynthia Parker

I always have two pairs of socks in the making. Start in the late afternoon as watch the news and then on into the evening when there is anything good on the TV. Blessed so far with no arthritis in my hands.

Beverly Shearon

I always have something on my needles if it's only a dishcloth. I just love the act of knitting. Since I'm not a very creative person, this is my area of creativity.


Over the past 20 months, I've been unemployed, so my knitting quotient has gone up. Right now I have three on the needles, trying to get Christmas presents done. I've cast on, but that is all, for a sweater for myself, and that can wait until after the holidays. I like to always have something - I call it hospital knitting - you know, fairly mindless and during periods of stress, does not take a ton of concentration!


There is hardly a day that goes by without at least a few stitches completed. It is how I unwind at the end of the day.


The last few years I have been knitting more consistently. I'm the mom at the pool, arena, soccer field, dentist, ..... With her knitting. Having kids can actually give you opportuniities to knit. Switching up types of projects and taking frequent breaks has helped me avoid sore hands.


sometimes I don't knit at all , then I start up again .
I've had a carpel tunnel operation , probably need another !
I hope I live long enough to use up a lot of my stash .


I've been knitting nonstop since I taught myself about 5 years ago. As a male knitter, I've overcome the stares and glares that I get and now knit in public when I want to. I do it a lot at work on breaks also. I find myself inspiring my coworkers and have sparked several of them to learn how to do it. I knit left handed and backwards, so I guess I like to complicate things also, but never let it get to me!


I have days where I'm too tired to knit, but I don't tend to have sore hands.


It is a rare day that I don't knit, even if it's only a row or two. I went through a pretty severe bout of hand pain a year ago, after I spent way too much time knitting without a break doing gift knitting. With rest and care, the pain has gone away, but now I'm careful to take regular breaks so that it doesn't happen again.


I usually have something on the go all the time, but have to admit to slowing down in the hot summer months. Luckily no pain yet in the hands and a wrists.

Kathy S

Always knitting. Several projects on the needles. At 60 I have been blessed with no hand pain. My daughter had some carpel tunnel during her pregnancies but went away for the most part after the babies were born.


I try to knit everyday but I have gone through periods where I just didn't feel like knitting, but it wasn't due to sore hands.


All the time! If I don't knit at least something at sometime during the day, I feel like something was missing... like I didn't accomplish something that day, even if I end up ripping whatever it was out.


I always have something on needles but sometimes I take a week or two off to read. Those two things just can't be done together but my wrists don't hurt and i don't get tired of knitting.

Andrea B

Always have multiple projects on the needles but usually only knit when I watch TV or a movie so my knitting time is dependant on that. Only time of not knitting is when work projects are looming.

Kathy Boettcher

Knitting is now my way of relaxing...even if it is working on a project for just 1-2 hours in front of TV. The dogs come in from outside and sleep near me while I sit and work on a project. If I move, they move--so we try to stay settled for the evening!

Lois Yamada

I knit constantly and always have something OTNs. It is my stress buster since it is so relaxing. Sometimes I think the needles are just extensions of my fingers!


I tend to knit in cycles of intense then periods of rest. Knitting while watching TV is good but I don't watch a lot of TV so more knitting gets done while waiting - auto shop, doctor/dentist office, etc.

P.S. I groaned when I realized that I missed yesterday's drawing. I have been looking for Solemate in grey but since it is a gift for my mother I need to see the actual color in my hand first.

Susan Hill

I am a consistent knitter but have to limit myself to 3 projects at a time so I'm certain to finish each project. I try to balance with a very complicated fair isle jacket or other complicated project for home only, a pair of socks and something mindless and simple that I can grab on the go in a small project bag - usually a cowl or scarf. I never leave the house without my knitting bag and a book in my purse for just in case.

It may seem that I have all this time for knitting because I'm retired but I have been an avid reader and knitter all my life including the years when I was a single parent, working fulltime and finishing my college degree in night school. The length of time I knit each day may vary but there is always some knitting. It is as much a part of me as eating.


I definitely go through dry periods. There have been a few times my hands have hurt but so far rest has cured them.


I reserve my knitting and crocheting for TV watching, unless I'm knitting lace. Then all is quiet. I do needlepoint while listening to radio talk shows. I also read a lot - no TV; no talk shows.


Always knitting, living on an island means taking a ferry and usually WAITING for a ferry so lots of time to kill. Socks and gloves are so easy to out in bag. Traumeel is great for sore hands.


Normally I'm consistently knitting, but this year I went through a couple periods where I didn't knit at all for a couple months. Then trying to get started again I had to baby step it back into projects. I did get a lot of spinning done during that time, so still fiber related lulls.


Lately I have been doing more knitting than crocheting. During the winter months I'm usually doing one or the other, not much in the summer.

My fingers tend to cramp up, when they do I stop for a while crack the old knuckles and flex for a bit.


I'm pretty consistent. There were 2 years when I was taking night classes that it was really difficult to find time, but I always had a project on the needles.

My hands rarely bother me, but it could be because at most I knit for a couple hours. If I knit longer (like riding along on a long car trip) then it helps to take stretch breaks.


I rarely crochet anymore, but I knit almost everyday. It isn't my hands but my shoulders that bother me, especially when working with cotton yarns. Yoga and a monthly deep tissue massage and chiro appointment help, along with exercises learned from physical therapy for my wrists. What I won't do to keep knitting!


I go through periods of time where I knit as much as I can, then I move on to other things for a bit before I make my way back to knitting. Sometimes these breaks are due to hand muscle soreness.

Kate s

I always have something on the needles but sometimes have to do something else as I have occasional pain the my index finger. Only taking a break - a day or so- makes it feel better!


I knit consistently - almost every day. It helps me relax after a long day at work. Also, discovering how to use cirular needles with sharp enough tips has made knitting pain-free. I also recently tried the Kollage square dpns which were also easier on my hands.


I always seem to be knitting. my purse always has a project, usually socks because they are an amazing gift, are wonderfully portable and my dad thinks homemade socks are the only ones allowed on his feet. Sometimes i get the numb fingers but i shake the hands and wait for a few minutes and it goes away.


I always have a project on needles, but I do have periods of manic knitting. I just went through an episode of this nicely timed for Christmas.


I go through bursts of lots of knitting, periods of only dutiful knitting, times when all fibery inspiration eludes me, & difficult intervals where health issues prevent me from knitting. Never consistent.

Jennifer Cameron

I definitely have times where I can't stop knitting (during the winter months) and then hardly knit at all except here and there.

Kristen Swanson

My knitting goes everywhere-to my daughter's choir rehearsals, orchestra practice, appointments etc. Now my daughter has started taking her knitting everywhere. She was even seen knitting while waiting to play cello at her school's winter orchestra concert. I use over the counter splints when I over do it and it seems to clear things up. Have a great holiday !


I'm always knitting or crocheting something. I have a sweater and a shawl on my needles now and also working on crocheted stuffed animals.


I knit almost constantly but I'm a very slow knitter. I have arthritis in my hands but I think that knitting keeps them loosened up. The only crocheting I do once in awhile are doilies and filet crochet things. Knitted things usually have better drape so it's more useful to me.


I find that i knit pretty constantly and most of my downtime is in the summer. But there is always something on the needles. I can tell when I knit a lot in a long period of time, my hands/wrists hurt, have to give myself a break.

Patricia Richardson

I always have a knit or crochet project(s) on the needles/hooks. However there are days when I might not do either but never for a long period of time. Golf usually gets in the way during the summer, but during the winter months you can find me in front of the TV with a project in hand. I've been blessed not to have much problem with my wrists as I try to be conscious of taking breaks to rest them (usually to snack or eat, lol).


I've been knitting pretty steadily for the last nine years. I sometimes have up to three projects going at once, but I really prefer to concentrate on one at a time. That way I really make progress on it. It feels strange when I finish a project and I don't have something to knit on yet. I usually think about my next project while I am knitting, so it doesn't take too long to get going. An exception to that would be when I am waiting to cast on because of KAL rules.

My most productive knitting time happens while I am "watching" TV.


I always have many, many projects on the needles and knit every evening, usually for at least 4 hours. Even after carpal tunnel surgery on both hands I often still have hand and wrist pain. Being stubborn I go with the mantra that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! I also love the Kollage square double points for knitting my socks, they seem to cause me to have much less discomfort.

Leslie Fehr

Two passions - cross-stitch and knitting. I love to do the big picture type of cross-stitch - blended threads that give you results like painting. But, that means bending over for hours at a time -- so I switch to knitting. Both passions use different movements of fingers and hands - and I think that's what keeps them relatively pain free.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

Always knitting..I have a few projects at various states of completion. It relaxes has been very stressful these past few months and sometimes I can't pick up the needles and need to read to zone out. I also always have several projects in my head, ready to start. My hands and wrists are fine....i did have pain in my left hand along lower thumb area, but it's gone and not sure what caused it...comes during periods of heavy knitting....I do knit when I watch TV, as long as my husband keeps me up to date about what we are watching...I tend to zone's mostly white noise for my knitting.

Sue J

I knit several hours a day, sometimes more
If my hand starts bothering me, I have an RX for VOLTAREN GEL, which is a topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).
I stop knitting for the rest of the day, and I'm usually back to normal the next morning.

I'd go MAD if I couldn't knit!!! LOL!

Mun Yee

I find I knit more during the cooler seasons and would sometimes knit day and night but can only handle that a few days in a row. My hands starts aching and my fingers starts hurting. I've tried stress balls and stretching exercises but haven't found a good solution for aches from continuous knitting. For sure I knit everyday and usual knit at night when the kids are asleep. If I don't knit for a few days, I start getting restless. Yup, it's the knitting withdrawal.


I love knitting and doing some crochet at the same time. But there are moments in which I prefer to look at books and magazines or create in my mind instead of knitting. When the idea is getting clear in my head I start knitting again.


I love to knit everyday. It helps me wind down from a busy day.


I knit every evening after dinner until bedtime. There are times when I'll spin instead but I really enjoy knitting while watching tv.

Brenda B

I find that I knit a lot more during the cooler and colder weather. Maybe because the summer in Michigan is too hot to comfortably knit in, or because I'm outside so much if the weather is nice. Usually doing activities like kayaking, biking or camping that are not conducive to knitting at the same time, lol!


i've always had at least on project on my needles, but that has increased the last ten years ... sometimes i'm surprised to find eight or nine here and there, whereever i have sitting areas. my wrists are in bad shape and have had work done on them occasionally. what helps is rubbing aspercreme on [it's the rubbing that helps] and slipping on a good craft glove before i put on a wrist support, the kind with the steel bar in it. every night!

Debbie H

I try to knit every day, but there are some days I just can't fit it in. I have been blessed with pain free hands. thanks


Well... Sometimes I knit every day , and sometimes a week goes by without me touching the knitting needles.
For me it depends very much on my mood, it seems I am not able to enjoy knitting when I am really down.


I knit every day. Once in awhile I lose my mojo, but within a day or two I'm back at it. I always have quite a few projects going to keep me busy :D

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

My knitting had not been consistent over the last year. I am not sure why. I do have time while waiting for the kids at activities - I think I need to put down the smartphone and pick up the needles!


Knitting in the car, knitting in the family room, knitting in the living room, knitting in my purse, and lucky enough to not have pain in my hands...knit, knit, knit...and some crochet too!

carol fun

I knit everyday. I always have a pair of socks in my purse so if I have a spare moment I can knit a row or two.


I wish I could knit and read at the same time. This year, I've knit fairly consistently for most days, but if I have a book I can't put down, then I have to break from knitting until I finish. I don't get wrist pain from knitting, but sometimes I accidentally grip the needles too tightly and dig my fingernails into my palms. I need to stop doing that!


I knit a lot of socks, so when I knit with bigger yarn my hands do pain me.


I mostly knit and I knit every spare minute I have...which isn't often enough working full time and house work on weekends. But I plug away. Every now and then I crochet but knitting is my passion. Lately I have been into the single skein shawls. I am lucky to be pain free. Years ago at a craft fair I bought a bag with corn in it to heat in the microwave. It was nice but kind of smelly. So a friend and I made some rice bags. You don't want to put in so much rice that it is favorite is one I use when I have a neck ache and it is a long rectangle with three separate sections. My grandkids all want one of their own so this year I plan to make several. Great for "growing pains" when they need a little tlc. I bet they would be good on sore hands also. One minute in the microwave how long you heat it.

Karen M

Most days I knit - I do find that my ring finger and pinkie on my right hand go numb every now and again (I forget which nerve my sister said that is) - but I just stop and massage them and that helps. I have one pair of socks very near completion (#18 for the year) and 5 other pair in various stages of completion.

Linda B

I knit in spurts. Trying to knit down the yarn stash is like trying to reduce my quilting stash, it keeps growing.. I have occasional hand pain, but thankfully it goes away in a few days. I mostly knit socks, but recently began one skein shawls and scarfs. I love the rhythm of the stitches and the slight "clink" of the needles. Add an audio book and I'm lost!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways.


I knit almost every day during the winter ... usually in the evenings while watching a movie. I really slow down in the summer, though, unless I'm on vacation or on a long trip. Summertime weather I'd much rather be outside playing in the dirt!

Kay L

I'm usually knitting and that happens every day. I've always got multiple projects going. Right now I have a sweater for me, four pairs of socks, Advent scarf, reversible cable scarf and an afghan on the needles.

I have had multiple hand surgeries over the years and am vigilant about breaks in my knitting. I usually take a break every two commercials (if watching TV) or every 20-25 minutes and leave the needles alone for at least 10 minutes. I get up and move around so I'm also relaxing my shoulders and neck. Since my preferred projects are socks on 2.5mm needles, breaks are extremely important.


I knit everyday. . .some days it may only be a round or two. I always have at least one sock project going and usually a scarf or shawl too. I find it is the ultimate relaxation technique and I can't sit with idle hands. Fortunately, I don't have problems with pain.


I knit quite consistently, though I often read instead of knitting on Sunday afternoons. I take a knitting or spinning project to work, to occupy my breaks. It really helps me to make progress on large or slow projects like lace shawls. It also makes socks go more quickly.
Thankfully I have no problems with hand pain at this point. I have tried to modify my knitting style to be efficient and I think that helps.


It's seasonal for me - I have little desire to knit in the heat of the summer and I'm too busy to knit much in the fall, but I knit a lot in the winter.

Wendy James

I have been knitting mostly lately. There seems to be so many more knit pattern. I do get wrist pain and have to not knit for a while. I love to crochet also.

Ashley W

I try to always have something on the needles. When I don't have time to do a "tricky part" (casting on (after swatching, of course), turning a heel, etc.), I sometimes slow down.


I knit pretty much every night and sometimes throughout the day. I try to stop periodically so my wrists and hands don't start to hurt. And to also give my eyes a break.


I definitely have times when I barely knit at all. Sometimes I'm just too busy. But to be perfectly honest, sometimes I'm just so frustrated with a pattern that isn't turning out well that I just can't look at it or knitting anymore. I take a break until I can face the nagging knitting problems again.


I knot pretty much constantly. It's my car riding activity and we spend a lot of time in the car. Sometimes I get a bit of tendonitis creeping in, but not usually too bad - a few advil and I'm knitting away.

Becky P

I do consistently knit but at different rates. Early in the year, I was making a variety of different projects at a fairly rapid rate. Toward mid summer, one of my family members was sick for an extended period of time and so I wasn't able to knit as much. Now the holidays are here--again not much time to knit but hopefully I will be back to knitting a lot more soon! :)


I try to knit daily - some days more than others. Not an issue with hands, which is good!


For me it is all knitting all the time! It just feels very odd if I haven't knit on a particular day.....


I knit everyday but the amount of time varies. I notice projects I love seem to get finish quickly, but the other ones are in WIP tote.

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