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December 22, 2012



Our Christmas tradition is to all come together at Mom and Dad's (grandma & grandpa's, great-grandma & great-grandpa's) by 10:30 or 11:00 on Christmas morning to open gifts followed by a huge Christmas dinner. On years when the whole family makes it, we're talking 40+ people, so we have to open gifts before we can even have room to set the tables to eat. It's a wonderful family time!

Andrea Sandahl

As a kid we had Christmas traditions. On Christmas Eve we had tacos for supper and opened gifts. I found out that we had tacos as a way to keep my brother & I busy--grating cheese, cutting lettuce, ect... On Christmas Day my grandparents would come over along with a few other relatives.

Right now I have no traditions, but have been thinking about what my husband & I could do, as where we are for Christmas frequently changes.


I Live in Sweden and Christmas morning is 24 dec, we listen to christmas carols eat bread we called "vörtbröd " it has a lot of spices an cinnamon in it.In the afternoon we eat
"smörgåsbord " ther is about 10 different herings,christmas ham,meatbolls,ribs,and a lot of more.After that we have sweatrise pudding whith cherrys. And in the evning comes santa !

Marian Skupski

We always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Usually started the night before and baked in the morning.


Along with Christmas Eve candlelight church service, one of my favorites with my kids is reading The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski. It's a beautiful story about the nativity and people reaching out to others and handcrafting (even some knitting!). It always brings tears to my eyes seeing the nativity through the eyes of a child and how that helps a sad, lonely woodcarver find his own Christmas Miracle.


We always decorate Christmas cookies as a family! In fact, we did that last night. The college kid and the teenagers are still totally into husband even decorated a few. It was so much fun to have everyone home, sitting around the table decorating cookies and laughing at the same old jokes.


We do xmas on xmas eve. Somewhere along the way, that meal became Mexican and you can't eat Mexican on xmas without Mexican wedding cakes. And, for some reason, cheesecake. My mother always made Linzer cookies, so I am adding that to our tradition this year.


I make cookies with my mom - she comes for a visit each year and we make all the old favorite family recipes, then she takes half home with her.


We always read the real Christmas story from Luke in the Bible before we open presents Christmas morning. It's helps put everything into perspective. And we eat cinnamon rolls!


We are allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve, and then have yo wait for the rest until Christmas Day. This is a tradition in my family, and my husband liked it, so we adopted it.


We set aside Christmas Eve for our family. We have dinner at Pizza Hut and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Santa has arrived and filled stocking while we were gone. My dad used to do this before he passed away. We open stocking gifts, and Christmas PJ's and play video games like Kinect Sports.


Christmas Brunch: Pancakes and leftovers or Pizza!


Christmas egg casserole!


Dinner it roast beef and popovers

Kate s

We always have coffe cake and stollen for Christmas morning breakfast.


We always get together at 10 am and have homemade biscuits and gravy, bacon and juice. Yum!

Lisa Viviano

Our only son moved out last year so Christmas gifts are no longer opened first thing in the am. Now we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and open gifts in the evening. Gotta 'roll' with the times!


Family comes for a traditional brunch: sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, placzek filled with either prunes, almond or apricot filling, and pickeled beets with horseradish.

Vivian Johnson

Our family spends Christmas Eve at my Mom's house. We enjoy each other's company and it used to be by midnight everyone with little one's were home in their own beds awaiting the arrival of Santa.


Christmas Eve we always have the same dinner. Fondue, with steak and shrimp, this year my son is 9 (almost10) and will be joining us for the first time. In the past we always ate after he was in bed.

Kim Deiro

We each open one gift after church on Christmas Eve


I come from a German family. Christmas breakfast is a "balina". (excuse the spelling) It is a crepe like pancanke. Very thin. We spread butter and pour syrup on it, then roll it up and eat it. When my kids were younger they loved eating their "pancake" with fingers. It was a treat for them. Then onto the relatives house for more gifts and faboulus food. lots of german and american food. Love this time of year.

Judi Kennedy

We draw names to exchange gifts on Christmas Day.


I play Handel's Messiah somewhere before Christmas . A long time ago I went with friends to a big Church and heard it sung live . It was awesome .


Our longest standing Christmas tradition is to go to my grandpa and grandma's on Christmas eve. When grandma passed away the family maintained the tradition by going to my aunt and uncle's (right next door) and cooking the same foods grandma made.


Traditional Christmas breakfast is streusel filled coffee cake. Yum! Also a tradition to make at least half a dozen to give to church staff and friends for their families on Christmas morning.


We always have waited until everyone is up and has had breakfast before opening gifts. When there are little kids in the house, they work hard to get teens and adults moving so we can get to the presents.


We decided to make our own tradition--we have Christmas Eve hamburgers with anything you want on them (sauteed mushrooms? Avocado? Blue cheese? Whatever tickles your fancy this year!) with thick steak cut french fries and whatever you want to dip them in. (we have a house sauce with ketchup, mayo, A-1, worcestershire, and everything else in the kitchen in it)

We have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning (I used to make them, now we just get frozed ones) and cocoa or coffee or tea.

Danyelle N

We always have the same breakfast, too. I make an overnight sausage and cheese casserole when we come home from Christmas Eve service and then put in the oven Christmas morning while everyone's opening presents. Some years we've have homemade cinnamon rolls or coffee cake, but not every year!


My husband & I usually open presents on Christmas Eve & then make a special breakfast on Christmas morning. The last couple of years we have made French toast using Pannetone as our bread. Yum!

Beverly J. Killick

We are from Wisconsin, and when our children were small, for 11 years, we came to spend Christmas and the Holidays in Florida. Those were memories, photos and many beautiful conversations.


We always Skype first thing with the loved ones who can't make it home for Christmas. Our oldest granddaughter live in North Carolina and has two little ones. They are first on the agenda before a breakfast of pecan rolls and coffee. Then the rest of the kids and grandkids arrive for a traditional turkey dinner.


We always have ham for Christmas dinner. Once we made deviled eggs to go with it and now my brother looks for those to be included in every holiday dinner he comes over for.

Leslie Fehr

We used to make Christmas cookies by the dozens - about 6 kinds and divided them up. On Christmas Eve, we would take them to the Police Station, Sheriff's Dept,and Ambulance Squadand Fire Dept. It was so much fun to try and drop them off without being noticed. We would always claim to be a Christmas elf if asked.


One of the only hard and fast, consistent over many years tradition is Church on Christmas Eve. When we had kids here, they were allowed to open just one gift after Church, usually they chose the one Grandma had sent.


As kids we had special cakes for Christmas
(especially poppy seed and nut beigli/tolls - Hungarian cakes).
We'd sing kids songs and watch kid's Christmas programs in the morning , in bed :-)


On Christmas Eve, my mom always gave us new pajamas and then as we grew older she got new pjs for the grandchildren. The year my grandchild was born my mom smiled as said I should have the fun of picking out the Christmas pj's for my new grandchild.

Carla in MT

My favorite tradition is our Christmas Eve service. We use an adaptation of Nine Lessons & Carols (from Kings College in England). Simple - 9 scripture readings telling the Christmas story, and each reading followed by a couple songs/carols. We include solos as well as congregational singing. It is always a little different each year. And is it always magical. It is Christmas to me.


Big Christmas Day dinner with all the family.


One of our holiday traditions is to do a big jigsaw puzzle over the holiday season - it's a nice way to take a bit of time out during a busy and stressful time of year.


Stockings first! I still have the knitted one my aunt knitted me over 40 years ago. Now that I knit, I've made several just because I love to decorate with them.


I also make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.... very handy for surprise guest a couple years back... and a big hit!

Cindy Carpenter

christmas eve midnight mass. i usually work now and i really miss it so much.


We always open presents on Christmas Eve, after having a big buffet dinner. Sometime within the week before, we also make a few batches of favorite cookies... they sometimes don't last until Christmas Day!


Our Christmas Eve tradition is to have a simple meal of soup and popovers and then to go for a drive in our neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. Then it's home for a quiet evening of either watching a favorite Christmas movie or listening to Christmas music. The presents and the big dinner have to wait until Christmas Day.


Christmas morning we always have monkey bread. What's along side may change, but it's always monkey bread.


I celebrate Chanukah. We have always placed our lighted candles in front of a window for all to see. A friend gave me a Chanukah wreath several years ago, and that now hangs on my front door at this time. Latkes are usually a part of at least one meal.

Cindy saar

Every Christmas we go to Mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Since I live on a farm with animals, I also try to string some popcorn and put it on the evergreens in the house yard near the bird feeder, so the little defenseless creatures in the cold winter outdoors have a little something special during this time. And for those who I've loved and lost, I take a few evergreen branches from the house yard and tie red bows on them and take them to the cemetery and rest a little piece of their home near the heads of their graves, and think of them and say a prayer for them and all our beloved dead. It's so important not to forget them.


We usually have Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas with the other. It's not even the same side on the same day every year. Otherwise we observe the same traditions most other people do.


One of our favorite Christmas traditions is cookie day. The family gets together and we spend the day baking and decorating cookies. Then we package them up and deliver them to friends and neighbors.


Growing up, we had a tradition of buying a new ornament each year, with the year printed on it somewhere. The rest of our ornaments were sentimental-value as well, with a few fill-ins. So now I have a set of ornaments from "Baby's First Christmas" in 1975 to "Mommy To Be" in 1996. I'm still trying to figure out a good way to display them throughout the year.


My husband and I have been married thirty years and even before our kids were born we had an Indian food dinner in NYC on Christmas Eve.Several years ago we started going to a local Indian restaurant to avoid the crowds and traffic, but I look back fondly on the hustle and bustle.

Renee Anne

Now that we've moved from Wisconsin to California, we're having to make new traditions. We're going to try making our own fondue for Christmas Eve, for example.


We have Christmas Eve at my parents and santa even comes there early to bring stockings. My daughter at 2 asked santa "what are you doing here?", meaning aren't you supposed to be busy and delivering to my house


Candlelight service on Christmas Eve is something we all love to do together.

As far as food...I make my Aunt Lorraine's Breakfast Strata the night before. Pop it in the oven before opening gifts and it is ready when you are done. It takes a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, milk, broccoli, ham, etc. I love it because I don't spend gobs of time fixing breakfast or have a huge mass of cleanup!


We have a Christmas morning brunch - nothing too fancy, but the pickled beets are definitely an old tradition. Then the gift giving.

Jean Y

We have everyone over for chinese buffet and a family get together christmas eve. My sister takes over for christmas morning with a wonderful buffet....then mom has everone who can make it up for the big dinner on christmas night...You see we are,party,party.


We attend Christmas Eve service at our church. There is music and lots of joyful singing.

Kathleen Sachs

On Christmas Eve, my husband and I usually have dinner at a friend of the family's house. It's a peaceful evening where we eat smoked salmon and exchange gifts with family and friends.

On Christmas Day, we get together with my parents. We open presents and then eat lunch.

When we were kids, we used to open presents in the evening on Christmas eve because my parents would have company over on Christmas Day, and it was easier to clean up wrapping paper overnight instead of quickly in the morning.


I traditionally make scones for Christmas morning! Not too complicated, but a treat for sure!

Rebecca Gabriel

We always start the season by watching "Love Actually." As for Christmas day, we like to go see a move and eat Chinese food. I look forward to that each year.


We open our gifts on Cristmas morning. The breakfast menu varies, but we always have Swedish meatballs for dinner.


We do not celebrate Christmas so there are no traditions.


We open stockings first thing Christmas morning. The kids have always been allowed to do that before everyone else is up. Gives mom and dad a few extra minutes of sleep/ cuddles before the big 'Santa frenzy'. Even though the kids are teenagers we still leave out 'cookies for Santa' Christmas Eve on a special plate.

Sara B.

So many, that I couldn't name them all - but Christmas Eve Fondue dinner since my parents passed away, and we never open presents until Christmas DAY. AFTER Santa delivers them. Using the Christmas dishes, eating too much! It goes on and on!

Karen Pettyjohn

When my sister and I were little, we had to wait to open presents until my Dad got up. Us girls slept upstairs and Dad would ring these bells to signal that it was ok to come downstairs. That was a lot of years ago but we still ring bells to signal that it is time to open presents.


We open the Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve. Watch the Christmas Carol and have way too many Christmas Eve cookies!


We always get Chinese food for Christmas idea why really. And he has to suffer through a certain amount of xmas music without complaining because I LOVES IT. (Also: repeat viewings of Love Actually, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation would not be a terrible thing.)

Mun Yee

Our tradition is, we watch Christmas movies leading up to Christmas, decorate Christmas cookies and on Chriastmas Eve have fondue. It's a nice, simple tradition that's fun to do with the kids


Christmas eve is an early evening Christmas service then appertizers with our family.
Christmas morning we always read the Christmas story in Luke 2 then open presents and have a breakfast of french toast casserole.


We have the same tradition to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast too. My children's least favorite tradition is being told to wait upstairs for the adults to "check if Santa came." I remember being told to do the same as a kid and now fondly remember those 2-3 minutes of anticipation.

Susan Hill

Our traditional Christmas morning was gathering at grandparents for gift opening and then brunch of sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits, juice and coffee. The adults would then spend several hours just sitting around the table drinking coffee and talking while the children played with their new toys.

After a fun and lazy day and cleaning up, my brother and I would gather our children and go to a movie on Christmas night and then head home leaving the grandparents with their quiet time and early to bed routine.


We get together Christmas eve for presents, meatballs, wassail, and lots of goodies. Christmas breakfast is blueberry coffee cake and scrambled eggs.

Melissa B.

A favorite from my childhood is soup on Christmas eve before going to church. Since I now work in the church, my spouse and I had to find something easier so we do frozen pizza! A favorite tradition from my spouse's family is that they do grinch gifts... something for each person wrapped in tin foil.


Our tradition is not about Christmas Day but 2 or 3 days before. Every year, when my girls were little, we would spend an entire day making & decorating roll Christmas cookies. As they got older & we all became a lot busier, the tradition fell by the wayside. Then a few years ago, my older daughter "borrowed" my cookie cutters & injured me & her best friend @ her mother over to make cookies. Now that the grands SRE older we started the tradition up again. An important part of it is that all the final cookies must be perfect. So that means we get to eat the slightly burnt, crooked, broken cookies. This year we are adding the making of baker's clay ornaments.

Patty McD

Teenagers are hard to buy for so we always gave our grandson money or a gift card. 16 or so years ago I started putting his gift into a puzzle box. Took him 30 minutes to open it and he had a ball. We still do it and he has so much fun with it. I found out last year that he has kept all of the puzzle boxes (he is 29 now). Now I do the same for our 13 year grandson as well. We have as much fun watching them as they do opening the box.


We don't really have a lot of traditions. About the only one is on his side of the family and they have shrimp for dinner on Christmas Eve. We get together with my side of the family for dinner and presents too but we have something different each year.


Growing up, we would always open one gift on Xmas eve after coming home from church. Christmas day always included lots of family, football and good food.


Traditions have been changing as people in the family get older, but that happens right? My parents used to have a big family get together on Christmas Eve, but have backed out of that, so we're still trying to work out that part of the family Christmas. My husband's side of the family alternates between his mom and aunt. Everyone meets Christmas Eve and then spends the night and on Christmas day there's breakfast, stockings and gifts with a big lunch/dinner in the afternoon. They'd like to pass it over to the kids, but none of us have big enough houses to host. So more changes in the future!


My family never really had any Christmas traditions, but my fiancee and I just had a little boy five weeks ago, and since we have our own little family now, we talked about starting a tradition of our own... Every year we're going to go out and each member of the family is going to pick out a special ornament, and when we decorate the tree we will put them all up :)


I don't really have a tradition but I do enjoy watching The Christmas Story all day.


We go to my daughter's and have gifts with the grand kids. Have a big lunch together & just have a lot of fun.


Cinnamon french toast and hot chocolate for breakfast and always turkey for dinner with all the trimmings.

Becky P

On Christmas Eve, after church. We make homemade pizza with family and friends. It is always a fun time.

Kathleen B.

There were always three presents for each child from Santa - one from each of the wise men.


christmas breakfast [brunch] after digging into the presents was always hot cross buns, grapefuit and eggnog. good times!

Karen M

I make an "Impossible Breakfast Pie" and we open our presents and stockings... and then we go to the movie theater to see a movie before Christmas dinner.


Our christmas tradition is a awesome breakfast a texas twist on some eggs benedict. We also make the children hunt for their last christmas present hiding it somewhere in the house. My daughter and son are 15,and 17 they still love it.

Beverly Shearon

Every Christmas morning we have cream cheese braids for breakfast. It's a recipe I got out of Southern Living many years ago.


Well, the past two Christmases we have gone to a local natural area to bird watch. We're there for the bald eagles primarily. I'd like to do it again this year.


My favourite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies leading up to Christmas day


I think my favourite Christmas tradition is getting up really early Christmas morning, turning the tree lights on, and just enjoying the quiet time before anyone else is up.

Amy St. Amour

Hubby is a real Christmas fan. Besides decorating the inside and outside of the house with lots of stuff, we play a lot of Christmas carols and our tradition is watching "A Christmas Carol" every year.

Jennifer M

Every Christmas morning my mother and dad come to visit and share the morning with us. In the afternoon we go visit my MIL which means the kids get to see all their grandparents on Christmas.

Debbie H

Mine is to make and decorate cookies with my daughter. It was an all day project and we had lots of fun.


Christmas morning is always bottomless hot chocolate, cinnamon buns and never-ending chocolates. Yummy!


On Christmas eve we decorate cookies, set out sweets and enjoy and cook frozen pizza for supper. The kids like to go see Christmas lights and open 1 gift. In the morning usually something easy such as toast and eggs have to keep lots of room for the Turkey.

Sue J

I start the day with Irish Coffee! LOL!
then we open presents, after which bacon & eggs for breakfast.
After breakfast is done, we start on the afternoon meal.......always turkey, cornbread dressing, rutabego, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and sweet potato pie (which is a veggie, not a dessert in this house)
Dessert is always a strawberry/banana gelatin salad that has layers of sour cream and chopped pecans. YUM!
These foods are always the tradition.

In the evening we watch hokey Christmas movies

Brenda B

My husband and I have been together for 25 years and every Christmas Eve we bring our camping mats and sleeping bags into the family room and sleep by the Christmas tree. We leave the fairy lights lit too, it's very magical, and I don't care how old I get, I'll continue sleeping with the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve.


Our family tradition is to always have lasagna on Christmas Eve. We've done that since I was a child, and now that I'm the host, I continue the tradition. We also have a jello Santa mold we make, which always falls apart when we try to remove it, but that's part of the tradition too!

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