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December 18, 2012



8 pairs of socks this year, some adult and some children's.


I made 6 pairs of socks this year.

I knit a pair of socks per month for my husband as a new year's resolution and it was great!


I have knitted 1 and 1/2 pairs this year so far. Hopefully, next year will be more productive!

Jeri Nicklau

This year I have knit 17 pairs of socks. 12 pairs as gifts to others and 5 pairs for myself. I also have 5 in process, some are patterns that require much thought, and one is plain knitting for TV watching. I rarely knit anything other than socks, however one son asked for fingerless mittens which I knit from sock yarn.


I've completed two pairs this year - one pair for my sister-in-law and one pair for me. My neighbor would like a new pair since I made her one a couple of years ago, but I have yet to cast on for those.


I knit 3 pair this year and finished up 2 from the prior year. This summer I had an addiction to shawls and completed Color Affection. Right now I am working on a pair of socks for me in purple stripes inthe Poste yarn - very fun!


I have knit two pairs of socks this year, but I would like to finish another pair.


I think I have knit 3 or 4 pairs this year. I have finished a lot of other projects, too.


Looking back, I've made four pairs of socks this year, all knitted. That's low for me, but not my only use of sock yarn this year! ;) I used to try to make a pair a month for a whole year but have never been able to pull it off.

Kathy Boettcher

I have to completed pair of socks this year. And I just sorted my stash of sock yarn....OMG, I will definitely have to do a few pair in 2013! lol

Chelsea W

I knitted my first pair of socks this year!


Just 2. Yes, count them, one, two. My mom and I decided we wanted to try knitting socks. Mom really didn't have the patience for it. lol So, my first pair was supposed to be for her, but they were too big, so they're mine. The second finished pair went to Mom. I've started a third pair, but I can only tolerate teeny weeny needles for so long, so they've been banished to the WIP bag for a while. :) I prefer to use my sock yarn for shawls, scarves, and hats instead.


Knitted at least 4 pairs but maybe as many as 6. I tend to give as many away to friends and family as I keep for myself.


I think I've finished 2 pairs. I should have one more done by Christmas, fingers crossed.

Teresa C

Finished 12 pair. There were a couple of pair that didn't get completed by the first of the year from last year, but they did get completed in 2012.
Since I give socks to my sisters for birthday and Christmas, that is 4 pair right there.

Linda Fristedt

Despite having two pair of socks for my husband each half done (no, not second sock syndrome but stalled at the heels for 15/18 months), I began my first pair of socks for myself and didn't get further than 2 inches past the cuff. I'm guessing it's the result of some sort of vitamin deficiency, don't you think?
2012 was my Year Of The Cowl. Perhaps certain garments correspond to the twelve Chinese animal year assignments . . .


I have only finished one pair of socks this year. 2011 I did a one pair a month challenge - I guess that did me in! I have loftier sock goals for 2013!


I have knit almost 5 pairs of socks this year as far as I remember... could be more??? I say almost because I am almost done with a pair that will be finished before Christmas :-)

Cynthia Parker

Probably about twenty. But I follow the same pattern so can knit socks in my sleep!! Knit for two daughters, two granddaughters, a husband and a good friend.


I only finished 2 pairs this year. I took up spinning this year & that has really cut into my knitting time. But, socks are still my favorite thing to knit.


Four pair done, and I've almost finished my Christmas socks. They are all for me. There is always something I do a little wrong (I call them design elements) so I think "I can't give these away, they aren't perfect!"


I think I'm at 3.75 pairs ( about to turn the heel on the second sock) so far this year. Hope to finish that last pair by the end of the year.


This is an off year for socks for me - I've only made 1 pair, switched to knitting up shawls with my knitting yarn. Sock yarn is still my yarn of choice!

LN in TX

I started a pair of socks back in the spring...started them three times in fact...but never went back a fourth time to try and finish them.


This was more a yar of color work for me. I probably mAde about 6 pairs, though

I'm squiggi on ravelry


I am a fan of sock yarn, but I am not a fan of knitting socks. I knit mitts and other small items with sock yarn.


One of our LYS had a 12 in 12 sock challenge this year. I was able to complete nine of them and trying to finish the tenth pair before the end of the year.

Karen G

I have knit 1.5 pair. I have gotten sidetracked by a 4 year old as well as too many other projects! Hoping to at least finish the other .5 of the sock to make it an even 2. :-)


I hate to say it but so far I have bought sock yarn, sock needles and sock books, but made not one pair of socks yet. Unless you count the cottage socks I made for Christmas gifts but since they are super bulky yarn and size 13 needles, I don't really count them as socks, more like knee high slippers.

Carla in MT

not as many as usual... I think 3 or 4 pairs this year.


10-12 pair. I've lost count. 2 pair for other people, the rest for me. Now if I'd just have time to finish up the two second socks yet this year......

Sara B.

NONE this year! It's hard to believe. But I've used a bunch of sock yarn on shawlettes and a 10 stitch blanket.
SareBearKnits on rav


If Ravelry is correct I have knitted nine pairs this year. All gifted, so no new ones for myself. Maybe that should be one of my New Years resolutions. :)

Chris M

I have made 8 and 3/4 pairs of knitted socks, which seems like a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other commenters. My problem is that I think I can knit more than I can. I keep starting sweaters, socks and scarves and oh yeah, mittens, while queing up more in my ravelry account and buying more yarn like I'm some kind of miracle knitting machine. When in fact I'm just a tired teacher with arthritis! oh well, hext years goal is 12 pairs in 12 months....

Patti Young

Wow...I'm impressed by the number of socks that people knit in a year. I completed one pair of socks this year and am now working on another pair that probably won't get done for another couple of months! Love the self striping patterns.

amy g

I love to knit socks! However, they get put down quickly for a new project. I have only finished 3 and a half pairs this year. I have another 3 and a half pairs on the needles!

Monica de Moss

I haven't knit any socks .. ever. But I love working with sock yarn for finer knits.


Just 2 pairs! Hope next year is better. Lynn

Holly Waldrop

Just learned to knit socks in March, but I'm thrilled to have completed 6 pairs! (Three were given away, but who's counting?) I have one more pair on the needles now - a pair of baby socks for a friend's first granddaughter due in February. I should finish them by the weekend, so that will make 7 for the year! Not too bad. Wonder if I can do 12 next year. Hmmm...


I think four pair of socks is complete this year!

Jenn (jknit on Rav)

Not enough. I only completed three pairs. I've been using my sock yarn for shawls and other projects. :)


Four pairs finished, two singles.

Debbie H

That would be one and a couple on the needles. Thanks!


I usually do a dozen pairs of socks a year plus the other fun stuff to keep me out of trouble...


I love sock yarn and have a lot of it. Funny thing is, is that I have yet to knit a pair of socks. This is going to be the year though. I am confindent enough now in my knitting to make a pair. My goal is 3 pairs. I think thats a good start.


I have knit about a dozen pairs of socks this year. I even participated in my first mystery sock challenge. THat was really fun

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