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December 18, 2012



I haven't knitted any socks this year, but I have provided my mother with a good supply of sock yarn. I've been knitting other things and haven't gotten to any socks. My mother is the big sock knitter in the family.

Lisa Viviano

Five pairs this year. Yarn purchased, patterns picked out for next year. Only problem.....which ones first?

Jean Y

I'm really not sure... best guess 20; I make socks for gifts; birthdays, and of course Christmas.


Oh socks still elude me. I am concerned about that heel. So I haven't knit any at all, but perhaps that is a good resolution for 2013? One pair a month? Is that doable for a novice sockster?


I had to check Ravelry first. I've knit 3 pairs of socks this year for my Dad, Mom and son. All were handknit and none for me! I think that should change in 2013 :)


Well, I always have a pair of socks on the needles, but that doesn't always mean I finish them... I probably knit 10 pairs this year. I gift most of my socks. I have many friends and family that love knitted socks and I am always being asked for a pair. Three pairs for Christmas this year.

Jennifer M

This year I finished about 12 pairs but I have 4 single socks waiting for the match to be knitted. Took a break for the last few months to work on Christmas presents, no socks being gifted this year.


Probably 10-15 completed and at 4 or 5 still on needles in progress! I love the Christmas Island ones that are almost finished!

Kim Deiro

37+ pairs. I knit a pair for my immediate family members for Christmas. I also knit prayer socks. I pray for the recipient as I knit. 2012 has had MANY prayer needs!!!

Karen Pettyjohn

Only one pair of socks did I knit this year. I was busy with other things...3 baby afghans, 4 ponchos, a tunic and hand knit ornaments. I think in 2013, I'll use more sock yarn...just not for socks! I purchased a beautiful skein of Poste yarn at the open house and plan on using it for a scarf...a Christmas present to me ;-) I am also thinking about a baby sweater for our soon to be Arizona grand daughter.


I've completed about 5 pairs, maybe 6 .

Kate S

I think six pairs - all for me. My sock knitting has slowed down as I currently have enough hand-knitted sockls to last over a month with no laundry :)

Beverly J. Killick

As much as I enjoy knitting, socks is at the bottom of my list. Why, I really don't know. I have a pair of socks started now, and I will finish them, but it just takes longer.


I always have a pair of socks on the needles. I have finished 6 pair this year.

emily cossins

I checked ravelry and I can't believe it, but I have knitted 13 this year. I have a pair on the needles now so it could be 14. I started a new system with this pair where I knit one toe, then the other, then one repeat on one then the other. Jenna from Retro Lemon Studio podcast does this so she doesnt have second sock syndrome. I like it so far.

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

Not as many as I usually do. I think I finished 10 pairs this year. I usually do at least twice that. Baby blankets take a lot of time to make and everyone seems to be having babies all of a sudden!!!


Just one pair this year, but as always, I have better intentions for 2013!


Only two pairs of socks this year (plus two pairs of jumbo socks that got felted into slippers), but I discovered that sock yarn makes awesome fingerless mitts, so I'm at four pairs and counting of them!

Ann Duke

I have my 12th pair of socks on my needles now that I have to finish for a Chritmas gift. Not one of the 12 pairs was for me. My grandchildren love hand knit socks so all 12 pairs went to them. I'm hoping to make at least one pair for myself before the end of the year - maybe......


I haven't gotten nearly as many pairs of socks knit this year as in past years. I've knitted maybe a half dozen pairs. I've taken on quite a few larger projects this year - shawls, blankets, sweaters. And several of those were out of fingering weight yarn and took quite a while to complete. I definitely need to get some socks knitted in the near future.


Well , I finished 2 pair of socks . The next question is , how many do you have started ?!! I love buying sock yarn and starting socks and I eventually finish them .
I make them for others . I have one pair that is mine .


I think I finished 5 pairs of socks this year and one which should be finished before the New Year. Mostly with sock yarn that my daughter gave me. I'm glad you didn't ask how many pairs I started.


I've slowed a bit on socks as my sock drawer is kind of full. I think I finished 4 pairs and one more should be done tonight


I also had to go to Ravelry to see how many socks I had knit. I have a knit a total of 8 pairs of socks. Only 1 for me. The others will be gifted.


I'd say 4 or 5 pairs. I love knitting socks, but I have taken a little break lately to try some other things.


A productive sock year--about 20 pairs, most given away. I'm going to start mitts for all my working buddies next year.


Gosh, I guess I only made two pairs of socks this year. Made lots of scarfs and a Color Affection Shawl and lots of baby goodies this year. I did make a few pairs of baby socks too if that counts. Guess I'd better get my rear in gear and knit a pair of socks the first of the year!


I only made one pair, but it was my first ever pair of socks! (knitted of course... )
They aren't perfect, but I love them anyway.


I have probably made 10 or 12 pairs of socks this year. They are knitted socks.....don't know how to crochet!


A very low sock year...only two pair and I only made the second pair because the first pair was too big for her. I only knit by hand, not on a machine. However, i have been using sock yarn for many other items but maybe that will be a question for another day.

Renee Anne

My Year of Projects list tells me that I've finished two adult-sized pairs of socks and one baby-sized pair of socks. Sooo....two and a half pairs, maybe? I've also got a third and fourth pair on needles right now but I don't think those are going to get done in 2012. Oh well.

Andrea Sandahl

This has not been a busy sock knitting year....I think I've only done 2 pair. I have a pair on the needles for my mom, but I'm pretty sure they will be a next year pair of socks. This is unusual for me, as usually I knit several pair a year.


Hooray for Ravelry! How else would I know that I have knit 13 1/2 pairs of socks thus far in 2012. the other 1/2 will be done by Christmas morn, and probably another pair before the end of the year.


Only one pair in 2012 but I have been using my fingering weight yarn for beautiful lace shawls and neck warmers.

Kristi Podesta

I haven't knit any socks this year. We went through changes at work and didn't have much time to knit in 2012. Making sure in 2013 I will knit every day and make lots of socks. :)

Merry Fenton

I've knit 18 pair! That's a record for me and I owe it all the favorite Ravelry group - Socks from Stash.


I have completed 8 pairs this year so far. I would like to complete another pair between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Santa is bringing me some yarn!

Mun Yee

I've knitted 5 pairs this year and they were all for people in th family. And they were all the simple basic socks. I would love to try knitting a pair of lace socks. I've got yarn for it but haven't had the time to sit down and give it a shot. I'm looking forward to trying a variety of sock patterns in 2013


I've knit three pairs so far this year and I'm working on another. I probably would have gotten at least another pair done, but two of the pairs were knee-highs (as are the WIP socks), so they took a lot longer! I have also been using my fingering weight yarns for shawls and other projects as well, though.

Leslie Fehr

I knit my very first ever pair of socks this year -- but, I'm still the big fan of hats (5) and scarves (3). I've a shawl started and another scarf and yarn just arrived for fingerless mitts!

Susan Ipavec

I've completed only 2 pairs this year. Life got in the way :-)


No socks this year, but I've bought lots of sock/fingering wt yarn for shawls and scarves.

Kathy S

My rav project page says one, but I'm sure it's at least four! I don't keep very good records. All knitted and it's the only socks I'll wear anymore!

Andrea Walker

Only 8 pr I think... a really low # for me!!! They were all handknits. Usually I'm a machine sock knitter too... but this was a bad year in my family + things have not been "normal". I did make lots of other things as well. I still do have to make a couple pr/ machine ones by Xmas to fill an order.


I did not complete any socks this year, but I did complete my first shawl, with sock yarn!

Lois Yamada

My estimate is about 12 pairs. I always knit like three pairs for my friend for Christmas.


I have knit 8 pairs of socks this year, 3 of them in the last month for Christmas gifts. My father is getting one sock in his Christmas package, the other one is still on the needles to be done soon. Procrastination is my middle name


Not enough! I think I probably knit 5 or so pairs, but I'm noticing holes in some of my husband socks and in some of mine.


I'm finishing up my 10th pair right now (they'll be done in a couple days). I probably would have gotten more knitted but I got on a shawl knitting kick for a few months. But I was still using sock yarn so I didn't stray too far, lol.


Two pairs of leg warmers and (if I finish the last of the xmas gifts) 5 pairs of socks. Usually I knit about 10 pairs of socks a year, but not this time.


I've made 10 pair so far, still have one more pair to complete. All hand made.


I went to check on ravelry. I have 9 pairs of socks (some are singled but I've done 8 singles, so that's 4 of my pairs). I have also done 2 Christmas Stockings and 1 pair of slippers.

I still have 2 more pairs to complete yet! LET'S DO IT!


6.5 pairs. I was on a roll with 1 pair a month until I got sidetracked during the summer. Hopefully the 'half' pair that's left will get finished by the end of the year.

Karen M

I just finished my 18th pair for the year last night. They were all for me.


I have knit one pair and they do not fit, boo hoo.


I think I've done 6. I give them to family & friends.


I finished 12 pairs. A couple of those are kid socks otherwise I would have never made it to twelve. Going to try and knit 10 pairs next year.


I can't remember I I knit any after January last winter, but this fall I've knit one pair of socks for my sister-in-law and I've started a pair for me.


Eight pairs. (Thank you, Ravelry and my efforts to keep it properly updated.) I had done 12 pairs per year the last couple years but I was feeling a little sock-fatigued trying to churn out one per month for so long. Whew. Kept to a more intuitive sock schedule this year and STILL ended up with more than I can probably use/give away. lol

Heather Bendickson

I have just started knitting, loom knitting, that is. A friend got me addicted in October. I did hats, scarves, a blanket. But then I found a sock loom. The world just seemed complete. I knew that's what I would focus on. I have completed one whole set, even wore them to work and showed them off. I will finish another pair by the end of the year. To say this is an addiction might be an understatment. I have taken to buying yarn like it's going out of style. I do NOT want to finish a pair and discover I am out of yarn. My goal for 2013 is to learn to knit socks on needles. I will admit, I am a bit afraid to try, seems complicated, but if I can find a class around my hometown, I am going to dive in. :)

Danyelle N

I haven't tried a sock yet (other than Christmas stockings) but I've made 6 pairs of legwarmers for my daughters this year (they like to wear them to dance class). One of my resolutions for next year is to knit a complete pair of socks, cuff to toe!


I think I finished 2 pairs. More on the needles. This year sock yarn mostly went to shawls!


At least 12 pair plus many other knitted items


I am on sock #2 of my first pair for the year. I have discovered that I like knitting socks with worsted weight yarn. They knit up quick and are nice to wear with my new winter boots. I like sock yarn for fingerless mitts and shawlettes.


Six pairs, but I just learned to knit socks in August,once I started I couldn't stop. I've also knit 3 shawls, a scarf and I'm almost done my first knit sweater to give my mom for Christmas.


A quick check on my Ravelry page shows I completed 22 pairs of hand-knit socks in 2012. I also managed to knit several other things, including some big sweater projects, too. I love to knit socks, and it has been hard for me to break away from it at times. This year I tried to pace myself so I could still make socks for everyone on my gift list (for birthdays and Christmas) and still accomplish the larger projects.


I have not knitted any socks this year. I don't have anyone in my life who wears handknitted socks. :-( :-(


Four pairs this year! That is actually a large number for me.


I estimate I've knit at least 20 pairs. I don't always put up a project page for socks, so it's hard to count exactly. This year I did a lot of "vanilla" socks because other projects seemed to more complicated and I always need something "mindless" to knit (especially at knit group!).


4 pairs done all given pair on needles for me! Of course in Soulmate! Chocolate!

sue herr

I have two socks on the needles and they've been there a while! This year I re-knitted the toes of my sister's socks, making them smaller--about 5 pairs. Otherwise, I've been having a slow sock year. Socks are my favorite items to knit, though.

Debbie Huett

I'm going to keep better track this year but I think it's at least 10, maybe 12 and I have a few singles waiting for mates. I always seem to have at least 2 pairs going...

Sue J

I've probably knit 15-20 pairs of socks this year
My daughter told me she had PLENTY!! LOL! So I started knitting socks for my girlfriends. Everyone's got at least one pair from me. Now I'm working on round 2

Amy St. Amour

Addicted to sock knitting. I've probably knit about 12 pair this year. Would be more but I have other projects going on--scarves, afghan, fingerless mittens, wine cozy, sachet heart, 2 sweaters, etc. They are all knit projects. I know how to crochet but love the fine stitches knitting creates. Can never have too many patterned and crazy striped and colorful socks!!!

Fern Braverman

I knitted one and 1/2 half of one pair and 1/2 of another. I have been knitting shawlettes and fingerless mitts with some of my sock yarn.I have to get back to my socks though.

Kay L

I really slowed down with sock knitting this past year but finished 36 pairs of socks so far.(One 'pair' was fraternal since it was two samples knit in two different colors of the same yarn base). I have several more pairs on the needles and should get at least two more pairs completed before the new year.


No socks this year (or ever!) but I did buy some sock yarn from SSYC last week so I can make some next year!


This has been a very slow knitting year for me. I think I only knitted about 3 pairs of socks. But I have just the toe to finish on my 2nd Poste sock. I did knit 2 pairs of baby socks as well.


I was able to knit 7 pair this year. Now I need to plan for next year. :)


I have knit 6 pairs of socks so far this year for my daughter. She loves them, and wears them all the time. When they get holes after a while in the soles I try to darn them, but sometimes it's better just to make her a new pair. I am trying out the new yarns like Opal Sport that I got on sale at Simply Socks, and I'm also using Solemate. She says these new yarns feel really good on her feet.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

About 10 pairs of socks - my goal was 12. There is always next year!!


Nineteen, because apparently I am a sock addict.


Four pairs of hand knitted socks in my first year of knitting. Three for me and one for a gift for my husband. I also have one more sock completed (for me) but don't have time to cast on the second of the pair! Maybe over the holiday I can make a start on it.

Linda B

After reading some of the other posts, I feel like an underachiever!! I've hand knitted 3 pair of socks this year. I'm starting another pair over the weekend to take on our New Years' visit to NY. Snow cover here in south east Wisconsin with a big hit coming Wednesday night into Thursday. Maybe the socks will be started earlier than the weekend!!


Three pair and three single socks this year, all gifts. I am in the process of moving this month so will complete the single socks next month for birthday's in January and February.


This was a strange year for me...I don't think I knit any socks. Before they've always been my travel project, but since we really didn't travel and I didn't have to wait around in doctor's offices a whole bunch this year, there were no socks. For sure there will be socks in 2013.

Cindy saar

I think I've knitted about 4 pairs of socks this year. I would like to knit a few more, but I have several unfinished knitted projects I would like to get done before starting anything more.


I've made one pair of thrumbelina slippers for a niece, knit samples of them for a dyer, Knitted Wit. I've also made a pair of baby booties.

I tried to knit a pair of Rivendell socks and ran into the issue of bulky calves and not enough ease in the pattern. I had started out the year trying to make a pair of Viper Pilots but couldn't find the right yarn and the pattern made my brain hurt with having to concentrate on every row.

I had gaps of not knitting this year and really miss not adding to my sock stash!!


Around 25 pr knit this year. Currently working on a pair of size 12's for my son in law. Damn his big feet. Hopefully they'll be finished by Christmas.

Ashley W

After a few prolific years, I think I only made three pairs of socks in 2012. I knitted several accessories, plus two sweaters.

Susan Hill

Interesting question since socks are my knitting addiction and go-to project. I always have a pair on my needles and always finish a pair. Love sock knitting so much and the striping yarns are simply irresistible. For me there is something comfortable about knitting socks and an easy project to grab in a small project bag when hanging out with grandson, watching tv or waiting somewhere.

As for a number, I'm not sure but possibly 15-25 pairs. I knit socks only for myself. For my daughter and grandson it is caps, cowls, sweaters, scarves, etc.


I've knitted five pairs of socks this year. I just received my Poste Yarn, so soon as I finish the one on my needles I'll start pair with my new yarn. PS.. all the socks were for me, I love my knitted socks!


So far, I have completed 7 pairs this year. I am working on another that I hope to complete before the end of the year.


8 - 10 pairs of socks! Some shorties for my dad out of non-wool, some "hunting socks" for husband and his brother out of camoflage solemate, "Harry Potter socks" out of Poste stripes..... too fun! All knitted. No machine knitting, though I think it would be fun to see how the machine to knit socks works!


I've finished 20 pairs and have 3 single socks waiting for their mate.


I have completed three pairs of knitted socks in 2012. Two pairs were made using yarn from the Simply Sock Yarn Company -- one with the Christmas kit from 2011 and another using worsted weight yarn which are my favorite. Even won a ribbon at a local fair with the worsted pair! Have learned to knit two-at-a-time and can do it either toe up or cuff down. Spent more time on bigger projects this year, so socks were done as "between" projects.


My sock quota is down: only a couple of pairs completed this year so far. Now, if you'd asked about hats....


I think I only completed two pairs of sock this year. My total is definitely down from previous year. Need to make up next year.

Beth L Ruiter

Maybe 4 or 5 pair of socks and several bigger projects all out of sock yarn!


Oh heavens, I would have to guess at 25 pairs? Knitting socks happen to be my favorite thing!

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