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December 19, 2012



Probably "Busy" - I'm constantly doing 10 things at once!


OK, I'm going to go with the obvious and say 'Knitty.'

Andrea Sandahl

I'd go with "Squirrely" as that describes my husband, and he would make a great reindeer (or possibly elf!).

Leslie Fehr

If Santa were to name a reindeer after me --- well, I guess it would be "geeky" - I'm all about geeky things. I've been accused of being geeky about my circular needles of all thingsLOL

Beverly J. Killick

Chloe would be the name I would choose.


I asked my husband, he said "Ornery." I think he's still chafing that I cheer for Michigan just to needle him. He's a rabid Ohio State fan.


This is a tough one! Maybe Sweetie- I have had the most irresistible sweet tooth this holiday season.


It would be "Patrix" the way my true love uses to call me.


Lucky, he gets to work with Santa.


Reindeer are edible, right? How about Yummy?


Nostalgia. My mind has been wandering to the past more than I can remember it has before.

Rachel R.

Probably Picky. I wouldn't characterize myself that way, but my friends tell me I'm an incredibly picky eater. I think they are wrong - I just have very specific feelings about what I like and what I don't like!


Right now I'll say Grumpy, though I do like Olive (the other reindeer).


how Henry just becausw it sounds good.


Hmmm, My reindeer persona would probably be Ditzen. LOL! I don't know what it is about the holiday that makes me feel ditzy!

Linda B

My reindeer name currently would be Forgetful. The senior moments are happening all too often, especially when I go upstairs and...well you can guess!! Son's birthday today, I definitely won't forget that!!


Probably Eleven, because I am most productive at the eleventh hour of a project.


This year it would be Croupy -- I've been sick!

Normally, though, it would probably be Whiner! Never enough time, etc.

Thanks for the laugh and the contest!

Anita C

It would have to be my son. Our last name is Cook & of course Cookie was his nickname all through school, baseball, football and now college, he is "Cookie". He used to really hate the name, but in college he has embraced it and buys himself Cookie Monster apparel! So my reindeer would be Cookie!


I don't have a specific name, but I would choose a science geek term. I'm a science geek and tried to name our cat B-Tex, but was vetoed when the family found out that BTEX is an abbreviation for hazardous chemicals in gasoline (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene).

Kathy S

Not very exciting but it would be "Shorty" for obvious reasons.


Maybe Chatty or Shig (super hyper intense girL


Missy is my family nickname, so that is what I'll go with.


I would have to say "Goofy", because sometimes you just have to be goofy to get through the day! :)


I think Spunky would be a great reindeer name - and would remind me of my baby girl.


I would name the reindeer "Gingerbread" for the color of reindeers and the fun our children had cutting and decorating gingerbread men, gingerbread women, gingerbgread horses, gingerbread lions, gingerbread chickens, gingerbread sheep and so on.

Also, when Gingerbread the Reindeer was flying over the rooftops of the world helping Santa, the smell of baking gingerbread coming from kitchens would make him fly faster so that all the toys would be delivered on time.


He would name it Sleepy, because that's what the holiday season does to me... exhausts me.

Cindy saar

i've been called 'rib' before, so, I think Santa might use the same name. I got the name 'rib' because I was considered, a best friend, close, useful, knowledgable, and could be used as a protection. It started because of a thought that men have one more rib than a woman, and my fiance called me 'rib'. It grew from there.

Lois Yamada

I got "tagged" with Rudolph b/c in the summertime I always had a sun burnt nose.


Happy, because I love this time of the year.


Hmmmm I think I might me called "hot mess" because that is how I'm feeling right now.


Breezy.........'nuf said!


I would choose "Kelly" after our sweet, sweet 12 year old labrador retriever--faithful, obeidient, and loves us no matter what!


Nosy! 'cause I have to but my nose into everything...... My husband would be Huggy 'cause he's always good for a hug!

Jennifer M

"Believer" because I love the look on my 23 year old son with Down Syndrome's facewhen he sees all the presents under the tree on Christmas tree, he still believes in Santa and always will.


I'd be "Crabby." Because while I am generally not crabby -- I don't think! -- the prospect of pulling a fat guy in a sled loaded with present for strangers all night long (and not even getting cookies for it!) would make me so.


Hart. It means deer & also belongs to some people Io e a lot.

Emily L.

LOL, probably "Lazy"... or "Nutty"


I would choose "Mikey" after my oldest son, who is 6'2", strong and hefty to pull that sleigh around, but will sit and play with babies and children, will entertain Santa, reindeer and elves with his jokes and imitations, and is a dead ringer for Willy Robertson on "Duck Dynasty." He's super cool.


I would choose "Elaine" after my very special
Grandmother that I miss so much this time of year :)

sue herr

Santa can just call me "Help!" and I'll come running. That's my role in my family. 1-800-HELPME!


It has to be Knitter, doesn't it? It would be the one trying to knit and fly at the same time. Elf socks don't knit themselves.


I would choose Snappy, because because photography is my (other) passion.

Melissa B.

Mine would be Clumsy(!) or Crafty (this year, anyway). My husband's would be Smarta** or Cheeky because he likes to make wisecracks all the time!


Maybe Icey? I'm at the ice rink constantly.


It would either be Etta or Beto....or maybe both

Debbie Huett

Ok- Knitty works for me too. On weekends it might be Wino. LOL.

Sara B.

Let's be honest here, I and anyone else in my family would have to be named Farty. We went out for Chili this weekend and then drove from Tulsa to Chicago. Not the best plan!


How about Spinner? Which is what I trying to learn to be.


Probably Cranky or Grumpy. Do you really want to hear why?


Mine would be named Crazy. I'm the crazy one in my family and out of all of my friends. I've sky dived, jumped off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and driven a race car to name a few things. If there's something crazy out there to try, I'll be one of first in line.


Crazy. Lol!

Because my friends and BF always says I'm crazy to be doing all this stuff during the holidays, making gifts, making cookies, etc etc. And they're always self-imposed. Hence, crazy.

Jenn (jknit on Rav)

I don't think I can beat Sara B.'s name of Farty. What makes it extra funny is that it could apply to my family too. :)


While Weariness would probably be most apt at the moment, Effervescence would be preferable. (Also, it would encourage advanced spelling among children writing their letters to Santa.)

Kim Deiro

Mine would be Meme. One of my granddaughters gave me this name. It's my favorite nick name.

Susan Hill

To my grandson I'm his best person ever - his Grammy since I let him wind my yarn, bake the peanut butter cookies he loves and take him to the zoo. Maybe the reindeer named Grammy can be at the back of the team instead of in the front since It just might be a little slower.

Renee Anne

Bubba. I don't know why but it seems to be my "go to" name for animals.


I would name the reindeer "Serendipity" after one of my favorite words - I love the idea of finding something in unexpected places. (If I names it after me right now, it would have to be named "Crazy" because that's how I feel this time of year. Of course it's a happy crazy.)


My husband says my reindeer name would be "Butter". I know where this comes from.... On "My Strange Addiction" (My hubby's BF's TV Show!) there was a woman who was eating her husbands ashes. I turned to John and said, "I bet you'd taste like Cheez-its." And he said, "Well, you'd taste like butter!" I guess I eat a lot of butter. Yes, we are twisted.


Smiley. I've signed my name with a smiley face for as long as I can remember, unless it's on some legal doc that is. :-)


I'd go with Chilly cause I love the cold weather and can't wait for snow!


Doer - I always need to have something with me to do - a knitty project, book, craft ect just in case I get a minute in the middle of a busy day. Doer the reindeer would be a great one for Santa. Always ready to do something!


People I love a lot. Sorry typing on phone in moving car not easy!


My name would be multi-tasky because that is all I am doing lately and I am getting pretty good at it...


Limey. . .even though I've lived in this great country for 44 years. . .I will always be a English gal at heart!

Linda Fristedt

I'm goin' with Clarice. First, because I want to see the team's gender bias definitively broken and second, because she's every bit as worthy of flying. That voice! Such kindness! And not a bigot the way the rest of the North Pole community revealed itself. Personally, I'm over the whole rack of antlers trope.
Getting Clarice on the team may not reflect my mood but she certainly represents my aspirations. I'm reminded of her potential each year when I watch the special.


Mine would be "Bossy" which I think is a little mean. Is it my fault that I always know just how things should be done?


Hmmm - I think I'll go with Queen ; the explanations is a bit personal, so I'll just say that someone I love calls me that sometimes.

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn in the picture :-) :-) :-)

Diane E. from PA

My name would be Ga-Ga.. that's what my 21 month old grandson calls me :-)


My nickname is Kiki so I'd probably go with that one.


This season I'm feeling like sleepy. Staying up late working on projects and getting up early to get started on new ones. Just not enough hours in the day!


Hmm. I find myself thinking only of names that would fit into "The Night Before Christmas" -- so I guess Busy. It being December, after all. . .


Unfortunately, I'd have to say my sonwould be an elf named Whiney (as in he whines all the time) I can't wait for gift day to be over, I may have to follow through on my threats and cancel Christmas next year.


My name would be "Planner" because I tend to over do it at times :)


I think it would have to be Java - for my love of coffee, of course!

Kate s

I think Cakes - a friends children called me that. And I like to make cake!


My name would be Gramma Cherie-the happiest reinder of all!


today, I'm feeling like my reindeer name would be "crabby". just sayin'

Amy St. Amour

Well, ahem, Flighty would be the name. I've been told by my husband and a guy friend that this description applies to me. I deny it all--that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Sappy, the holidays are really getting to me this year.


If a reindeer were named after me, it would be named Lucky, because I have so many blessings in my life. I am feeling especially in love with my husband today, and told him I am the luckiest woman in the world to have him.

Plus, I think Lucky is a good name for a pet. ;)


crafty would be my name ... not only because i do crafts, but i see ways to fix, do and make things other than crafts.


Purple Boy. When my daughter was 3 it was the only name she would answer to.


Nancy, because this morning I don't feel very original.

Ashley W

Tesla, because one of my UK friends used to sing the end of the Rudolph song, "he'll go down in his-to-ry... like Nikola Tesla!"

Holly Waldrop

Smuggly - which for some unknown reason was my father's nickname for me when I was a child.


Lately Santa would probably end up calling me "Goofy" (altough I'd answer to Dorky, Geeky, or the sarcastic "Yo Genius!" equally as often).

Oh the temptation! I'd better refrain from giving my family members reindeer names. What if they stick? ;)

Nathanne Verner

Probably Nosy because I love gossip, and Rudolph had that red nose. Oh well, I'm not real good with names....


I think Quirky would be my reindeer name. I'm told that's a big part of my personality!


Lately... maybe Cranky?

I'm trying to change that, though.

Kay L

Me? A reindeer? Nope. Not gonna' happen! I wanna' be a moose pulling that sleigh! I so loves their antlers! I guess you gotta' name me Moose!


If a reindeer were named after me it would be "sasstin" my grandchild calld me that


Reindeer name? Probably Grinchy.


Boy, people in my family don't seem to get nicknames, but for a while when I was a softball playing kid, my friends would call me "Moose" after Moose Scowron, who at that time played for the Chicago White Sox. Sadly, he passed away this year.

Lisa Viviano

My reindeer name would be ... Fran Tick. Ha, ha, ha.

Danyelle N

Probably Stash--I'd be the reindeer squirreling away yarn to work with while Santa was down in the houses--every minute counts!

Sue J

Lazy!! cause all I do is knit, and put off housework, laundry, etc!! LOL!


He could just call me Momma. That's all I hear all day anyway from my almost 3 yr old.


Hmmm, either Star-buck, because I need my spa-in-a-cup right now, and because I'm the star of my family holidays (all depends on me!); or Crochety (pronounced "crotchety!"), because I crochet of course...not that it has anything to do with my menopausal hormones trying to humbug my Christmas cheer this season!
My husband says Angel...but I think he's just trying to appease the hormones! :-)

Cynthia Parker

My daughters would probably say "Queenie" but it could be Limey (my English roots or GaGa (as in grandmother )

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