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December 14, 2012


Becky P

My first project was a dishcloth. I still have it and while I have moved on to bigger projects, I think it looks better than I expected for a first!

Andrea B

A fisherman's sweater for myself when I was in highschool. It took so long and could literally hold water it was so tightly knit. I don't think I ever wore it.


My first project was a blue garter scarf. My grandmother cast it on, showed me how to knit, and said that she would cast it off for me when it was long enough. I was 7, I knit 8 feet of scarf, and she always said it wasn't long enough. I still have it somewhere on the needles. No one has ever worn it.


My first project was a doll sweater, when I was about 6, I think. It ended up being seed/mistake stitch because I couldn't keep the seed stitch straight, and the second sleeve was a different colour because I ran out of the first colour. I still have it and the doll I made it for somewhere. My mom helped me, so it fits the doll too.


while I started many projects in the early days, I believe the first one that I finished was a golden colored scarf. I have no idea what happened to it!

Amanda Wollnick

My first project was made when I was 8 years old, just after my grandmother had taught me how to knit. It was red acrylic scarf in garter stitch for my Pound Puppy. The scarf was horribly misshapen and filled with dropped stitches and holes. I didn't start knitting again for at least another 15 years, but my knitting skills have definitely improved. I have no idea where my Pound Puppy scarf went.


My first project was striped potholders. Two garter stitch layers sewn together. I still use them. They've felted a bit with a few Washington but work great.


My first knitting project was an 8" square that I had to knit to earn my knitting badge for Brownies. It took so long and by the time it was done I absolutely hated it! I can still see the green square in my minds eye! Didn't knit again until I finished nurses training and was working night shifts. In those days we actually had time to knit while we were on nights! That next project was an Aran cable sweater. There was lots of "unknitting" but it did get finished.

Theresa M

The first project I ever knit was a green and yellow cardigan for my doll when I was about 9 or 10. I think it's still in the toybox at my mom's.


i crocheted a hat - my mom & aunt came to my 3rd grade as an after-school class & taught us all, sadly back in those days, yarn was re-used & it became something else when i stopped wearing it!


My first knitting project was a bookmark that I made as a child. Sadly, I don't have it anymore.

Ashley W

I learned to knit when the first Harry Potter movie came out. I made a Gryffindor scarf out of scratchy red and yellow acrylic yarn. I keep it in my costume box, but rarely wear it. It's fun to look at how my knitting got better as I went along - the first few inches are wonky and all over the place, but I smoothed out by the end.


I learned to knit from my mom and grandma and I think the first thing I knitted was a garter stitch scarf. I have no idea where it is. I wish I would have saved it. Thanks for the chance to win!


Mine was a sweater and an epic fail! I've since become a much better knitter, thank goodness. The boys are so cute!

Karen M

I can't remember the very first thing I knit, but the one thing that stands out in my mind is the hat and scarf I knit for my Dad my senior year of high school. Daddy liked to grill even in the winter and he always wore my hat and scarf when he went out. And the first thing I crocheted was a vest for my daughter when she was little - it had a country scene on it with green on the bottom with flowers and blue up top with a sun and clouds; I think it's packed away in a box somewhere.


I learned how to knit a little over a year ago after visiting a little yarn shop and falling for the lovely hand dyed yarns. I borrowed some needles from my mom, some bernat handicrafter, and started to learn using YouTube. My first project was a coffee cup cozy. I wanted a project that was finish-able (I knew I'd get sick of a scarf and never finish it). I've since graduated to larger projects (baby sweaters, hats, socks) but i still use my first cozy when I go to the 'Bucks, and have made several for friends.


I made a scarf in high school with the Girl Scouts that I still have. I don't wear it that often anymore, but it's about 7 feet long.


My first project was a poncho made in the round. My aunt taught me how to knit. She cast on and helped with the cast off. It was the late 60's and I was thrilled with it and wore it often. I didn't take up knitting until later in life when socks and much smaller projects give me that same happy feeling.

Kay L

I don't remember what my first crochet or knit project was (in 1955) but the first real knit project was an afghan I made in high school. I still have that afghan.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

My first project was a never ending friend and teacher told me I had to knit a really long scarf to get my tension established and learn to have a regular tension. Hated that scarf, but kept at it until she gave me permission to start a cabled sweater-that's what I really wanted to knit. No one got the scarf, and i wore the sweater.


I learned to crochet from my grandmother as a child. I remember crocheting a skirt for my Tammy doll. I still have the skirt and the doll stored away.

Chelsea W

The reason I learned to knit was to give my baby boy Uggs booties. It only took three of them to make a pair :-) He doesn't fit them any more, but his soon-to-arrive baby brother will fit them in a few months!


The first thing that I knitted was a felted purse that I still use as a project bag.


I took a class at the library to learn how to knit and crochet. Once a month for three months--we cast on and knit the first month, purled the second, and crocheted the third. We made a square that I still have.


My first project was a "shoulder purse" I knitted in 3rd grade. My mom, not a knitter, wouldn't buy me yarn so I scrounged the scraps from my afghan crocheting grandmother. All the girls in the neighborhood were knitting! Once my purse was done, I admired it, but never put anything in it as it stretched the garter stitch handle to the ground!


My first crocheted item was a curly worm book marker taught to me by my aunt when I was a child. The first knitted item was a pair of mittens made in a learn to knit class. They are my favorite pair of mittens.


My first knitted project was a garter knit lavendar vest that I knit in the 4-H club. I don't remember much else about the project other than I didn't like knitting much because my stitches were so tight and I had a heck of a time trying to get the needles into the loops! I do remember wearing it quite a bit with a plaid blouse. It only took me 25 years later to give knitting a try again and I love it so much that I can't imagine life without it!


I bought a sweater kit to make for a very special guy at Christmas. I had no idea how to knit but my dorm mates taught me, corrected my work & cheered me on. I got that sweater made, and despite the fact it was poorly done he wore it! That guy was a keeper-we've been married 48 years!

Karen Pettyjohn

I think my first project was a garter stitch belt for myself. The first real "project" that I remember was a man's scarf, from a kit. I gave it to my dear "Poppa" for Christmas. About 35 years later after Poppa died, I spotted the scarf on a shelf in the hall closet of their home. I told Momma that I was surprised that he still had it. She said "have it...he still wore it!" I now have it. My knitting has greatly improved through the years encouraged by the thought of Poppa proudly wearing that first scarf.


I knit a pair of mittens with the help of my 4-H leader. They were too small when I made them, so I never wore them.

Cindy saar

My first knitted item was a scarf for my brother for Christmas. I made it in 1972. I don't think they had varigated yarns then, so I combined a blue and black together and did a rib: p2, k2. I don't remember if he ever wore it. The men in my family aren't much for wearing scarves. I made one for my father a few years ago, and the only time he would wear it was when I would put it around his neck for him.


My first project was a scarf from a learn-to-knit kit. It taught garter, stockinette and ribbing. I barely wore it, but it got me hooked!


The first thing I made was a cardigan with the help of my LYS. I still wear it with pride.

Cindy Carpenter

My first project was a blue and yellow crocheted scarf that I taught myself from a booklet to make when I was 12. i taught myself (again from a booklet) to knit when I was 16. I wore it everywhere because I was so proud that I had made it.

Teresa C

I have no idea what my first completed project. I do know I learned to crochet first, and that I had no problem starting a project and the promptly ripping it out, again, again, and again.

Nathanne Verner

My first knitted project was a really messed up blue scarf I knit when I was 8. The yarn was some kind of synthetic cheapo yarn from the dime store, worsted weight. I never finished it because I kept dropping stitches. It began to get narrower and narrower, and the dropped stitches came unraveled. When my daughter wanted to learn to knit at age 7 I started her off with some interesting bulky yarn I got on sale for $1 a ball, and she made a nice scarf on big needles with garter stitch. I knew if the yarn was fun she'd stick with it.


My first project was a crocheted rectangle in green Red Heart. I crocheted it while away from my boyfriend, now husband, to keep me busy. I kept it for years. When my first pet died I used it to wrap her in when we buried her, I felt it had been waiting for its purpose. It's a sad yet happy memory at the same time.


My girlfriend's older sister taught me how to crochet one summer a long, long time ago. She made sundresses for Ginny dolls (dolls about 6" to 8" tall) out of Coats and Clark crochet cotton held double. I was about 10 years old and wanted to make my own doll's dresses. I learned out to chain, single crochet, double crochet and do increases. The dolls and dresses are long gone. I now knit rather than crochet. Thank you for reminding me of an early crafting memory.

Emily L.

The first thing I knit was a scarf out of Lion Brand Homespun. It was so difficult to knit with! I ended up giving up on knitting for over a year, and I never finished that scarf.


I learned to crochet first and I made a little afghan with lattice and embroidered flowers on the top. I still have it tucked away (we are talking in the 1970's). I guess it is time to take it out and use it or pass it on to a granddaughter...


My first knitting project is an afghan 4 years ago. I had always wanted to knit but since i live in Sunny Singapore, it seems to be a silly hobby to pick up. My parents moved to another country for work for 2 years and left me all alone at home. I walked into a yarn store i passed by for 8 years and learnt my first stitch. It is still with me and will always be there for me to keep me warm during the cold nights in the monsoon seasons.

Patti Young

I learned to knit while vacationing in the Outer Banks. A garter knit scarf that I still practice on when learning new stitches. I'll never throw it away.


I think my first "real" knitting was a garter square about 2x2 for a dolly (pocket sized) blanket. I was 6 or 8. What I think of as my first knitting when I picked it up again was a baby blanket I designed (and knitted mitered corners that had to be seamed) or a shapely tank but not understanding yarn substitutions I used dishcloth cotton instead of cotton tape. The blanked was gifted, the tank frogged and my daughters play with the doll and the garter square.


I crocheted a scarf. And yes, I do still wear it even though its very fuzzy and seen better days.

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