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December 14, 2012



I have no memory of the first item I ever knit or crocheted. I do, however, remember that it was my older sister who taught me. A decade between us - I worshipped her, though she never understood that. She was knitting cable sweaters for boyfriends (yes, they were cursed, sadly...)while she was teaching me the beginnings. I learned the rest from books, which was the only resource before we became spoiled by the internet! I stuck to crochet until I was an adult, mostly because knitting is math and crochet is simple to memorize, and a bit more easily portable when you are a kid. I love my sister for a lot of things, but this is one of my fondest memories of our growing-up time. My mother taught me other needlecrafts I also still do today.


My first project was a garter stitch scarf. It's striped—wide stripes of royal blue and an electric yellow. And it has fringe (ew!). I still have it, but haven't worn it in probably 45 years.

manda kay

I have only crocheted a pair of boots (cowboy) for my nephew's birth. I wasn't great at it; it was truly a labor of love.

Lisa Viviano

The first item I knit was a scarf about 6 yrs. ago and I still wear it today!


The first thing I ever crocheted was a lime green, bright yellow and white zig zag afghan. The rows are all uneven, the edges are very wavy (I didn't understand how to turn a row for years!) and it's still in use, even though I made it when I was in 5th grade. It's our "sick" blanket and we still pull it out when one of us is sick. (and I still love it!)

Cynthia Parker

WOW! That is a hard question as I am now 88 years. Born in england where every body was born with knitting needles in their hands. Would start sweaters that my mother would finish. During WWII would unravel sweaters and reknit the yarn. Now, I am addicted to socks. Thank you Simply Socks for having such a wonderful source of yarn

Kate S

My first rpoject was a scarf - that I knitted and tore out countless times as I was learning to tension etc.. The last time, I never finished and instead turned it into a hat!


The first thing I ever knit, as an 8 or 9 year old, was a Barbie blanket in a light pink squeaky acrylic that ended up resembling half of a kimono sweater because I consistently knit two stitches into the first stitch of each row, not yet understanding front and backs of stitches. I kept that tiny scrap of fabric for almost twenty years, in a box with all my old toys.


Well... my first ever project was a scarf that we had to knit in school . My knitting was atrocious (I was 7 or 8 at the time), so tight I could barely knit.
It was supposed to be a simple garter stitch scarf.
Well, my Mom helped and she tinked what I was knitting every day. In the end the scarf was very nice but not thanks to me.

The first project I actually knit myself was a sweater (my own pattern). My Mom advised here and there but it was my work from end to start (I was 13 , 14 years old) .
It looked great and I wore it a lot . (I still have it somewhere in the closet, I cannot give it away, even though it's been too small for me for lots of years)

Beverly Shearon

Thirty-seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, a girl, I decided I wanted to knit a sweater and booties for her. We lived in DC at the time and I signed up for a knitting class at the local Sears store. I had never held knitting needles in my hands before. I chose green yarn for a neutral color since we didn't know back then what gender our child would be. I did take my little girl home in those booties and the sweater.


The lady next door taught me to knit and crochet when I was 7-9 years old. I remember sitting with that green coats and clark book, following the pictures to reinforce what I was taught. I remember getting Red Heart blue worsted weight variegated yarn at the local Cornet store, knitting headbands and trying to sell them door to door and Marge Davis was the only person who actually bought one from me!


I'm not sure exactly what I was knitting (I was about 5), but I do know that I tried to multi-task and things would end up full of holes and oddly shaped. Later I went on to knitting collars for our miniature dachshund.


The first thing I knit was a headband. And then another and another and another. My great-grandmother taught me how to knit when I was seven years old. I made about twenty headbands out of the bright red Red Heart yarn she gave me. I didn't realize it then, (almost 50 years ago!) but she gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life -- the love of (some would say the obsession for) all things knitting related. Thank you Grandma.


The first project i ever crocheted was a heather gray shawl, I think it was using double crochet. I bought a few balls, then had to go back and buy two more, then another, I didn't think I would ever be finished. Now I mostly knit, and have a better handle on yarn amounts.


Good question. My mother taught me to knit and crochet when I was probably around 8 years old. I suspect this wasn't my first real project, but the one that I remember was when I was 9 years old, knitting an afghan of about 10 colors of standard 100% wool, all in garter stitch, one skein of one color after another. The edges aren't even since I was probably accidently decreasing and increasing, it is itchy, etc. but I still have it.
First crochetting project - I suspect was catepillars made from 2-3 double crochet in each chain stitch in row below.
I'm in my mid-40's now and never stopped knitting (even when it wasn't particularly cool in college). I travel a lot and it is a good, portable hobby.Best of all, it is wonderful to still be able to talk with my mother about knitting on a regular basis (every email and phone call - and many hours to be spent knitting together over the upcoming holidays together).


The first thing I knit was a simple dishcloth. It finally gave up the ghost last week after 6 years in service.


My Grandma taught me to knit also, and also at a very young age. The first knitting I did was with saved string, just a piece which was unravelled and reknit several times. I have no idea of what the first usable object may have been, but pretty early on there were several items from my Patons Beehive pattern book.


The very first thing I knit was 1/2 of a Christmas stocking. It took me 35 years before I actually learned to really knit and finished the stocking. It went to the son of the original intended recipient. Ha!

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

My first project was believe it or not an afghan. I was pretty much self taught and for the first part of the afghan I was wrapping my yarn backwards and then I figured out what I was doing wrong and then finished it the right way. So half the blanket is a couple of inches narrower than the rest of it. Very odd looking but I still have it!!

Rachel S

The first item I ever knit was a Lion Brand Homespun and Fun Fur scarf on giant size 35 needles, from a purchased "learn to knit" kit when my daughter was about 9 months old - just over 8 years ago.

I have no idea what happened to that scarf, and I can't say that I really care (fun fur? ew!), but learning to knit helped me form a bond with my then mother-in-law (who crochets) that still exists, long after her son left the picture.


I started with crochet, taught by the babysitter when I was around 10-12. I have no idea what that first crochet project was. Knitting began when I was 13 or 14, and needed a project for Home Ec. I think I could knit and purl, having learned from a book, but the project was a popcorn afghan (1968-69) in avocado green, orange, yellow, and white. The popcorns were formed by 'k1,p1,k1,p1,k1 in the next stitch', and I had no idea what to do. Mom (who didn't knit, and I didn't know she could) taught me what to do.

Mom's knitting story is funny! My Dad was 6'4", Santa Claus in body shape. Think of knitting a very detailed Aran-style sweater, of wool (she is allergic), for that size, only to find out it is too BIG!!!

Andrea Sandahl

My first project was what I call a doll blanket (yes, I was in my 30s!). It is a garter stitch rectangle with many holes in it and when I ran out of yarn, I purchased another skein, and you can really see the dye lot difference (and I knew better, as my mom, aunt & grandma knit for decades before I learned). It is quite a site to see. I think you have inspired me to take it out of the closet and take a look at it again now that I have more knitting experience under my belt.


I don't remember the first thing I crocheted. I took lessons while living in Okinawa as my husband was stationed there for a year. My first knitted project was several years after learning to crochet and it was a Christmas stocking. I never finished it before the classes ended! I think I still have it 30 years later and it is still unfinished. I've made tons since with worsted rather than sport weight yarn and I love making them!


Actually, a clothesline! When I was about 4 years old and lived in the country, relatives of relatives of my aunt from a north NJ city would visit us every summer. One of them was always crocheting doilies. I was fascinted by the white cotton thread and silver fine hook. I would stand and watch and she never chased me away. Finally, she found some string and taught me the chain stitich. For a whole year until her next visit, I made yards and yards of chain stitch which my Mother and I braided and used as a clothsline for my doll clothes. When she came again, she taught me single crochet then double crochet and so on. So I crocheted small blankets for my dolls. That was in the early 40's and Ive been crocheting ever since. Her name was Emily and her skill and instruction to a very young child has given me a lifetime of joy.

Danyelle N

My mother probably has my first knitted project stashed somewhere - garter stitch squares that served as (very uneven!) dolls' blankets. The first "real" item I remember making is a vest for my favorite aunt and godmother - it was navy acrylic yarn, I think from a kit - and I gave it to her for Christmas when I was in junior high. I knit sporadically in high school and college, and then really started again once my daughter was born 14 years ago.


My first project was a purple hat out of Lamb's Pride chunky. A college friend taught me, and that hat got lots of wear in the cold Minnesota winters, even with a few mistakes and holes.

Merry Fenton

Beyond the endless useless squares I knitted when my grandmother taught me, the first real thing I knitted was a pair of mittens for my mother. I remember going to the store and buying the gaudiest variegated acrylic ever and then wrapping the yarn backwards on all the purls so every stitch was twisted. My mom wore them for years as her snow shoveling mittens and they were the first of many. I still have the pattern book that I used and use it often for those basic mittens. : )


I learned so long ago, I can't even remember my first knit. I must have made a scarf. Whatever it was, it's long gone.


The first thing I knit was a black scarf in all garter stitch when I was 9 yrs old. Let's just say it was a LONG time ago. Unfortunately, the intended recipient died before I had a chance to give it to him. I still have it in a box upstairs. The 2nd thing I knit was a bedspread sized, brown, orange, and gold afghan for a boyfriend when I was about 25 yrs old. He used it but we broke up later. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th things I knit (about 4-5 yrs ago) were ugly slipper socks that were seamed up the bottom and back. I still wear my red pair sometimes while watching TV. The others were gifted; I know at least 2 people wore them for awhile. The 7th thing I knit.... OK I'll stop!


I don't remember what was my Frist knitting item. I was 8 or 9 my Mom taught me. I think most of us did a scarf.


My first knitting project, at about age 7, was a shapeless "thing" that probably had no use at all, except maybe as a doll blanket. My first serious knitting projects, when I relearned how to knit in college, were a series of scarves, one for me (long gone), one for a boyfriend (both long gone) and one for my dad, which I found after he died in 2008, in his closet with his winter jacket. The scarf was all fuzzy, and had obviously been worn a lot over the years. That one I have kept and it's on my Ravelry project page.


my first FO was a pair of armwarmers i called zombie mitts. i don't wear them anymore (i have a million better pairs) but i do still have them sitting on my knitwear shelf. :)


Does an oddly-shaped, poorly knit rectangle count as a project? My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 8, and my first "project" was a knitted piece with plenty of mistakes. After binding off very tightly, I proudly proclaimed it was a coaster and made every family member admire and use it.


The first project I have a memory of was a crocheted skirt, fully lined. It was a lovely shade of raspberry. Where it is today, I have no idea. It was my pride and joy.


My Mom taught me to knit, and I knit a little blanket for my barbie in awful acrylic variegated yarn.

When I was a "grown-up" I took a knitting class and knit a blue sweater in seed stitch, the beginning back was so loose and inconsistent but got better by the time it was finished, I wore it for years :)


The first thing that I ever knit was a small scarf for a one of my stuffed animal friends. It was made out of holiday colored, acrylic craft store yarn, and surprisingly there weren't too many glaring mistakes! I still have the scarf, and would probably wear it... if it was big enough.


My first project was a scarf, as is so often the case. It was 34 years ago, and I don't know what happened to it. However, many of my early sweater projects live on in my cedar chest!


My first project was a dishcloth. I don't have it anymore, but that's because I used it until it was too gross to use.

Susan Hill

When I was 16 years old, I got my driver's license and then drove to a small neighborhood yarn shop and told the older lady who was the owner that I wanted to learn to knit. My Mother didn't knit and none of my friends were interested so I don't know where this interest came from. She wrote out a pattern of an afghan with cables and I picked out some green yarn and from that I knitted a very nice afghan.

Fifty years later when I sold my home of 41 years and moved across the country, I sold almost all of my possessions including that afghan which was still in good condition. Even though I have some regret about letting it go I do still have my first knitting bag which is a navy blue quilted bag with small flowers. Lovely memories and thanks for asking this question.

Leslie Fehr

My first project was a skirt for my Madam Alexander doll -- I was 10 and my Grandmother decided I would learn to knit on dpn-s - hence the skirt for my doll project.
The visit before she had taught me the basics on straight needles and had me make a couple of practice pieces to make sure I had absorbed my lesson, but the squares were never used again. I did reuse the yarn for more doll skirts. Now, that was 55 years ago --I've come a long way since then!


My first project was probably a dish cloth . My sister in law taught me to knit 40? yrs ago . Then I had a big lull , going back to it when all the wonderful self striping yarns came out . A dear friend showed me how to knit round dish cloths and then insisted I could knit socks !
I am knitting socks , Thank You , Nancy .


My first project was a simple knit and purl scarf. Which was a made out of cheap ugly grey yarn. It turned out okay, wearable but has since been stuffed in the Sally Ann donation bag.


My grandmother taught me to knit in my teens. When I was first married I made scarfs for most on my Christmas list. My brother told me a few years ago that he still has the scarf, even though he now lives in FL where it gets little use. I'm not sure when I made it but I've been married for 41 years.


So long ago in the midst of time, like about 40 years ago!

But the first pair of socks I ever made are still worn by my daughter, than was a bit nearer in the memory.

Beverly J. Killick

My first knitting project, believe it or not, was a blue/natural colored Fair Isle sweater for our son. Our son was just a little guy at the time, so I thought he was the smallest, the sweater would take less time and less yarn. Yes, it turned out beautiful, and the little guy wore it until he outgrew the sweater.
Beautiful memory.
Chalet Knitter


I don't remember my first project, but I remember the first pair of socks I knitted. I made them for my dad who was in stage 4 esophageal cancer at the time. I made them out of a red worsted weight boucle to keep his feet warm while in the hospital and later, hospice. They fit like elephant skin on his skinny legs. He passed away wearing the socks. I gave them to my son who wanted "Pa's" socks.

Lois Yamada

Mine was a sweater for my, then, 3 year old son. Very basic and big needles but when he went to try it on he couldn't get his head through the neck opening. I'd bound off too tight. I took it out and did it MUCH looser and he was then able to wear it. And he did!


Over 50 years ago, my great-aunt taught me to crochet purses. She was a crocheter, and was making a lot of those purses with a sparkly metallic thread in the yarn. (I also remember her making a lovely afghan, which I still cherish.). Anyway, those crocheted purses were the first thing I ever knit or crocheted. Years passed, and I no longer crochet, but I love to knit. I taught myself to knit from a booklet some 40 years ago, but I credit my great-aunt for starting me on the yarn arts.

Bethany Marcello

A daisy chain! I was 5 and so proud of what I'd made and who much it looked just like what Mom had made.

Jill L

Mine was an ugly scarf made out of eyelash yarn about 8 years ago. Went into the Goodwill box.......

Lisa Smith

The first project I ever completed was a granny square lap blanket. I just kept going around and around. Everyone in my family got one that year for Christmas.


Wow, I don't think I remember my first project - possibly it was a hat because I think I made them for everyone in my family when I first started knitting!

Chantel I.

I attempted a few scarves made with some horrible eyelash yarn about 10 years ago or so with the help of my mom. I never finished them and didn't knit again until 5 years ago when I took a beginner's class. My first completed project was a striped scarf I made with some very nice alpaca that went to my sister. She said she loved it, but I've never actually seen her wear it.


I taught myself to crochet over 40 years ago when I was a teen. I don't remember my first project specifically but the only things I crocheted in the beginning was scarves until I was confident enough to make afghans. I taught myself to knit six years ago and my first project was a blue and red drop stitch scarf. I still have it but I don't wear it anymore.

Jenn (jknit on Rav)

The first "real" project I ever knit was a bulky weight sweater. I still have it but never wear it as I don't ever get cold enough. It was my first and last completed sweater. :)


The first thing I ever knit was a scarf. Actually for the first year or so I did only garter stitch scarves.

Jean Y

My first project was a blanket that my grandmother and I made when I was 5. She taught me to knit and my husband still has it!!

sue herr

I'm ashamed of the first project I remember crocheting. I learned to chain and single crochet from my grandmother. I had a little green instruction book to learn the rest. I didn't pay attention to gauge or needle size when I crocheted a huge ugly doily for my sister's wedding gift. I learned the knit stitch from another sister. I had to teach myself how to purl. My first real knitted project was a long jacket in thick-and-thin yarn, completed with the assistance of a true knitter at our church. I lined it, wore it. But where is it today? No clue.


My first "completed"project was a crocheted lap blanket for my mother. She still uses it on her sofa every winter.

Denise V.

The first project I completed was a stocking cap that my mother had started and abandoned. That was given to a charity, so I have no idea what became of it. The first project I started and finished was a scarf, which was given to a friend who has since moved. I'm not sure if she still wears it.


I do remember a pink astra raglan v neck sweater i made as my first big project. It would likely still be at my parents house...


The first thing I knit was an acrylic garter-stitch scarf from a kit a friend gave me six years ago this Christmas. I still wear it, though not as often since I've knit lots of other scarves since then.


My first project was a scarf. A blue scarf - it was a very short scarf. I was about 8 years old when I made it.

Ruth Anne

My first project was a dishcloth, and it was AWFUL! But since it was a dishcloth I used it. Until it fell apart! My first big project was a Lopi sweater that was a little big but not too bad, however since I'm in my late 40's I am waaayyyy to hot all the time to wear it.


I knit a hat for a college friend. Don't know if it is still being worn. Very doubtful.

J Amori

The first thing I remember is crocheting a granny square blanket for my niece when she was a baby. It was done in a white/pastel pink/baby blue ombré acrylic Red Heart yarn. I knew nothing about blocking (although I don't really think it would have helped), so when it was done.....well....the phrase that comes to mind is "Ruffles have ridges". The stitches were uneven, the "block" looked more like something Picasso would have done during his cubist period. Oh it was awful! I was SO proud of myself for making it too. I don't even think that my sister kept it, let alone used it forum niece! I kept telling myself that it was the thought that counted.
Nowadays, my skills are much more finely honed. While I can't say that I am perfect, my crocheting and knitting projects are much more easily....identified! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


My first real project was a pair of socks that I knit with some Koigu Kpppm. They were really beautiful and I loved wearing them. I wore them so much in fact, that I wore the bottom of the heels right off LOL!

Kathy Boettcher

The first item I ever knit was a set of slippers...garter stitch--made from a standard pattern used in 4-H knitting. I can still remember the warm winter afternoons at the 4-H leader's house down the road, sitting at her big kitchen table, listening to music in the background while she taught us various techniques, etc. The first item I ever crocheted was a set of mittens that were done lengthwise down the taught us half-, single- and double crochet stitches. Still have the pattern to this day!

amy g

The first thing I ever made was a crocheted, granny square, red-white-blue vest and matching tam. I proudly wore it to school - yes, it was 1976. A lunch lady made some comment about it and I never wore it again and did not crochet again for over 30 years. I still hate granny squares. However, I started knitting nearly 20 years ago now and am highly knitting!


My first project was a 5 foot long scarf of Malabrigo Churrua in garter stitch. Plenty of dropped stitches, but who cares? It is as soft as soft can be and my DD and I fight over it.


I don't remember my first project, but I do remember its yarn: a pale green Lamb's Pride Worsted. Turns out mohair and I don't get along. Whatever the project was--likely a hat--I couldn't tolerate it and gave it away.


The first project I remember doing was a crocheted vest a la the 60's. As I recalled, my mother had to finish it. My first WIP!


i was six and crocheted a doll blanket for the first time. then i knit one ... those were the first projects my granma taught me. by the time i had made blankies for all my dolls, my sis's dolls and my friends' dolls, my tension was good and i went on to other things.


I don't remember what the first thing I made was, but I think the first thing I actually completed was a crocheted kiwi bird from a book I got from the library. Lots of unfinished granny square blankets in my past, too. The first knitted item I remember finishing is a pair of socks in '09, from pretty blue Cascade Heritage.


I learned to knit in the 4th grade when our class read Ernie and the Mile Long Muffler. (That's also when I learned what a muffler is, coincidentally.) We had a teacher's aide from New Zealand who taught each student to knit, and we all knit a portion of the muffler, which she then attached for one super long scarf. Much to my disappointment, it was not a mile long. So that was the first item I ever knit. I don't know what happened to it - I like to think the aide kept it. After 4th grade, I didn't knit for several years, but then picked it up again a few years ago and kind of re-taught myself. Sometimes I get nervous that I am doing it wrong, since I am basing what I know on 20-year old memories, but so far so good!

(Now I really want to read that book again.)


I confess that I don't remember the first. But I did knit a wine red scarf in college (6 x 6 basket stitch) that is still worn, about 45 years later.


My mum tried numerous times to teach me as a child but I could never get the hang of it. Two years ago I had another try, and decided on dish cloths, as they were quick, I could learn simple patterns and if I made a mistake that I couldn't fix I could still use them. And still use them we do, although a couple have bitten the dust due to over use, and I made a few more to make up for it, but that pile of dish cloths sitting in the little dish by the kitchen sink still makes me proud!


I remember the first Christmas after I learned to knit (we're talking 50+ years ago) making knitted slippers for everyone in the family. I know the last ones I knitted were a lot nicer than the first ones. The main thing I remember about them was that they had a double sole and were really cushy even though they were made out of cheap acrylic yarn. Sure wish I still had the actual pattern I used. My mom (who still knits) taught me when I was about 8 years old.


The item was a simple garter stitch scarf.......thing. Definitely not wearable in any real sense. I went straight from there to a pair of simple socks - also not wearable. I 'forgot' to do the gusset decreases on the first one so it was MASSIVE in the foot and it was a bad yarn (for socks) anyway. I still have them somewhere in this house though!


My first real project (as opposed to simply practicing knit and purl with no project in mind) was the Purl Ridge Moebius Scarf by Cat Bordhi. I still wear it!


The first thing I ever knitted was a scarf. It was wavy as I kept dropping stitches & magically new stitches appeared. My friend who tight me to knit wisely told me to keep it to remind me of how far my skills have come.


OOOOOH! This is the prize to win! My first project was a ribbed hat. I never had any interest at all in knitting, when one day I saw a pattern in a magazine for a hat with the title "Knit this easy hat!" Unexplicably, i HAD to knit that hat. I bought my yarn in the most blinding color of Clemson orange and gave it a go. I never wore the hat, but i haven't put the needles down since.

Beth L Ruiter

My first crochet project was a blue potholder that got smaller as I worked it. I added a single crochet border in neon green. I was about 8 and I gave it to my Grandma as she was the one who taught me. We found it in her kitchen after she died. Love works that way.

Debbie H

My first crochet project was a granny square afghan I started back in the 1970's. It never got finished but the squares I did finish turned into Barbie blankets!!


My first crochet project was likely some blankets for my Barbie dolls. It has been a while!


My first project was a pair of knit slippers - I made them when I was about 10 years old. I didn't know how to bind off so I just fed the yarn through the last row. They were a disaster but I was quite proud of them.

Pam F.

It was a simple garter stitch scarf in "grass" and "pumpkin" colors. I don't think I ever wore it but I still have it. That was about 2 years ago.


I'm primarily a knitter now, but my needle arts began by teaching myself to crochet one really bored summer vacation. I bought a big box of vintage yarns, hooks and supplies for a dollar or two, including directions for some fairy tale dolls - Jack & Jill, three pigs, and a red-shirted wolf with a patch of loop stitch chest hair. I still have one of the dolls in the top of my closet I think, though I can't really tell for sure if it's supposed to be Jack or Jill.


A scarf made out of variegated acrylic. It was a little wider than it should have been and too short to wrap around my neck more than once, so I had to tie it below my chin. I still have it, but, no, because of the length it doesn't get worn anymore.


My first project was a knit dish cloth. It was horrid but I didn't care. I don't know what happened to it but in the 40 yrs I've been knitting I have to say that although I've gotten much much better I still remember it all started with a dish cloth knit horribly.


My first project was a baby sweater for my new granddaughter. She is now 10 years old and doesn't wear it anymore. It is stored away for her own daughter some day.


The first item I ever knit was a Doctor Who scarf. Wanting one was the reason I learned how to knit, and I still wear it. The scarf has been worn in several local children's plays, too.


The first thing I can remember knitting - back in high school, so more that 40 years ago, was a now hideous in retrospect, acrylic scarf, in yellows and orange. I used a basketweave pattern, and this scarf ended up more than 7 feet long. It did not survive, my gauge was horrid, and I loved it anyway. However, I do still have the large granny square cape that was made my senior year in high school. Untouched by the wrath of time. Still those vibrant acrylic colors.


The first thing I remember knitting was a variegated purple, garter stitch doll blanket. I also made a pink wool & mohair cardigan for me. Both are long gone. One item I still use is a heather green afghan, crocheted over 40 years ago - my mother used it, my brother used it, it went back to my mother, and when she died, I took it. Although it's acrylic, it's a warm addition during the PA winters.


As a child, my mother taught me to cast-on and I can remember knitting back and forth. But I never actually made anything until about 7 years ago. My first real project was a pair of socks. I was complaining to a friend how difficult it was to find a pair of socks that fit right and how I couldn't find any wool socks at all. She said I should just make my own -- she would teach me. She had no idea what kind of monster she was creating!!! Now, I can't stop knitting socks.


First finished project was a seed stitch scarf out of Red Heart Acrylic yarn held double. I remember sitting up until 3 in the morning to finish that thing even though i felt dizzy and had a splitting headache! I was so determined to finish that thing!

Connie Cox

I learned to knit in 7th grade Home Ec class. I had my mother buy me some bright red yarn and I made a STRANDED red sweater with white hearts all over it. I can't believe now that I was able to tackle that project. It was on the tight side (really tight) because I didn't know anything about floats. I don't think anyone ever wore it but it stayed in my drawer for years so I could admire it. Don't know what happened to it. But, I didn't quit knitting and even learned to do stranded knitting that fit!!!


My first project was a scarf made from fun fur in garter stitch. My aunt bought me the yarn during Christmas 2004.

I wore it every winter until two years ago when I gave it away as part of gently used clothing my friend was collecting for a local family who suffered fire damage of their home.

Jennifer M

I learned to crochet when I was 8 or 9 and did many projects including a granny square afghan in college for a boyfriend. One of my first knitting projects was a fun fur scarf for my mother-in-law, for years she asked for more but all I was thinking is I will never touch fun fur again. I gave her a beautiful lace scarf at Thanksgiving and that's all she wants now, life is good. : )

R Morris

I knit years ago ( I think my grandma helped me) but don't remember what I made. When I picked it up again about 13 years ago I made a sweater-coat for myself that I'm still wearing. I can spot every mistake and have come a long way since then. But the sweater is perfect for wearing around the house!

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