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December 21, 2012



Not to brag, but I belong to the best knitting group ever! Our group ranges in age, from early 20's to 60's. Every Tuesday we get together at a local coffee shop in NW IN. We have the experienced knitters to the newbees who have heard of our group and want to learn knit or crochet. Stuck on a pattern or technique? Someone in the group is always there to help. But the most important thing about this group, is that they are family. Always there to lend moral support, help you in your time of need. This is a special group of women. I really don't know what I would do without them.


Unfortunately, I do not belong to a knitting group but hope to find one to join in the new year. I do however, have many friends that knit and we share our adventures online. Merry Christmas and thank you for a chance to win :)

Karen M

Nope, I don't belong to a knitting group. Most of them seem to meet when I can't get there. My sisters knit so if I have a problem I can go to one of them and get help; and my sister Monica designs (Monica Knits), so she is very helpful.

Ruth Anne

I don't at the present time. I used to belong to a prayer shawl knitting group at a church; actually, I was the head of it. One of my favorite events of the year was "Knitapalooza." On the first Saturday in February, our meeting would be all day. We would bring food for breakfast and lunch, some stayed all day and some dropped in and out as they were able. Mostly in a knitting group I would want no drama! There is one that meets in my area that has always been known for drama amongst it's members.


No, I don't belong to a knitting group. I would like to join one but don't know how I would fit it in my schedule. I had attended a quilting group but stopped because there was a great deal of drama and I didn't feel welcome.

amy g

I'm lucky! I have two. One meets on Friday nights and also on Sunday afternoons at a Caribou Coffee Shop in Osseo MN. We range in size from 7 - 23 and welcome anyone who wants to sit and knit a while. There is also usually someone who just needs to relax with a group of people who support, share, comiserate and advise. It's lovely. Everyone is welcome!

My second group meets officially twice a year at a Fiber Arts Retreat in central Minnesota. We have a long weekend of knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting - whatever fits your fancy. These are people and events I cherish and am very thankful for!


I don't belong to a knitting group at the present time. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm afraid my crazy schedule would keep from a regular meeting time. Maybe in the fall next year when the grandkids are actually in school all day things will change.

Abby M

I love knitting groups. I think I have about 6 I go to on a regular basis. One I started with a friend and has grown from the 2 of us to almost 16 people every week in the summer (winter travel here is harder). I just LOVE the chicago burbs & the knitting community here


I don't belong to a knitting group, mainly because all the ones I've found only meet during the day when I'm at work. The one that met in the evening did so for two hours on a Monday evening and the only thing I ever want to do on a Monday evening is get home from work and shut the door on the world. Plus I have to concentrate really hard in order not to make any mistakes when I'm knitting, so I'm sure the noise and chatter would prohibit me from getting anything done on my project.


I don't, but I sure wish I did. There's just not really anything around here. Maybe my "resolution" for 2013 should be to start one!


I don't, but that's OK. Thanks to the internet, I have lots of knitter friends online! :)


If you want a group, knitting or otherwise, to die, just invite me. I seem to be cursed when it comes to social gatherings. Which makes my daydream of opening a knitting cafe seem pretty far fetched.

Emily L.

I occasionally drop in to a knitting group that meets nearby, but I've found more of a community online. I prefer doing Virtual Knit Nights (VKNs) in the comfort of my home, because I am lazy.


I used to belong to a knitting group when I worked downtown, but after getting downsized from my job, I couldn't be there anymore. I do meet with friends occasionally to knit but I miss the weekly get together. I need to find another group to hang with.

Kathleen B.

DownTown Knits in Apex, NC is open 7 days a week and has various knitting groups. Friday night is officially Knit Night but thereis also a group that meets on Tuesday night and another on Sunday afternoon. I am a regular at the Sunday meetup. You can stop by to knit, crochet or just chat anytime and I've been known to do that too!

Beverly J. Killick

Attending a Knit Group is great. You see various knit patterns, various colors and different type yarns, different color combinations. Its a great place to pick up knitting tips.
If one is available, go if you can, you'll enjoy every minute, and you always learn something new.


I don't belong to a group,but I have the best local yarn shop ever . I go there for yarn , for help with my mistakes and L is an expert at fixing everything.

A dear friend took me there and I love the support they give me there,
I used to say , I don't knit in public, but I would now !


I would love to join a knitting group, no one in my family knits. I do get together with a couple of friends once a month to work on crafts, I usually knit, though. Wish we hada group here in town, my LYS is 50 miles away and not really accessible for a frequent visit.


There are no knitting groups in my area, and when there was the hours were not convenient so I knit by myself at home. If I had a wish list it would be that the group got together on a Sat or Sun afternoon for a couple of hours. And it would be nice if it was located somewhat close to my house so I could walk and enjoy the fresh air.


I belong to a knitting group. They are an amazing group of women who never fail to make me laugh. We meet about once a month and I look forward to it every time!


If there were a knitting group within reasonable driving distance I would probably go. I really, really enjoy reading all the SSYC blog posts to learn what other knitters are doing and thinking.


We have knit nights at the LYS on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday afternoons for football widows. There is so many different professions in the groups and you never know what the topic of conversation will be. Some will start their own KAL, fun to watch them knit through their projects.
We go to fiber festivals, have a summer picnic and a Christmas party every year. What a great group of ladies, I luv them!

Chelsea W

Our Moms group had a knitting get together recently. It was very nice, but I didn't have an easy project to work on so I didn't get much knitting done :-) I can't converse and knit without mistakes! A weekly group sounds wonderful.

Anne Marie

We are the Monday Night Knitters aka the MoNKeys! We meet at 7pm in the back of our public library. And they don't make us keep quiet! (I'd like to see them try!)

Jennifer M

I belong to one knitting group and most of us have been working on Cookie A socks so it has been great support. I also belong to a couple of spinning groups, great way to share ideas and learn new things.


For 2.5 years, I've belonged to a local knitting group that meets one evening a week at the town library. Because I work full-time, this is a way for me to feel integrated into my town's community life, as well as the obvious benefit of spending time with like-minded knitters!

Lorraine Fleck

There are a few knitting groups here that I drop into occasionally, but there is one special group that I go to every Wed. night at a local library. I started going almost 4 years ago when I was just getting started knitting. Since then these wonderful women are some of my very best friends, and they mean the world to me. I work in retail management and have a crazy schedule, but I almost always manage to get off on Wed. nights, because my knitting group is the highlight of my week!


When I started knitting I didn't know one other knitter. Then I taught a 16 week knitting class for a church group; once the class was over some of us continued to meet and knit. Two years later we still meet every Monday night. What started as individuals who share a love of this craft morphed into a group of friends that supports and cares for each other, and that is a very special thing.


I belong to a Knit group but I never go anymore. I guess I got bored with it. I remain a member so I get notices of when they do charity projects.


A couple of friends and I get together every two weeks. We take turns hosting and have coffee and a snack. It is so much fun and relaxing.

Jean Y

Not yet...But just recently a friend has invited me to join her group.. so that is up and coming for me!!


Yep....our local library hosts a "Sit and Stitch" twice monthly. It isn't just for knitters and crocheters. We have some people who do counted cross stitching and recently several hand quilters have started to attend. I try not to ever miss. It is a great group of women who make me laugh like no one else does.

Kim Deiro

No knitting group. I carry knitting with me just about everywhere I go. If knitting in public counts as a group, that's my group.


I do not belong to any knitting groups. I've thought about, just never got around to it.


I don't belong to any knitting groups - the only one around here seems to be a group of older ladies who have been friends for years and don't seem to want new people around. My ideal knitting group would have a range of ages and would include other people who don't all know each other at the start.


I went to a group for a few years. We had a great time together and I learned so many new things. People moved and schedules changed, so we just share projects online now.

Merry Fenton

I knit at the library on Monday nights with some of my very favorite people. We call ourselves - are you ready for it? - the Monday Night Knitters. SO original, right? Anyway, we have lots of fun, help each other and sometimes even do a KAL. I love this group!


My LYS has a Sip, Sit & Knit (SSK) every Tuesday but I can't often make the gathering. People bring projects, drinks, treats & catch up on the week. A great group of people...very supportive.
My ideal group would be a fiber-book club. I often combine books on tape with my fibery projects and I love to talk books. I can't think of anything better than combining my two favorite hobbies.


My neighbor and I meet every Friday for our own knit/crochet night.


I have three friends and last year we started getting together about once a week after work and knitting. We meet at McAllisters. We are at all different skill levels and do different projects and I enjoy it so much


I don't belong to a group, but I'm hoping to find one and get started in 2013.


My group at church is called "knit one, give two" We are currently making lap blankets to give to our church shut ins.

Kate s

I belong to a great knitting group! We meet every Sunday at a local cafe or a members house. It is great to get together with others who share your hobby.


There isn't a knitting group in my small town. I taught my daughter to knit, she and I knit and watch movies.


I'm a member of a local TKGA guild with monthly meetings and a monthly Sit'n'Knit.... sometimes knitting dates with friends. I used to sit and knit at my local yarn store for 5 to 6 hours at a sitting.... miss those days! Great conversation, lunch from a local restaurant, a feeling of belonging.... a little too much yarn accumulation.....


My LYS has a Thursday night group, but I can't attend because of the time. They also have one on Friday afternoon, which I do attend sometimes. It's just a small group, but small is better than nothing!


Shibui! Love it! I got to knit night twice a month at my favorite LYS, spin night at the same LYS once a month and I just recently joined a spinning guild. I love my fiber friends and it's been a great experience!


Before Ravelry I've never been in any knitting groups.

And then Ravelry came and we started an S&B meeting. :-) It's been great .
The knitters I got to meet are great people, funny, half crazy (like me) - in the best way possible,
We always have a great time when we meet.

For me it's important to have a good laugh and just be able to talk about anything and everything.

We help each other, teach each other, encourage each other, and many times laugh with each other.


We have a our own little fiber group in Milo, Maine. We call it a fiber group because some of our members don't knit at all, we have a crocheter, cross-stitcher, and rug hooker..... In addition to our knitting and spinning members.

Kathy S

I belong to a knitting group that meets upstairs in our local downtown bookstore. It is an extension of the knitting group that used to meet at our LYS. It closed but we continue to meet once a week, sharing ideas and supporting each other thru life's ups and downs.

Patricia Richardson

I don't belong to a knitting group because the one at my LYS meets mostly in the evenings when I am not able to attend. They do allow for people to drop in and knit anytime they want. When I go to buy yarn, I usually spend an hour or two with whoever is there chatting and talking about our latest projects and KALs. I usually prefer to actually knit alone as it is more meditative, I can concentrate better and get more done with less errors (lol).


We have several family members that knit so we share ideas, patterns found on Ravelry, and keep each other motivated to learn new techniques.

Andrea Sandahl

I belong to a knitting group, we meet every Wednesday night at Caribou Coffee. It is a great group, and it is amazing to have seen it grow from just 2 of us 4 years ago, to attendance being anywhere from 8 to 22 on any given Wednesday. It is really fun to see new people to town come to knitting and meet each other and make friends. I really enjoy my knitting group!

Pam D.

There is a group at church that knits 'squares' to put together for afghans for shut-ins and the domestic crisis center. I don't often go to monthly meetings. I would probably go more often if the group met weekly; group members would get to know each other better with more frequent meetings.


My mom recently retired, and one of the things she wanted to do in retirement is to start a knitting club. We meet a couple of times a month at the local library's meeting room, and it's been fun to see what other people are knitting. I live about an hour away, but it's worth the drive to get to hang out with my mom.


I don't belong to a knitting group because I can't find one locally, but a perfect group for me would have enthusiastic, fun knitters of all experience levels who are happy to share their company, support, and projects. Food and coffee/tea would make it even better!


We don't have an LYS, but I belong to my church prayer shawl knitting group. We make prayer shawls, baby blankets, and "comfort" amigurumi animals for children. We also make hats and scarves for chemo recipients, local high school food baskets, and for international students at the local university. We share yarn and patterns and ideas and techiques for our own projects as well. :-)

Renee Anne

One of the first things I did upon our move to California was find a knitting group (or two or three). The most consistent one that I go to is a group of stay-at-home moms and it's on Friday mornings. We bring our hoard of children and they play while we knit. It works out quite well, actually.


I used to attend a knitting group at a local yarn store every week, but it seemed to stunt my creativity. Granted most of the people that were there were new knitters, no one ever seemed to be as creative as I was hoping.
I seem to work much better on my own, or with a few close friends and family members that knit.


I don't belong to a knitting group due to when the knitting groups are held. Just never seems to be the right day or evening or something comes up. I really enjoy knitting have read lots online. Have taught myself to knit socks, short row heal and this year have knit my first sweaters and they turned out great. I do have a really great knit shop in my area so if I get really stuck I go have a chat there.

Lisa Viviano

I currently do not belong to a knit group, however the day one starts up near my home....I'm in.


I used to, but then my work schedule changed and I had to drop out. Now I get together informally with friends, and that works pretty well, though we don't do it as often as I'd like. There are a ton of knitting groups near me, but my job makes it hard for me to attend any of them. :(


I like most of the comments do not. I was surprised to see that. Maybe that is why we are on-line :) I like to knit alone, watching tv or in the quiet of my home. I don't want a group.

Susan Hill

Love the bay area of northern CA and all of the wonderful knitting. I belong to a knitting group that meets year round on Tuesday night and ranges in age from mid 30s to 70s and from beginners to advanced knitters. We have a guru who is really a friend and knits with us but can help with any problems, answer any questions and guide us through difficult projects like the one I'm working on right now.

I also attend a retreat once a year sponsored by a local yarn shop that is the most wonderful weekend ever and I try to attend a fiber arts retreat in Washington State once a year that is also a wonderful weekend of knitting, sharing and relaxing.

Knitting is just such an integral part of my world and I feel fortunate to have so many opportunities to not just knit but share the company of other knitters.


I'm in two knitting groups, and I love them both. The one I've been in the longest meets on Tuesday nights. It started out as a "Buiild Your Skills" class at my LYS that I first took in January 2008. Every time a new session was offered, most of the people in the class would sign up again, so many of the group members have now been together almost five years. In 2010, the yarn store where we met closed (so sad), but we decided to keep on meeting with our fearless leader still in the teaching role. Over the years, we have gone from being classmates to close friends.

My other knitting group meets on Sundays, and grew out of a friendship that started on Ravelry and moved to real life when Nancy and I discovered that we lived only four miles apart. We started meeting on Sundays about two years ago, and since then have added two new members and an occasional third, who lives farther away but attends when she can. We have a lot of fun, and I really look forward to Sundays and our knitting time together.

Karen G

I do, but unfortunately cannot make it anymore due to timing conflicts. There is another group that meets closer and at a better time however they do not easily welcome newbies so I stopped going. I am hoping this summer I will be able to get back to my original group, who are a lovely bunch of ladies and I miss knitting and chatting with them. I do keep up via email newsletters. :-)


I belong to a Prayershawl knitting group. I have other knitting friends as well, who sometimes drop by for coffee and knitting, but not as an organised thing. There is a group at the LYS, but I'd be pretty uncomfortable as I rarely buy any yarn there — very little selection.


Off and on I have been in small informal knit groups. It is fun - maybe I should start looking for another group!

sue herr

No knitting group here! I would enjoy a group of knitters who were focused on that and not so much on entertaining--I think there are those groups. I like to knit and visit with my sister, and sometimes I join a group that she enjoys. Sometimes our local shop has knitters but I think it is protocol to use yarn purchased at the shop. This is food for thought. I really enjoy this way of looking at your yarn, Allison!


I am lucky to teach knitting at my LYS (shout out to Hill Country Weavers in Austin TX) One of my classes has been meeting for 10 or so years and some of the people have been coming for that long! They are a good solid group who likes to have fun, knit amazing projects and support each other unconditionally!


No I don't belong to one yet. My job can be quite demanding, so finding time to get together with a club can be impossible most of the year. I am dreaming of the golden years of retirement and finding a nice bunch of like minded not too serious knitters to bond with!


I knit every Thursday night with 5 other girls and we are like a family. Some of us get together on Saturdays to take a class, go to the yarn stores shopping and have lunch later. I look forward to Thursday each week so I can knit with my special friends.

R Morris

I did have a group but it broke up when we lost our knitting place-Borders closed. And then several got pregnant and didn't seem to be interested anymore :( So I'm a solitary knitter.

Sue J

when I started knitting years ago, a group met at the LYS every Sat afternoon. I called it my therapy group! LOL! But then knitting became very popular, and our space was taken over by inventory, and there wasn't really room for us any more. I miss that group so much. Since then I was in a group that met on Wednesday afternoons for about 2yrs, but it fell apart. Now I just go to a new LYS, with lots of space for knitters. Just about any time you'll have someone to knit with.......and there are some regular knitters that are almost always there!


I have not made time to join a group. I live 30 minutes from town and have to go home from work to feed my horses, so going back to town for a meeting of any kind is never very appealing.

Right now, knitalongs online work for me, but for the most part I knit on my own, on my own schedule.


Yes, at YLS Raging Wool, they meet on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, it is a come and knit group.

Leslie Fehr

I don't belong to a group - wish I could, but, my night blindness really put a kibosh on the evening meetings. So, I read your blogs and read the knitalong group notes and enjoy vicariously.
I do enjoy knitting while watching college and professional football though, so maybe I can get something going for Superbowl.


Yes, I belong to our local knitting guild member, the Cultured Purls of McHenry County. We meet once a month on the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30PM. Would love to have people come join us.


I don't belong to any knitting groups. I have attended one as a test to see if I like it but found that I prefer to knit alone in my home.

Cynthia Parker

What a nice idea. My church has one - a day time one and an evening one. I have a conflict with the one during the day and I don't drive after dark. Maybe they will change the meetings to another day - wishful thinking!

Linda B

I think I belong to a knitting group. Let me explain. It started out as a hand sewing/quilting group and slowly we've shown up with knitting projects in tow. So, yes I belong to a knitting group!! In any event, we always have a fun-filled time.


Yes, I belong to a knitting group. I don't miss our once a week get-togethers and I am always inspired at others projects, not to mention the supportive community we have.

Cindy saar

I used to belong to a knitting club, but the owner took ill, and it has been disbanded. I would like to find another one to be a part of. Maybe, after the holidays, and things calm down I will find one.

Beth L Ruiter

I can't seem to find one in my area. One meets at a local yarn store but you have to work on projects using supplies purchased at the store exclusively! A couple of us knit on break at work but recently we are are different shifts.


We're a group that started after a Yarn Harlot book signing called the PDX-KnitBloggers. A portion of us meet at a local Whole Foods Wednesday nights for knitting. Dinner or a snack can be had and they enjoy having us in their dining area.
The first Wednesday of the month we change it up though and go to a local Burgerville. We all love their milkshakes and their seasonal specials are yummy!

So there's eating and knitting and talking and sharing. A fun group of ladies!


Once a week, on Saturdays, I meet up with a knitting friend at a local coffee shop. I first met her on Ravelry, but our friendship has blossomed into much more than that.

Melissa B.

No but I'd love would include a celebration of knitting at all levels, laughter, and honest sharing about life.


I do not belong to a group but I would love to! It would meet close to my home and be a warm and supportive group of knitters.


Belong to two we started! Junior and High School kiddos...they are amazing!


Yes - I meet with a small group of women who meet weekly and share the love of the craft. We've been together over six years now. Our only problem is we kept loosing our meeting spaces so now we meet at a member's house which makes recruiting new members a little difficult. She doesn't get much foot traffic in her living room :-)

Janet D.

No, unfortunately I don't. My ideal group would be close to home. I live in a rural area. It would have to include my friend Dana, coffee, foods with calories that don't count, and nice music.


No, I don't belong to a knitting group but I have frends from my blogg.


I don't belong to a knitting group, but intend to try to find one. I enjoy my book group enormously and the friends I've made there have become the center of our social sphere. But none of them knit, and I feel the need of others who do to share knowledge and encouragement.

Kathleen Sachs

I don't belong to a formal knitting group per se, but I will sometimes knit with my sister-in-law and friend. In fact, there's a picture of us taken on Thanksgiving with all three of us on the couch knitting away.

Having said that, I know tons of knitters and crocheters, and I would LOVE to start a regular group that meets on Sunday afternoons one of these days. Who knows? Maybe after the holidays!


My "knitting group" is a pretty casual thing with people I work with. Mostly we enjoy going to yarn shops to touch the yarn and browse patterns!

Kelly-Ann (on ravelry))

I used to, but the kids activities and hw takes up most of my free time now these days. I did attend a couple of knitting retreats this year -a lot of fun.


No. I don't belong to a knitting group. The time when the local groups hold their meetings are never when I'm free. So the only person I knit with is my friend who taught me so much.


I moved in July and never thought I'd find a knit group as wonderful as the one I left...but I did! I found a great group and really enjoy knitting, talking and getting inspired by everyone's projects.


no knitting group for me. thanks for this chance to win!


Nothing formal. But there's a group of us that get together on Thursday afternoons in a coffeehouse. We knit, except for the couple of people who crochet instead, and talk, and enjoy each other's company for a couple of hours. Great times.

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