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December 03, 2012



Yes! They are very interesting!
Love the grey collection.


don't waste your time reading trash!


Just when I've resolved to let the credit card cool down, these wonderful colors appear! Noooooooooooo.........well, maybe.

Lucy Portland

I'm a dead set against reading those books. The colors are great!


From everything I've heard they are poorly written trash. I have too many more interesting well written books (& a lot of "junk food" cozy mysteries) to think about them. Those are outstanding color ways! I especially like Red Room! I've been trying to knit down my stash a bit but I may just have to get myself a few of those for Christmas. Any chance of getting them in worsted? (I'm thinking mittens & hats - I just bought a black down coat).


I second Donna on "poorly written trash." If you want a fun trashy read there are tons of better ones out there.

The grays look nice. I do like gray.


Those are some good looking gray yarns. Before you invest the time on the books, read the one star reviews on Amazon. I read the first book, and then the reviews, and I laughed till I cried. The reviews are better written than the book.


Don't read the book. But if you're looking for a good one, read Hugh Howey's "Wool." It's awesome, especially if you're a sci-fi geek like I know you are.

Barb R

No trashy books...just wonderful yarn. Knitting is good for the these books are not.

Allison! You have made 2012 a bearable year for me. Things have been hard and about to get much harder...but, for knitting, weaving, you, The Yarn Harlot and my spinning wheel...I just don't quite know how I would have survived.

Thanks bunches and keep the yarn coming!

Barb R.

Sandy Rice

Yes, I have read the series. Not sure I would recommend spending the time reading them, over precious time knitting. But, I love the collection of yarn in greys.

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