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December 16, 2012


Kathleen B.

50 degrees and drizzling in NC today. Good encouragement to stay in and bake cookies!


I live in northern Ontario Canada, and we have had snow covering the ground for 3 weeks. Last night/yesterday aft it started drizzling rain, then froze, so to walk outside today is very dangerous as it also froze last night. Yuck. It is a very gray overcast day with the temperature meant to drop so the rain will turn into snow. It is actually not very nice looking outside today. The houses on our street are all decorated, but the rain/ice is weighing down the greens used for decoration and also branches.


Cloudy and drizzly in Boston right now, but most of my view is blocked by the Christmas tree. I love the twinkling colored lights on an overcast day. Perfect for a cup of hot tea and knitting.

Karen M

It is sunny here in my part of Ohio - my cat is enjoying napping in the warmth through the bay window.


Its unusually warm in upstate NY for a December day. Its just slightly overcast and looks like a fall day with the leaves down and the evergreens swaying slightly in the light breeze.


It's sunny today... but I so wish it was cloudy and colder and snowing. I live in the mountains and we haven't gotten hardly any snow (besides a few insignificant flurries) so far this season :/
At least the temps are colder, though, so my palms aren't sweating when I work with wool!


We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday (first snow fall of the season), but being in Western WA the temperature is hovering right around freezing so it's wet, sloppy snow.

I'm ready to be a snowbird and wish I was spending the winter in AZ, I am not retired though so I'd still be working full time, just from home.

Jennifer M

It's cloudy and 38 outside and snow should be starting soon here in south central Massachusetts. Hoping we get just enough snow to make everything white and clean but not enough to shovel.

Karen Pettyjohn

It's 52 and overcast in my part of Ohio. I am glad that both Christmas trees are lit as it makes things cheerier inside.


Since I'm only about 20 miles from you, I have the same gloomy view out my window. I would love to see some snow for Christmas. There is a slight chance of that happening.

Susan C.

It's gloomy and gray here in Louisville today, but it's warm. The birds outside are going crazy - they think it's spring again!


Here in Northern Kentucky it's almost 60 with a few clouds/mostly sun. Most everything is brown and dreary so the sun helps, but I too want a white Christmas.

Linda B

Well, isn't this question a coincidence! As I was waiting for the computer to "fire up" I was daydreaming out the window. My view is of the backyard and I was watching little birds at the bird feeder. I was also remarking to myself how big the oak tree has gotten in the 30 years we've been here and how it once held a swing for my (now adult) children. It's gloomy today in WI, but a Packer win will make it seem sunny!! :>)

Jean Y

Today, we have 44 degrees, getting colder; going to snow later, just in time for the football game tonite!! can't wait.


It's gray and dreary - if we can't have cold and snow, then I wish we could have rain. We need it for the coming year. But I wish it were colder and snowier!

Mun Yee

It's gloomy and overcast in Winnipeg today. Quite miserable looking. There's snow everywhere but the snow certainly accentuates the Christmas decorations that are up in most lawn.


I'm in California and it is cold for us(47 degrees - I'm sorry for all you freezing your butts off)and dry. The sun is out and there is snow on the mountain that we look at, the leaves are changing and it is a gorgeous day.


Snow on the ground and the trees, and more snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow in the South Okanagan, BC. It's very Christmassy and means lots of good knitting time snuggled up by the fireplace.


No snow for me! The view is gray after a stormy morning, but I'm happy because we needed the rain.


the tree branches are bare,
the grass is still green
there are clouds in the air
just starting to share,
a soft and pale gleam


Noon in South Central Kentucky. Almost 60, humid and gray. An unusually warm autumn and early winter here. There were a few frosts in the 20's at night and it was thriling to wake up and see a white sparkling lawn. Even a few tiny weeds coming up in my flower box. I treasure any kind of weather as long as I don't have to drive on ice.


I am sitting at the table looking out the window..... it is overcast and cold (for southern Califormia). Rain predicted, but not sure it will appear.... A good day to stay inside and knit!

Leslie Fehr

Here in my little corner of Texas, it's overcast and 65 degrees - we've had a bit of much needed rain and while I would like to see more, I don't think that will happen. Looking out the window to the field beyond our back fence, I can watch the small herd of cows that are our neighbors. It's cool enough to entice the yearlings to play and it's fun to watch the little bulls butt heads and chase each other. The trees have lost all their leaves and the only green ones are the cedar trees now.

It's a perfect day to stay inside and "watch" some football while I knit.


Well... over here it was cloudy today, but not cold at all. Actually, it is too warm for me :-) ( around 64F).
I would love to have some snow, but that would be asking for a miracle around here.
At least the view is nice - even from my office window I see the sea. I even saw a hang glider over the sea today.


It is overcast here, with light rain falling. I am thankful that it isn't freezing. Off to the east, I know Mount Hood is shrouded in clouds. We have only been able to see it one day so far this month. Still, I know it is there, all dressed in beautiful snow.


I can see the backyard, the grass is green but the trees have lost most of their leaves. It's windy today with temperatures in the 50s. I live in southern Missouri.


It is a grey day, but no snow. This is much better for getting around and finishing Xmas shopping. December can be a challenge in Ontario for driving at times.


Indiana gray - and warm! 54 degrees. I am hoping for snow, especially since I bought my granddaughter a new sled for xmas.


A rainy, rainy day here in Tennessee! But, I love rainy days - sitting on the couch with a blanket over me, hot tea or coffee & my knitting - sounds like a perfect day!


I"m in central OH, and it's windy and mostly cloudy. I can see the clouds scudding across the sky in varying shades of grey. It's 59 degrees, but it looks colder out there.


It's sunny, brown, and dry. I wish it were snowing or even raining!


Cloudy but quite mild here in the West Coast. Lovely view of the sheep.


It's gray and soggy and generally miserable. But I don't care, because I'm getting together with a friend to watch "Downton Abbey" and knit! And it's perfect weather for that!


Grey and dull here in Vancouver, it's the calm before the storm. A few oyster catchers on the beach and a big flock of golden eye ducks on English Bay.

Becky P

In my part of Missouri it is sunny and mid fifties. A really nice day it usually is colder this time of year but I am thankful for the warmer temperature!!

Kathy S

29degrees and new snow last night. The view is of two snow angels made by the grandsons this morning. No snowmen--snow is too powdery. Although the snow is pretty, as I get older, I'm not that excited over it anymore.

Cynthia Parker

I am looking out on St. inigoes Creek in Southern Maryland. Grey day but no wind. Flag is at half mast on our dock. Don't see any birds or squirrels at the moment but they are indeed around.


It is always sunny when I'm knitting! :)

Susan Hill

Bay area of Northern California today is overcast and cold. It is always interesting to me when some call this weather gloomy as I find it invigorating and inviting. I want to knit by the fire and take a walk around the lake. I live in an apartment with a small balcony but behind me are thick trees with lots of birds and squirrels which I greatly enjoy.

If I want a view, I walk to Mountain View Cemetery in the Oakland Hills for breathtaking views of the entire bay area and peaceful walking trails.


Clouds are gray and overcast. Most of the trees are bare except for pine trees here and there. I can see the neighborhood on the other side of the creek. There's a pink pot with a dead plant in it that I didn't notice before. The pot is the same color as the sock I'm knitting! I guess I'd better empty the pot and put it in the garage... well maybe after a few more rows...


Its gray and drizzly here in Northwest Ohio. I would prefer snow this close to Christmas. We live in a large tract of forest, it looks much nicer when everything is covered with snow. I like to imagine I live in a fairy forest when everything is snowy.

Abby M

It's a rainy weekend here in Chicago area!

Lisa Viviano

Looking out my back door I see a storm fast approaching. The wind has picked up littering the ground with cypress needles. A gloomy day for doing laundry, laundry and more laundry. Silver lining of the day is once all chores are done...the rest of the day is knitting!

Brenda B

My view across my desk and rear garden in SE Michigan this afternoon is one of grey skies and bare branches. We've had no snow and it's 50F, too warm for the time of year. Although the snow is a pain to drive in and go about your normal business, I find I am longing for it's pure whiteness and sparkly frosty topping on the evergreens. I really hope it's white for Christmas.


It's dark now here, and mild for winter, we had freezing temperatures earlier on in the week. Today has been blue sky and a few clouds, and some sun.
I think it's rain tomorrow.


Warm and gloomy in middle Tennessee. Yesterday a herd of 9 deer came from the woods behind my house.


It's gloomy and surprisingly warm where I am. If you look outside you see grass starting to turn brown and trees without their leaves. Wouldn't mind seeing some snow...

Ashley W

I live in the middle of the Outback in Australia, so it's hot! (Actually, I can't complain - we had a rare storm last night and it's only going to be in the mid-80s today. The past few weeks have been 100+).

Kathleen Sachs

I'm in Chicago, and the view out my window is gray and cloudy. It's also still a little damp from all the rain we got yesterday. Still no snow though. I think we've just tied the record for latest measurable snowfall in Chicago.


Southern California -- raining, but not enough to keep us from going to our local farmers' market this morning. They are held year round here, lucky us.


We're having out very typical Seattle weather here, gray and raining. :) Although forecast is predicting a white Christmas, fingers crossed!


Hello from Western PA - Land of grey clouds and a brown and green landscape. Fortunately we've had no snow which is odd for this time of year.

Sue J

it's a dreary wet day today. Looking outside my window, it's not as dark as it was, but it's still dreary
We need the rain badly, so I won't complain!
and it's warm.........much better than a cold wet day!!


Greetings from the Garden State! It is very dreary and rainy today, but a good day for knitting and decorating the Christmas tree.


In Detroit it is about 50 degrees and overcast, it rained all morning. No I do not like this weather, I'd much prefer sunny and 80 degrees.


It snowed overnight. Now it's overcast, but it's a light overcast and the snow brightens things up considerably.


Here in Minneapolis, we enjoyed a beautiful snow-covered landscape last week. Then it rained yesterday, reducing the snow to lumps of grey. Now it's cloudy, so it's like living in a black and white world.

Ann Duke

It's cloudy and 33° here in western Massachuetts. The snow and ice are on their way. We are expecting a coating to an inch before the storm is over tomorrow morning. I don't mind the snow but I don't like the ice. Wish I were back in Disney World in Orlando with the family at least the weather there was better than here.


Today is cloudy, and would be grey and gloomy but for just enough snow to cover the ground. Also out my window ... two bald eagles in a tree across the street. I'm keeping a close eye on mycats!


We are having a dreary grey day in Pa. Temperature is around 48 degrees. I miss the sun after a couple days .
I don't think we will have snow for Christmas either.

I took a walk with my dog. He doesn't care what the weather is!

Amy St. Amour

It's overcast and in the 60's here in Bakersfield CA. Hubby left for Las Vegas this morning--boo hoo! I opted to stay home since I'm getting over a bad head cold and wanted him to go on and enjoy Vegas with our friends. As for me, there's hot cocoa, my cats, and knitting. :)

Debbie H

There is snow on the ground and it's cloudy and gloomy. Just as well I have to go to work.


It's dreary. No sun for several days now. Chilly, misty, not really all that cold (maybe in the 40s), but it seems so much chillier.

I'm in southern Iowa.


It is a damp day in Southern CA. But at 65 degrees, warmer than most areas. I never complain about the weather having lived in the midwest for years.
And today's prize would be a perfect knit for here.


It's sunny and warm (70's) here in coastal Georgia today. Very foggy this morning though! Love this weather hoping it stays this way all winter long!


Lovely winter day, cloudy and cool..not cold.
Good day for drinking tea and knitting!! Just saw a woodpecker having lunch at the bare tree.


It's damp and drizzly here in Northern California, I already miss the sunshine! Staying in and finally decorating the tree.


We had snow this afternoon so the roads are white for the first time this year in southern New Hampshire.


It's sunny and already warm, dspite it being early. Outside my window. a big tree is in full bloom with bees buzzing noisily in it.

I wish we weren't headed into scorching summer here in Australia. I much prefer winter.

Rebecca Gabriel

It's cloudy and wet, a very common winter (and spring, summer and fall) scene in the NW.


Sunny and bright 81 degree's in south central Florida today. Would love to be where it is cold and snowy, it's so hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you're sweating.


rainy & cool here today - not cold enough for snow - i want some SNOW ! :o)


It's in the 40's, gray, & raining here. I'd prefer almost any other kind of weather, even below zeroes long as its sunny (which below zero days almost always are). But I'm getting ready to wrap Cmas presents for my grands do that should brighten my day! Then I hope to finish my gray & green Poste socks (is it too redundant to say again how much I like this yarn?). And I'll have to pick out something to knit on the long car ride to & from Louisiana.

Jen V

Over cast and dark today. Snowed for a moment but it didn't stick and is gone now. Looking forward to a pristine coat of white to brighten things up.


Overcast and cold here in my part of Northern California. From my office upstairs I can see my neighbors roofs and the gray sky. It was the perfect morning to walk over to starbucks and get some hot chocolate, so we did. ;)


Today is a dark, rainy, cruddy day without even a spec of sunlight. A good day for knitting by a fire!


It's been drizzling outside all day, which is unusual for Southern California. A perfect day to start a new project: the Canyonlands Shawl in Tosh sock in Oceana.


23 degrees Celcius (73 Farenheit I think) - quite cool for summer in Australia. It's not very windy though, which is nice. I'm still working this week and counting down till holidays on Friday!


The view out of the window by my knitting chair here in Central NJ is rainy, gray, dreary, and foggy, with plenty of soggy brown oak leaves still on the trees. I had hoped for some cardinals at the bird feeders to brighten up the view a bit, but chickadees and squirrels provided some more shades of black, white, and gray. It's very interesting reading about everyone else's weather - so much more personal and fun than the Weather Channel!

Kate s

It has been very dreary today outside the window and now there is rain. Glad for the Christmas tree!


It's cool and rainy today when I look outside. A great day for knitting!

Susan Crandall

It's dark, dreary, and damp here in NJ.


Sunny this morning but now it's grey,raining and blowing gale force winds. Good day to be decorating the Christmas tree,


It's cold and rainy in New England today.

Beth L Ruiter

Upper 40's here on the shore of Lake Michigan. Raining and dark but at least you don't have to shovel rain!


My window today has been the windshield of our car. We drove from Pigeon Forge TN back home to west central Alabama and it rained on us all day. The first part of the trip was pretty, fog and cloud wisps floating over valleys between blue mountain ridges. After the pretty part was over, I got back to knitting my toe up 2 at a time socks in Lorna's Laces Country Christmas. I'm halfway up the leg already - things are looking good!

sue herr

Cloudy and overcast outside my kitchen window. Beyond the deck I saw no sunset tonight in the western sky. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making Peppernuts for my daughter (in NM) and listening to the sad tale from Newtown CT. I am re-knitting a scarf for the 2nd and 1/2 time, and I am halfway there. As I knit, I ponder the eternal question of good vs. evil. Knitting is soothing; my mind is free.

LN in TX

Overcast today, with a high of 71. Too warm!


Today has been a dreary day and it is now raining. I wish it were snow! A white Christmas is always so pretty!

Danyelle N

Western Pennsylvania is way too warm for mid-December--it would be nice to have snow for Christmas this year!

Chelsea W

Its dark out my window now but was sunny and a balmy 40 degrees here. So we took our little one out to buy apples and play in a sandbox. Thanks for the chance :-)


It has been a warm but overcast day today. At least now it is dark outside and I can enjoy all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

Rasa Chambers

It was a mostly cloudy day here with an unseasonably warm temperature of 60. I would like a dusting of snow, but it doesn't look like we re going to get it.

Emily L.

Im in Washington DC, and it's bleary outside. I wish it would snow already! It's just damp and cool but not cold enough.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

It's a damp, rainy day here in the Bay Area. I miss the warm weather we've had most of the fall and would love to have some sunshine back again. But, it is perfect knitting weather!!


A very grey day in central Illinois. The donkeys have their coats on for the winter. A few chickens out and about but not for long before going back to the coop. I hate this time of year...very brown. Wish it would snow & brighten things up.


Overcast and cold today with alot of snow from last weekends storm.

Jenn (jknit on Rav)

No snow here. It is just rainy and cold. Although my phone did receive a blizzard weather alert this afternoon. Fortunately for me, it wasn't for my immediate area. I like to visit snow but I don't like it where I live. :)


It has been a gorgeous day here in Calgary. Only -1 (celcius), clear, and sunny. My view out my window today is bare, grey tree branches, turned gold by the sunlight, against a blue, blue sky. There is some snow left on the ground from previous storms.

Beverly J. Killick

We are in Florida - all day it was beautiful, now being evening, it still is a beautiful day - why - because I am with the one I have loved for many years.
I think of our Children, in different States and wish, they too, would be with us.
Love - Mom

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