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December 13, 2012



I have knit a lot for others this year, but my favorite has the been Key Cowl. I have knit 5 of them so far this year. All are presents... It's a fun and quick knit and looks so difficult. That's the best kind of pattern... LOL. I love the Shades of Grey, it would be hard to pick my fav...


I always seem to knit gifts for people, but not specifically for the holidays---I give them as I finish them. My favorite project this year, though, has been a holiday project: each member of the group of us who knits at a coffeehouse in town has knitted a dishcloth for the owner of the coffeehouse!

Sally S. Smith

I usually do knit gifts for my family for Christmas. This year my new neighbor asked if I would knit socks for her to give to her family. Okay! I showed her several patterns and she picked Anne Hanson's Sign of Four.
So far I have 3 pair knit and working on the fourth. It is going to be close! I love this pattern!
Merry Christmas to all!

Anita C

This is my first year of knitting gifts for my family. I decided to go more personal so I have been knitting scarfs and matching hats all year long. I'm finally finished with 4 sets for my sis, niece, nephew & niece-in-law.


I made a Pinus Silvestris hat for my niece.
I am hoping to knit several more gifts. ;)


I didn't knit any gifts this year, but I'm thinking of crocheting a few stars as package decorations. Here's the Rav link to a free pattern:

emily cossins

I enjoy making socks and I made a 2x2 ribbed pair for my husband for our anniversary.

Merrill Walsh

I knit a scarf out of alpaca for my husband's former boss. After he passed away she sent my daughters a small gift for every holiday for all 4 years of college. Each May we'd send her a thnak you gift. When they graduated this May I wanted to do something special for someone who really made a difference to all of us with her thoughtfulness. I can honstly say i have never enjoyed a project so much and she loved the scarf when she received it. The pattern was a smapler type from an alpaca company.

Mun Yee

I've knitted quite a few gifts this year. I would say one of my favorite is the Fiddlehead Mittens. I have knitted 5 pairs so fair and have yet to have a bad color combination. It's one of those patterns that looks great in all color combination


Did I knit for others this year?!? Yes, and I'm STILL knitting! Socks, of course.


For Christmas, I wanted to say a special thank you to a lady in my church who has been a huge encouragement to me this year. I made a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks in a wool cashmere blend in a grey/blue color. They turned out beautifully (if i must say so myself) and i hope they convey to my friend how grateful I am to her.

Kate S

I have made a few gifts this year, some washcloths, vests for my nieces, and some Christmas gifts - the rest has been for me though!

Danyelle N

I just finished the High Plains Drifter for my daughters' piano teacher, and now I'm finishing up gifts for their dance teachers--arm warmers made from yarn in my stash. Every year I tell myself I will start knitting these gifts earlier, and every year I'm knitting until the last minute possible!

Cindy saar

I like to try different patterns. So this year I had a large selection of varied knitted and crocheted patterned dish and hand towels. I rolled them up and put pretty bows on them and arranged them in an old dark wood antique butter urn bowl and gave them as thank you gifts. It was neat to watch how people chose their gifts.


I knit socks throughout the year and then give them to very special friends at the holidays.

Emily L.

I didn't do much gift knitting this year. I made a toy monkey for my niece, and I'm working on some small ornaments, but I've decided that unless people ask for something specifically, I'm not putting in the time or effort.


Yes, I am always knitting something that will go to someone else. Baby blankets, dish clothes, socks, etc.


A really fun gift I knited for someone's Birthday was the Trout Crystal Palace MiniMochi "Rainbow Trout". The pattern is on Ravelry. I can' post the gift I'm knitting this year for the recipient will see it on your blog!

Melissa B.

I'm on hiatus from work and am making the most of a handmade holiday!

Two of my favorite knitting projects:
Pirouette scarf...I made in beautiful lavender and silver colors...pattern diversity but was not difficult. It kept me interested but not overwhelmed.

And a couple soap sacks:

I'm not finished yet with my Christmas knitting... :)

But my favorite homemade gifts of the season involved yarn but not knitting. I took some of the acrylic funky yarn from my stash and wrapped letters (cut from foam board) to make the names of my children, nieces and nephew. They look great! (I would share a picture but don't know how to do that.) I then took the leftovers from all that yarn and made a simple funky blanket for their grandmother. Wrapped in love, I say!


I knit for others more than for myself: socks, scarves, baby blankets and this year crocheted snowflake ornaments.. My favorite this year was this scarf We moved this past summer. I knit this scarf for one of my best friends that we moved away from and sent it to her as a surprise. She loved it!


Entrelac shawl in Noro Silk garden for my mom.Another for a friend in JoJo Rhythm bought here on sale last year.


My favorite crocheted gift this year was a Noah's Ark blanket for my best friend's new baby:

It was a lot of work (sewing all those animals to the blanket), but the end result was adorable!


I knit some wash cloths for my mother and 3 really cute beaded bags for my nieces. The wash clothes I made up. The pattern for the bags can be found at They were from the book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I used leftovers from socks I had made.

Jennifer M

This year I am knitting shawls/scarves for my sisters and mom but my favorite project is the hat, mittens, and scarf set that I am knitting for my almost 3 year old nephew. Still have lots of knitting to do so back to work.


I made the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman for my new to be granddaughter, Andie, due in Feb. I used the CPY Panda Silk DK in Baby Face and Frosted Rosewater -that I bought from you! It turned out darling!!! I made a hat and booties to go with it also.


I didn't knit or crochet anything for Christmas gifts this year....but I have knit quite a few tennis socks for family members throughout the year!


I did the Lucy Hat and Poppy hat The Lucy hat sits so high on an adult head, it should slip over a child's ears.

Barb Huffman

I have been knitting socks . I have a ''sock list '' I completed a pair for one sister-in-law and have 1 sock half-way for the next sister-in-law. I am using Dream in Smooshy , love it !

Kathy S

For my hairdresser, I knit a pair of Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets --pattern here:
These have all the basics: quick, look beautiful, look impressive but easy!
Also, the usual knitted dishcloths to put in with Mary Lake-Thompson's cute dish towels.


I have made a pair of socks, a scarf and a cowl for my holiday knitting this year, but my favorite gift knit of the year was Irishgirlieknits' pattern Sweet Baby Kate, a baby hat and socks, that I knit for a friend who had a baby girl in July. It was a really fun pattern to knit and the FO was so cute! I saw baby Harper wearing her hat and socks just last week. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here:

Leslie Fehr

Last year, everyone I work with received fingerless mits -- I used the Basic Mitt pattern you have on the Blog. It was fun picking favorite colors for the ladies I work with - and manly colors and fibers for the 2 guys. I'll do another something for next year.


I kept it to two this year - a pair of socks which was finished back in September and a hat which I am currently hurrying to finish before the postal deadlines.

Jean Y

I am trying to finish a scarf for my mom right now!!! It is linen stitch and made of left over sock yarn.

Anne Marie

My favorite gifts this year were grey and pink striped birthday sweaters for my 1 year old and 8 year old daughters. The elder enjoys matching her baby sister.


My favorite gift knits have been from Morehouse Farms, Gator scarves and Hedgehog mitts. I've gifted lots of socks, and assorted other stuff as well. I had to check and make sure anything I'd done this year was for me! Luckily, yes, two pairs of socks.

Merry Fenton

I haven't knitted anything for myself for months. It's been all about Christmas knitting. I'm working on my favorite thing right now. It's this - It'sone of those perfect yarn with perfect pattern scenarios and I hope my friend likes it. I hope to finish it this weekend.


This year I knitted lots of baby socks for gifts as well as socks for others. Gifts for Christmas included of course socks and some scarfs.


Several of Cat Bordhi's Anemone hats, from baby sized to a chemo cap -- one actually requested by a teenaged musician! I almost never repeat a pattern but this one is so much fun to make. My favorites were from LL Shepard Worsted and DinC Classy.


I knitted a pair of Falling Leaves socks for my MIL. It's a good thing her feet are a different size than mine or I'd have trouble gifting them!

Mary T

It's been all baby knitting again this year. A couple of baby snugs, hats and booties. I love Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties and the mother's have sweared by them, they really do stay on! Also, a couple of baby blankets and lots of Rebecca Danger's monster patterns.


I have knit ribbed beanie hats for each of the guys in my family and elbow length fingerless mitts for my daughter and daughter-in-law. For the fingerless mitts, I used Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Ferryboat Mitts. I also gave my daughter socks made from the Monkey pattern for her birthday.


I am knitting several things and one crochet item. My favorite one is the bacon scarf for BIL.


Jane Finnell

I knitted 2 new Christmas stockings. One for my newest granddaughter and the other for her dad. It's a family tradition that began when my kids were born. And knitted stockings are the only acceptable kind - "because they stretch!" I also have made a baby sweater for my youngest granddaughter and new socks for the older one.


I knit my father a wool hat from my own homespun yarn. I am really proud of it because I spun the yarn so that it has a gradual shading change and it came out great!

Mary Jane

Every year I knit one string of lights to give to a friend. I've been doing it quite a few years now and unfortunately didn't write it down.


I have lost track of how many knitted items I have gifted this year. I am still trying to finish up a couple of Christmas presents. One of my favorite gifts I have made this year is the Color Affection Shawl. I made one for my Mom and one for my daughter-in-law. I have also made numerous baby sweaters. My favorites are all knitted top down so when I'm done knitting they're done. I love that. I would love to win the Lorna's Laces - it's one of my favorites. Thanks for doing the 12 days event again this year.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

I have so many projects started and none finished: socks, scarves, hats, and mitts..oh well, I can look at this as being ahead for next year!!


I knit socks for my Mom & sisters & I plan on gifting some for Christmas

Laura B.

I made Ysolda's Narwhal Mittens from Whimsical Little Knits 3 for my friend Victoria! You can take a peek at the pattern here:

Debbie Huett

I am in the process of knitting the Christmas sock kit (Holidays on Ice) for my daughter. Almost done with the first one and will get it done by Christmas, I'm sure. They sure are looking cute! I wasn't sure about the colors at first but I really like them!


Lots of plain socks in bright yarn for my daughter whose hand knitted socks are the talk of her flat mates at University.


Finishing up the Cerus scarf for my B-I-L who lives in NYC. Should fit his professional persona just fine!

Andy B.

I made some fingerless mitts for a friend who had cold hands typing at work. I made a windowpane cardigan for a new baby. But my favorite gift was yet another Wonky (from Knitty, Summer 2009). It's been my favorite go-to gift for gents. (And I have a few of my own to wear.)


I knit a pair of socks for my father every year for Christmas. This year it was Anne Hanson's Waffle Creams from her Bare Naked Club:

They are so soft and I can't wait for him to open them up!


I knit a toy wolf for a friend (it's her favorite animal) and a Clapotis, which she loved. I also made a lot of small sock ornaments from scraps for holiday gifts for freinds and family.


I have not knit anything specifically for Christmas, but I just finished the Nocturnal Pullover for my daughter. She is totally into owls, and it has an owl on the front of the sweater. The best part of knitting for my teenaged daughter is that she loves wearing what I make! Shocking, I know. She even wore a sweater I made last year in one of her senior pictures!


I knit socks for family and friends....with my standard pattern Widdershins from knitty.
I always change up the rib for whatever I feel best suits the sock yarn I am favorite being anything from Simply Socks.
I also knit a shawl for my niece for her father's wedding in the summer...from a Simply Socks Valentine package...the pink and purples and cream matched her dress perfectly.


I am still knitting gifts...they may be happy new year presents at this point! My favorite - The Providence Hoodie from New England Knits. Hopefully it's done and lovely by Christmas!


The only gift I've knitted this year is a shawl for my grandmother. I used the pattern 198 yards but made it a little bigger.


I knit a pair of socks just because for my dad; a robot for a cousin's child heading off to university in a science program; a robot, a bear and a blanket for my new nephew; and all the adults in my family are getting socks for Christmas (but the toys for the little boys are stalled, and I need to get going.)


I knit some footies for my SIL, but mostly I've been knitting baby things for my future neice or nephew. :)


I'm still knitting Christmas stockings for Christmas but I might not get them all done in time for Christmas. But one of my favorites that I will give to someone is a scarf made with by an unknown hand-dyer. It is linen stitch which spreads out the colors. It turned from an ugly skein of yarn to a beautiful scarf.

Chantel I.

I knit 8 gifts this year including a poncho, a cowl, a pair of socks, 3 beanies and 2 scarfs. I'm just finishing up the last gift right now. I'm going to include the beanie pattern I used because it knits up really quickly, in comes in sizes baby to large adult and I really liked the way it turns out:


I'm probably not going to knit anything this year. But I may make felted oven mitts to go with the gift cards I got for my partner's sibs. I made a ton of them one year to give to all my nieces & nephews for Christmas. They're easy & quick & wool is such a good insulator that they work really well. I keep meaning to make some for myself.

Andrea B

Alexander Street Hat for my neice's birthday.


My favorite knitted gift this year is an afghan I did for my daughter who went off to college this fall. It was planned as a grad gift, then a birthday gift but was finally finished and it's ready for Christmas!


we've been moving to our new house for the past month. (we built it too). so I've only made 1/2 pair of socks and a pair of gloves.
I'm knitting like crazy to finish the socks

R Morris

I usually only knit for holiday presents. Just finished a big cabled cape for my sister.


Oh yes. Although I promised myself I wouldn't do last minute holiday knitting, it seems promises to myself aren't taken seriously like promises to other people.

I have a new friend and no idea what to give him for Christmas, so a pair of socks it has to be. They're Opal because that's always my starter yarn for people who have never had hand knit socks before. I can truthfully tell them that they cannot hurt these socks, so wear them and wash them. Using a simple k5p1 ribbing to show off the color pattern.

Abby M

The past tense you use is funny :-) yes. A couple pairs of socks & a table runner :(

Christine C.

I have knitted a few things. A man's hat -




I gift as I knit. This year my friends all wanted the knitted hat from the new spiderman movie. So two of my lucky friends got a new hat just in time for winter. My other friend just wanted to pattern (which I found on ravelry).


Oh gosh, I've been trying to knit for others, but life keeps interferring. I've finally got about 1/3 through the Harmonia's Rings Cowl (Sivia Harding: Ravelry - Sivia) for my niece, and hoping to get one for my mum and my m-in-law as well. Like the pattern, so I want to make one for me too, but can wait until after the holidays.

Also working on a lap blanket for hubby with a bunch of odds and ends of yarn - sort of a multi-colored medly!

Susan Hill

I've turned into a cowl addict and knitted two for my daughter for Christmas. One is a beautiful turquoise out of Be Sweet Bamboo and the other is a gorgeous dark green using Black Diamond Alpaca. Can't wait for Christmas to be over so I can start knitting cowls for myself. The pattern is Switchback Cowl from Kira K on Ravelry.

Linda B

I gifted my secret Santa this past Saturday with a pair of knitted socks. I used the pattern Sundance from your blog and they turned out beautiful. I used Malabrigo yarn in the colorway Caribeno. First time attempting cables and they weren't hard at all. Oh, did I mention that I had my daughters' name for the secret Santa?? She loved the socks.. Happy Holidays. Your sons are adorable..


My Christmas knitting consists of 5 pr of socks for my oldest daughter. She's been darning her socks for the last 2 yrs so I decided that she needed some new ones to brighten up her wardrobe. Nothing says I love you more than hand knit socks.

Julie Bair

I'm currently swatching some Possum sock yarn for socks for hubby. Ummm, yeah... I'm thinking they will be more of a New Year's present! :)


So far I have made 4 pairs of huge manly socks and Ann Hanson's Curling neckwarmer and mitts. The neckwarmer and mitts turned out lovely and the pattern was so easy to follow. I think it kept me sane in between socks!
A big thank you for having this contest again, I look foreward to it every Christmas!


I made a sockhead hat with the Poste halloween yarn for my granddaughter. Very bright and cheerful kni.


I'm knitting four gifts for Christmas and gifted some others throughout the year, mostly for new babies and their older siblings. My favorite patterns for kiddos are Rebecca Danger monsters. Thanks for a chance to win!


Socks, socks and more socks. How about a hat or two from Tanis Gin & Tonic Hat to Herminone hearts Ron, both on ravelry. I will have family and friends with warm toes and warm ears.


I knit several pairs of socks, 2 pairs of handwarmers, and a small shawl. Little Arrowhead Shawl, which I believe is free from IK, knits up beautifully and quickly in sockweight yarn.


Knitting things for other people is great fun - and then I don't have to worry about what I'll do with everything.
Let's see:
-made a monster for my mother for her birthday (she gave me the monster pattern book for Christmas last year, so surely she was hoping for a monster? And I used some leftover yarn for a sweater that she knit for my brother so it all came around).
-then 2 baby hats for friends with 1 year olds.
-now I'm trying to finish a hat for a friend for Christmas -- and a scarf too, but we've agreed that can be finished in January.
We'll see what else comes next year!


I'm a beginner knitter so this year has been my first full year as a knitter, I was slow to begin with but have made progress and have actually made some gifts for people. The easiest thing to make has been the ruffle scarves using Shashay yarn. They knit up in just a couple of hours as they're only 5 stitches but have a high wow factor. I've also made some wash cloths and dish cloths. The wash cloths are for gifts along with some handmade soap. And finally, I learned how to knit socks this year and have made two pairs for me, plus another on the way, and a pair for my husband as a "stocking filler"! I like the irony of finding socks in your Christmas stocking! I have some hand spun Alpaca/Icelandic Sheep yarn from a little farm in Northern Michigan and I'd like to make a beanie hat for my husband with it, but first I need to learn to increase!! Everything I've done so far has only taught me decreases! Photos are on my blog over the course of the year, under the category of knitting.


I made podcaster gloves for my son's girlfriend...not my best knit however.


I am one sock away from a pair for someone. I hope I make it! They are plain socks in a striped yarn I got here. I believe it's On Line Comedy Supersock.


I usually give as I finish a project. But this year I reunited with a friend from kindergarden. We went through grade school and high school together and then lost touch. She liked my knitted dish cloths and I made her about 15 of them in the colors that she likes. Shes a artist and I used the very vibrant cotton. She loved them and has them around her home. We speak on a daily basis now and I like to think that those little dishcloths brought us back to together. I am now working on a pair of socks for her for Christmas


Yes I did. I made some marketbags for a friend of mine.

Karen Pettyjohn

I knit dish cloths for several people. They "expect" new ones each year. I knit hooded ponchos for our 3 youngest grand daughters in Florida. I used the Knitting Pure & Simple pattern. I also used one of their patterns for their brother's tunic. I knit 4 Christmas stockings for a single dad and his children. It was a pattern a knitting buddy gave me. I am still working on ornaments. They look like little swatches on needles...actually toothpicks with beads on the end. I need to do about another 30 of these so I'd better get off the internet!


Most years I like knitting gifts for people, but this year the holidays snuck up on me so I haven't had time. I am working on a pair of mittens to go to charity.

Kay L

I very seldom knit the same thing twice in one year unless it is a plain pair of socks, so all the rest of the gifted socks and shawls (and one baby sweater and a couple of afghans) were different patterns. I did make a Color Affection but only the Wingspan (made with sock yarn leftovers) went as a gift to someone else.

Helen Minick

I knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter. Pattern is on raverly.

I also knitted a pair of socks for my grandaughter. They are the spiral knitted socks.


I've only knit one gift this year, well I'm still knitting (hoping to get it done soon), the Creature Comforts Cardi. I'm knitting it in Patons Bamboo Silk. I chose this yarn because we live in Florida, and I actually hope the recipient can use it.


I had decided not to knit gifts this year, but then my 19 year old grandson requested a pair of very long boot socks to wear at his job making trails on Mt Hood. I made them out of a variety of my leftover sock yarns accumulated over 20 years of sock making. Each probably has the equivalent yarn of a pair of "normal" socks. And he thinks they are pretty! to my surprise. Definitely not a guy whose sense of masculine is in any way tied to somber colors! By the way, the pic above is my fave of the ones you have posted of your two little guys together. Makes me long for a baby in our family again.....


I usually knit a gift for my stepmom, since she loves to wear the stuff I make, but I'm not sure I'll be able to find the time this year.


It looks like I'll only get one knitted gift done this year. I've discovered cowls and am knitting the Honey Cowl. Such an easy pattern that has a nice impact.


I knit a baby blanket for my younger daughter Jeannie's new baby. Every stitch was filled with love. I used the Feathered Baby Blanket pattern from Ravelry in Sirdar Snuggly red. Jack loves it!


I am knitting a Bryce Canyon shawl for a very close friend having a very rough holiday.

I'm a-squee over it! I hope it brings her some warmth and a little happiness.


I knit 6 pairs of socks for my family. This is the 4th or 5th year I've done this. Even after so long they all anxiously await to see what kind of socks they'll receive. Most of them are plain top down socks (I keep everyone's feet measurements on my iPhone). But my DIL enjoys textured socks so I made her Pumpkin Socks ( I began early in October and I finished the last pair yesterday.


Didn't do any knitting for friends (just myself!) this Christmas, but did some crochet (amigurumi) for gifting. I crocheted a little dog/wolf character from the video game Okami from my own pattern, and also a little Night Fury from How to Train your Dragon, also from my own pattern. No pictures yet, didn't want to spoil the surprise. :)

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