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December 17, 2012


Andrea Sandahl

My favorite ornament is one that I made when I was pretty little--before starting school I believe. It is a flat wooden snowman that I painted on both sides. The side I love best has a red heart on it. It always has the same place on the Christmas tree--right in the front at eye level.


My favorite ornament is one that an old boyfriend's mother made for me over 35 years ago. My husband has never known it's origins!

Merry Fenton

I don't have a specific favorite but I love all the pig ornaments on my tree. Now I was into pigs briefly in high school but somehow my sisters have not let go and for years I found pig ornaments in my stocking. So I look at my tree with more than its fair share of pigs and smile and think of my sisters.


I have an "I Love Knitting" glass ornament by friend gave to me a few years ago with needles and yarn on it and I really love putting that one up. I love ornaments!!

Kim Deiro

My favorite is a beaded little Christmas tree I made for my aunt when I was a child. She liked it so much, she displayed it on her piano year round. After my aunt passed away, the ornament came back to me. In honor of my aunt, I display it year round too. Anyway, don't we all need a reminder of Christmas year round????


My current favorite is the one my daughter brought home that she made at school last week - a paper circle with little paper curlicues inside.


My favorite is a large pink plastic locomotive engine with white plastic sprinkles on it. We had it on the tree when I was a kid and my parents gave it to me when I started a family. It's 1970's tacky and I love it!

Cindy saar

I have an angel with optic fibre wings that I enjoy very much. And this year we set up the Holy Family on a wooden plant stand near a window, where I pinned a silver star above them on a curtain, and between the angel and the Holy Family it gives us the true meaning of Christmas this year.


My favorite is a silver lacy looking ornament that my grandfather gave me about 50 years ago. It sings a birdsong when you flip the switch. It just brings back memories of my childhood. Of course, I have many ornaments that my kids made thru the years and I love those too.

Jean Y

My favorite ornaments are the danish hearts that are woven. some are made with paper and are actually woven and i've had forever; others are wooden and only look woven.


My favorite ornaments are my kids school pictures in little plastic frames tied with colored ribbons. I collected them each year so there are a bundle of pictures to look at and it is so great to remember the years. Now the grandkids get to see what their parents looked like each year.


One of my favorite Christmas ornaments is a white ceramic ball with my youngest daughter's handprint in pink paint!


I don't have a specific one but i love my many angel ornaments. It seems that they keep watch over us.


Two wooden, carved in 3D, painted, cuddling turtle-doves with a similarly-made heart hanging beneath them. Symbolizes my hubby and me and has place of pride nearest the top of the tree. :-)


I love the ornaments made my my grandmother. She loved doing needlepoint on plastic canvas and also cute bird feeder ornaments made from used flash cubes.

Beth L Ruiter

My favorite has always been the little spinner that had to be positioned over one of the old fashioned big lights. It wasn't expensive but I remember my sister and I watching it start to spin as the light warmed up. It justed seemed like it embodied the magic of Christmas for us.


I love our family memory ornaments and handmade ornaments. My favorite handmade-by-me are my crochet thread angels and snowflakes because they remind me of my grandmother who taught me to crochet.


My favourite ornament is the popcorn strings because we leave them on the tree for the birds after the rest of the ornaments come down and the tree goes outside.


I don't have a favorite ornament, but I am hoping to make some - needle felted animals and knitted ornaments - that will become favorites in the future.

Leslie Fehr

My favorite ornaments are some very old painted glass birds that clip to the end of the tree branch. There were a present to my Mom and Dad from one of Dad's grandparents their first Christmas after they married in 1946. To still have 4 of the 6 birds is a great joy to me. They remind me of all those that came before me.


I do! My favorite ornament is a clear plastic tree with a photo of my daughter taken by her preschool teacher. My daughter added the glitter. :)


A miniature hand carved, hand painted Nativity scene.


My favorite is a felt toy soldier in a blue and green uniform. I remember being with my mother when we bought several in different colors at a store in downtown Birmingham that no longer exists. As a child I always wanted to be the one to place the "blue soldier" on the tree. Fifty years later, he is looking a bit dilapidated, but I still decide where to put the "blue soldier."

Jenn (jknit on Rav)

I have a few favorites. My Mom used to embroider and made ornaments when I was a kid. When I moved out on my own she gave me a few of them. I also love the ones my kids have made in recent years.


Santa ornaments have always been my favorite! All Santa ornamenents give a tree an overall red glow, so perfect for the season!


My favorites are a set of the Wallace Candy Cane ornaments and I'm lucky to have all 32 of them made so far.


I don't have a favorite. There is a park close by and every year they have elaborate displays through several miles of the park.
There is so much to do they start putting it together in September. I look forward to it every year.


I don't celebrate Christmas but when I lived in Texas, I started a snowman collection so I could decorate for the winter. I haven't been in the mood for them though since living in California.


My favorites are some hand-painted wooden nativity ornament that my mother, who died when I was 7 years old, made. They help me feel connected to her.


I used to x-stitch ornaments every year for everyone in the family, so my tree is covered with hand-made ornaments. Most of them are old world Santas and I love them all.


My favorite ornaments are the ones that my children have made.


My favorite ornament is a Scooby Doo ornament that my son had to have one year. It makes me smile every time I see it.


I don't have just one favorite. A few years ago my husband and I started to get ornaments from places we visited on vacation. I have ornaments from national parks, canada and little musuems ect. Each one brings a smile to my face and beautiful memories.


II really can't think of a favorite ornament, I'm really not sentimental over stuff that's been gifted, handmade or even child made. I kind of like my simple lighted wreath outside, for the brightness it gives to a dark and dreary time of year.


My favorite Christmas tree ornament is one that was on my Grandfather's tree when he was a young buy (1920's). After my Grandparents passed away, my Mom passed it on to me. It is always the last ornament we place on the tree and it's a wonderful connection to my family :)

Kathy S

I'm mainly a knitter, but last year I crocheted the mushrooms from DROPS Garnstudio Advent calendar patterns. I LOVE them. They look so cute on the tree.

sue herr

I have a problem because I really don't like all sorts of "stuff" hanging from tree boughs. I like lights, though--a simple look. I do have ornaments--favorites include those my children made in Sunday School or school when they were very young. My favorite holiday memento, by far, would be Nativity scenes, of which I have many. I don't get them all out now because too much seems cluttery to me. I'm really not a Scrooge--I just enjoy calm simplicity.


I don't really have a favorite ornament or decoration but I do love the ones the kids made when they were little. Also, I really enjoy opening up the box of ornaments each year and remembering the special places or times when we purchased some of them - or the people who gave them to us.


No tree, so no ornaments here. But I play hockey, and have special pucks collected together. My favorite is the one that split in half when I shot it!


I have a very small bird feeder ornament for my tree. It was given to my late father, who was an avid bird feeder. Each year it receives a special spot on my tree.

Debbie Huett

My favorites are of course ones my daughters gave me when they were little and a couple from my mom who has been gone several years now.

Beverly J. Killick

All our Christmas Tree Ornaments are hand made, either knitted or sewn. So they all are favorites.
Merry Christmas to all.

Chalet Knitter

Emily L.

I don't have a favorite ornament, but my favorite decoration is my Santa toilet seat cover. It is just so ridiculous and tacky, I laugh every year when I pull it out.


Every year we buy a hand blown glass ornament from the couple that run Wolf Art Glass on etsy. They are so beautiful and some day I'm going to have an entire tree full of them!

Susan Hill

Many years ago I knitted a bunch of small bright red, white and green trees, bells and stockings. My friends loved them so much that they wanted to buy them so I knitted and knitted for friends. I stopped celebrating Christmas several years ago when the joy went out of my life.

A move across the country and living close to my grandson helped most of all. When I got out the few decorations that I had saved I found these knitted ornaments. He was so delighted and we put small candy canes in the stockings. Creating some new happy memories.


I have a favorite ornament - its sort of weird! It is a bagel - with eyes and a mouth. I bought it somewhere around 1977 or 1978. It has been with me ever since - my niece who I raised for the first three years loved to pot it on the tree, my husband was horrified when I pulled it out our first Christmas together, and it has gone through children and now grandchildren. Everyone loves it when they see it - just a little bagel!


I really don't have a favorite--I like all of them!


There were several years that we didn't spend Christmas at home, so we didn't get a tree. So the one year everyone came to us for Christmas I bought a bag of 12 balls that were painted to depict scenes around NYC, where I lived. Now I've moved and we do a tree every year. I enjoy this set of ball ornaments and the scenes they show around NY, though it makes me miss it, too.


My favourite ornaments are the dated ones that my husband and I have purchased each year since we met.


I love the one remaining small ceramic pine cone. I think I bought 3 about 30 years ago, when I was much poorer and first married, for our first tree. The other 2 have since been destroyed by various pets, but the last one has made through all these years! Just like me!


I always buy an ornament when we travel, so decorating the tree brings back memories of great vacations. My favorite is a German-made wooden Christmas tree, the first one I bought, from a trip to Disney World.


We buy a new dated ornament every year, since we have been married, so they are all special to me. I do have an glass blown ornament that is particularly lovely.


My favorite is a large handblown ornament that my brother gave me about 15 years ago. It is large and doesn't go on the tree, I have a little stand that is hangs on.


I don't have a favourite ornament (I'm not Christian) but I love seeing the decorations on the trees and the pretty twinkling lights. :-)

Jody Beutler

My favorite ornament is a pink blown glass heart that is covered with pink Swarovski crystals that my husband gave me several years ago. I have a white tree and I hang it in the middle of the tree, where the lights make it sparkle from all sides.


I have is a picture of my daughter (now 22) from when she was in preschool...wearing her Barney sweatshirt. Another is an angel my son (25) made in Kindergarten, and a third is one that my 18 year old made in Preschool where her face is on an angel's body and then attached to a clothespin...all are so adorable! Of the store bought ornaments, my favorite is the heart that we bought on our honeymoon that is a first Christmas together ornament...I love that one!

Melissa B.

I too have a whole slew of favorite ornaments because I've been given new ones every year since I was a child. I'm glad to continue that tradition with my kids but now we have a whole lot of ornaments! I have a couple favorites made by youth I've worked with. But my most favorite of all time is a colorful garland of beads with a photo of my niece who died 10 years ago... she was just 3 months old. It weaves in and out of our tree just as she still weaves in and out of our lives.


My favorite ornament is a heart shaped, glass ornament with birds and roses that my husband and I bought on our honeymoon, 20 years ago, in Silverton, Colorado.

Anne Marie

I've been folding these paper strip stars since I was a 3rd grader. They are traditional and Germanic and Scandinavian cultures and very fun to make. I use plain half inch wrapping ribbon so I don't have to cut strips.

Kate S

My favorite ornament is a furry white Yeti! It is always front and center!


Would love to have the time to knit a bunch of miniature socks and sweaters out of scraps of sock yarn and decorate a tree with it!


I don't have a favorite ornament but I am very partial to the plush Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer ornaments I bought several years ago.

Holly Waldrop

My favorite ornament is a plaster ornament made by someone at the local center for folks with developmental difficulties. It's a small white cat curled up asleep with a sprig of holly tucked behind its ear. Not only was it the first ornament given to me for my first tree as an adult, it was given to me by my mother and looked just like the precious white cat who lived with me for 17 years. Brings a smile and a tear each year.


My husbands grandmother used to make ornaments for them every year - little crocheted, needlepoint, or some sort of 70's type craft. They aren't the prettiest on the tree, but they always make my husband smile, which I love.

Amanda W.

Each year, Made With Molecules ( introduces a new molecule ornament. I'm a chemist by education, and can't help but buy one of these ornaments each year. My favorite so far, has been this year's ornament, acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for memories. The ornament has a small picture frame attached to it for a memory. I inserted a small picture of my kitty who passed away this year.

Rachel R.

Mine isn't an ornament, but our tree topper - my mom crocheted it years ago out of white thread, and it's just beautiful!


I have several favorites. One is a beaded heart that was on my Grammy's tree every year. After she passed away, I've put it on my tree every year since. It is a constant reminder of her.

Linda B

Hard to choose a favorite because as I put each one on the tree I think that's my favorite! I really like the Hallmark one from several years ago of a girl holding a basket with Sister on the basket. When you pull the bead below the basket, the top opens and a kitty pops up. At the time my sister and I both had the same orange colored kitties. Of course it was from my sister.


I do have a set of sterling silver ornaments - a penguin, snowflake, ice skates, and oak leaf - and each one represents a member of my immediate family. Those together are probably my favorite, but it is hard to pick.


Don't have a favorite ornament. But I do have some that I don't really like, so those always go on the back of the tree.


I cannot single out a particular favorite. I have been building my collection for well over 50 years. I started buying some when I was in grade school. Over the years I have collected many special glass ornaments. I have also made many, many different ones and they chronicle my crafting interests over the users. There are hand-sewn felt ones, machine-sewn fabric ones, many cross-stitched ones, and now many knitted Julekuler! I also collect some ornaments when we travel. Putting up the Christmas tree each year brings back many memories and I love it.


Back in 1995, I learned how to tolepaint. Over the years, I have painted most of my Christmas ornaments on my tree and I love them all. I would make a set of 6, keep 1 and gift or sell the rest of them. I love hanging them on the Christmas tree every year.


My favorite Christmas ornament is a knitted Peruvian Christmas Llama that my great-aunt brought back from her travels when I was three or four. The story that came with him is that in Peru, Santa uses Christmas llamas instead of reindeer to get around, but I haven't been able to find any external verification of that.


I haven't fell in love with many ornaments, I've always had a 4.5' tree and so it's hard to display any ornaments at all really. I did just receive a Green Bay Packers ornament that I love, because it's a penguin with the Packer's G on it. I love both penguins and packers, so it makes me very happy.


I don't have any particular ornament that I'm attached to, though growing up there were a handful of ornaments I considered "mine." I don't think I'll ever be able to top the Christmas tree set up from when I was a teenager though: glass icicles, frosted silver/green/blue ornaments, crystal garland, and silver ribbon with white lights.


My favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones my daughters made me when they were in grade school! They are the first ones on the tree!


Sadly my favorite Christmas ornaments are no more. The year of my younger daughter's birth (her BD is in April), I made baker's clay ornaments with my then 3 year old daughter (& the baby's "help"). I used a paring knife to make a cut out of my older daughter's hand & made a flat round disc into which I pressed the baby's hand. My older daughter & I decorated them with paint & glitter. I had intended to make the hands every year to have a record of their size but life got too hectic to continue after that first year. So I really treasured them. I packed them carefully in tissue every year (I had, unfortunately, never coated them with varnish or shellack) & kept them in the front hall closet (a nice dry spot). The first year we lived in this house, my partner volunteered to put all the Christmas decorations away. He must not have heard me say that the hand made ornaments had to be handled carefully because he just packed them in with the rest & put them in the basement. I didn't realize what he had done until we took out the ornaments the next year & found the moldy baker's clay ornaments. Makes me a little sad whenever I think of it.


I have glass birds which used to be bright colours and on their brush tails bright sequins. They are looking somewhat worn and a bit shabby now.
I have no idea when they were bought, but I can't remember a Christmas tree with out them when I was a girl. Even if they were bought after I was born they must be over 40 years old.


I love Moravian stars. ( I used to live near Bethlehem, Pa., and you'd see them all over during the holidays. So beautiful and elegant.


For every Christmas I can remember my grandmother placed a small stuffed pink teddy bear near the top of her tree. All the children wanted to take it down and play with it, but we were forbidden. Now, placed on my tree it reminds me of all the magic and anticipation children feel and we enjoy at Christmas.


My favorite Christmas ornament is from when my husband and I were first married. It is a Hallmark ornament celebrating our first Christmas together which was 22 years ago.

Becky P

My favorite is a beaded ornament that grandmother made. She passed away 3 years ago but we still have her ornament on the tree!


I have so many favorites I couldn't just choose one. I have collected them for years. They all hold a special memory.


My favorite ornaments (decorations) are the kind that grow outside and are brought inside. Little branches and sprigs of holly, rosemary, sage, and fir. Tucked into vases, glasses, or floated in a bowl on the table.


I have ornaments that my kids made and collected when they were young. I also have ornaments that my mother collected when we lived in Germany many years ago. It's hard to pick a favorite.

Karen Pettyjohn

Esch ornament on our Christmas tree is like an old friend that comes to visit every year. They all have a "story" behind them...everything from Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars to a tiny basket with yarn and knitting needles!


My favourite that I made is a knitted bird from about 35 years ago.

Ruth Anne

My daughter and I both love "naked Santa." Years ago at a craft show I bought a clay Santa. He is naked except for his boots and he's holding his hat to cover his privates. He never ceases to make us both laugh!

Andy B.

My favorite is a tree-topper that I made in kindergarden, some 45 years ago. It's an angel made from paper-towel tube with a Styrofoam ball for a head, glitter tissue paper for a gown, construction paper wings, uncurled gold curling ribbon hair, and a pipe cleaner halo. She's got a habit of not sitting well on top of the tree, and my parents dubbed her "Tipsy" as a result. They still put her atop their tree every year.

Susan Ipavec

My favorite ornament is a little gingerbread boy that I got when my son was a baby. It's always had a special meaning to me.


My stocking is my favorite holiday decoration because my grandmother made it and I've had it for as long as I can remember.

Lisa Viviano

Mu favorites (there are two) photo ornaments of my husband and my son both at about 18 months of age. They hang on the tree, side by side, looking so very much alike.

Cindy Strick

My favorite Christmas tree ornament was a pink blown glass ornament that was about the size of a baseball. It was very fragile. My sister and I always competed to hang that ornament. My sister's cat knocked the tree down one year and that ornament broke. I never saw another one to replace it.

Renee Anne

Oh Christmas tree ornaments...I have a small collection of tree ornaments from my youth (ones that I made for my mom growing up), the many rosemalled ones that my grandmother made over the years (Norwegian rose painting - she would make our family ornaments every year so I have both mine and my mom's).....and then there are the "new" ones that came along after Husband and I got married and we had Little Man. We have a set of ornaments that we received as an engagement present from the now-Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin and her husband (who is also one of the Wisconsin state politicians...Assembly, maybe?). I have a Harry Potter one that I'm fond of and Husband loves his Star Wars one. And today, I opened up a swap package and found a glass, hand-blown Tardis :)


No real favorite in particular, but I always enjoy seeing them again after a year since it is something you only see/think about once a year.


Well... as a kid my favorite thing on the Christmas tree was the small chocolate truffles that were made especially for Christmas.
We always ate some before we were supposed to ;-)


My favorite is the one my daughter brought home from school: a silver star. But we love to put the chocolate ornaments on the tree.


Not an ornament, but when I was a kid my grandma had a 6 inch tall gold deer. I don't know what happened to it. A few years ago I was at a friends house and they had a deer just like it - when I told them how much I loved the deer as a child they insisted I take theirs. I really cherish the deer and the friends that insisted it should be mine.


I have a koala ornament that my parents gave me, which is the first special ornament I have for my own tree.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

The first thing I ever cross-stitched was an angel ornament as a 9/10 year old for the fair at school. My mom bought the ornament and it is still my favorite. You can still see the finger smudge on the fabric from where I held it while stitching.

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