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December 23, 2012


Nathanne Verner

I always check for the Dream in Color Dream Club at the beginning of the month. I love their special runs of gorgeous yarns. Also anything by Three Irish Girls makes my day. It's hard to pick a top item because I love Solemate too...I love it all!


OOH I think I would pick one of the Skein Sock yarns. I haven't seen them before and as I looked at the colors it was like...I would pick Sea Salt, no Sugar, no Romantic...etc. I love all of them! So a skein of this yarn is top on my wish list!!!


Manos Alegria. It's new, and it looks amazing. I'd pick Locura Fluo.

Chris M

My problem is I can't decide on one thing. And since it's just wishing I'll be greedy and put them all on my wish list. I am in love with all of the tosh sock colors especially Oxblood, firewood and ginger. Also love the tosh Merino light in copper penny and glazed pecan. Then there is the Opal Van Gogh series: Bedroom in Arles, Starry Night, Red Vineyard and Gaugains Armchair. Every time I to to order something I end up paralyzed by indecision. Wish I could see them in person and to see the differences. My monitor is definitely inadequate.


THAT is an impossible question to answer! I have a tendency to keep an eye on the sale items.

Patti Young

Hands down...Fleece Artist/Trail Sock in the colorways of Apple Blossom, Beach House, and Rose Garden. Those colors just TALK to me!


Poste Stripe Buckeye! I put it on my Christmas wish list :)


Any Bird Leg Bag, Kollage Square dpn, DIC Smooshy with Cashmere any color, Madelinetosh Merino Light in Alizarin (enough to make Conic, LL Solemate Sherbet, and now Handmaiden/Fleece Artist's Swiss Mountain Sea Silk in Beach House.


I am totally in love with the new Manos Alegria! I bought Ceibo...just couldn't resist! And I would love to also get Butia and Botanico...or any of the other colors!

Vivian Johnson

On my wish list is more opal yarn. I love the way it works up. I am also keeping an eye on the sale items - trying to be good a little while longer until I can deplete some of my stash.


I'd go for the Dream in Color every month - though I can't afford to buy it every month, I would snap it up in a milli-second if I could.


One of everything, but especially the new Manos Alegria line, any of the colors they're all beautiful.


Honestly would be happy with anything! I'm never disappointed in the selections you offer.


Too hard to choose. Handknit socks are just about my favorite thing in the whole world. So...I would be satisfied just knitting from your store for a very long time. I'd try everything.


I love almost everything, but right now my favorite of favorites is the Black Trillion Merilon Sock in the Columbia colorway. Of course, I'm partial to anything blue and green and grey. The Dream in Color colorways are also incredibly awesome.

Jennifer M

Tanis Fiber Arts Purple label in any color makes the softest scarves/shawls, this is my current knitting craze. But of course any of the yarn that you have in your shop is great and I have loved everything that I have bought from you.

sue herr

If I were able to choose, I would be a member of the Dream Club!


Any one of the colors in the new Manos del Uragray Alegra. They're all fantastic.

Merry Christmas to all!

Cynthia Parker

I am ready to place a new order. Black Trillion, Manos Alegria, Sweet Georgia's Tough Love are on my list along with more Opal. So many choices!

Abby M

I covet a whole set of the Opal Van Gogh line . I almost can't knit with them they ae so pretty


Good question because I'm really not sure what I would pick. I do so much besides knitting, processing wool, spinning etc. That it would be hard for me to choose one thing that would be my favorite wish list item. I suppose my biggest wish would be to get the barn sectioned off so I can dye wool and can food out there( it already has heat, running hot water, and electric). I can't have bunny fur and hat floating around those areas.


I meant bunny fur and hay......still on first cup of coffee:)

Melissa B

Ohhhhh! I know right away! One of the silver moon reversible bags and Poste Christmas Island....I pick bag up everytime I'm in the shop and I've drooled over the yarn a lot but can't quite justify the purchase. Ooooohhh...drooling again just thinking about it!

Cindy saar

Ask me what I don't like would be easier than answering what I do. I like the feel of silk blends and a good dye job. I don't care what kind of content makes up the yarn as long as the dye job doesn't have those blah gray 'blooper' colors that happen in between the new color. The grey colors aren't so bad when your main colors harmonize with them, but when you have bright pretty colors and then a blah-say color after it, it just detracts from the flow.


I love Madelinetosh Pashmina. If I were ordering this morning, I'd pick Plaid Blanket.

Kim Deiro

I would HAPPILY take ANYTHING I was offered. It's ALL great!!


I've been wanting to try Sweet Georgia yarns for a long time now, and I love Miss Babbs. So either would be on my wish list.

Renee Anne

You want me to choose?! Really?

Okay, I see that you have Arctic Qiviut listed (but none in stock) and I've been coveting Qiviut lately, so perhaps that. Or Miss Babs. Or Yarn Hollow. Or...


Tough to pick one but I keep coming back to Yarn Hollow, Benthos: Zen.


The first would have to be Sweet Georgia Cashlux in Violet Hill. Then Poste Yarn in the christmas colors. There areso many wonderful yarns to choose from.

Mun Yee

It's a tough decision but I would go for the Swiss Mountain Sea Silk in Walnut. Just love the texture and the color.

Judi Kennedy

I think I would go for one of the Quivit yarn,s. I really would like one, but they are more expensive than I can justify buying. Early on, when you had a full complement, the brightly colored ones were my lusting.


I love anything Sweet Georgia makes, especially their Silk Crush yarn. It has a wonderful drape and feels so nice!


I keep looking at Skein Sock, but in the Beach House and Nori color ways. No idea what I would do with them, besides pet them and whisper sweet nothings to them...


I would go for the LL Country Christmas in solemate so I could make a new pair of Cristmas socks. If I start now, I might have them done to wear next year!


That is an impossible choice to make. Everytime I look for yarn I find dozens I would like.


Several years ago you sent me a small yarn sample of Schaefer Heather Georgia O'Keffe with an order. I've kept it all this time, thinking-----some day! Your notice that Schaefer will soon be gone prompted me to buy myself a Christmas present this year--what beautiful yarn. So for the moment, I'm satisfied, but I'll think of something!


This is a tough question, but I think right now it would be Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, in Lucky Stone or Peacock Shadow. The colors look lovely and I love anything with cashmere!


I cannot begin to answer this question. Everyday I look on this site. Everyday I find something new I just have to have. A few days ago I finally broke down and puchased Alegra Manos Alegria in Botanico and Malvin. It was a very hard to choose which color. My wish list? Everything and anything. I love your yarn and store!!

Kathy S

I love the Silver Moon reversible sock bags! Love my monkey bag. I keep looking for new ones to come up. And, of course, ANY sock yarn from your store! Some Schaefer Nicole is on it's way right now!


Could not pick just one:
DIC Smooshy with Cashmere Cranberry Melt
FA handmaiden Casbah Amethyst
Post Stripe Fiji Sun
LL Solemate 50 Skeins of Grey Red Room.
I think I may have to change New Year's Resolutions to a list of yarn and projects. That way I'd actually accomplish a new years resolution!


I looked at the yarns with cashmere because that would be such a treat and found Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Starless Sky to be my favorite today.


Wow! Tough one. I think any Fleece Artist or Dream in Color Smooshy would do just fine.


For me it is not which yarn, but how many are left to try! It is so fun to knit with a yarn I haven't experienced yet... and with different fibers like seacell or cashmere or bamboo! Love the colors in Manos Alegria in Tannat! Would love a large (3-4 skeins) shawl from Sweet Georgia Silk Crush in blackberry.....

Cindy Carpenter

anything in your shop is divine showing up on my doorstep. i love surprise yarn deliveries!


I still really want to try the Lorna's Laces Solemate. The other brand that's been on my list to try forever is Madelinetosh and the Pashmina sounds heavenly.


For me, it would have to be 2-3 skeins of every color of DIC Smooshy with Cashmere. If I had to stick with one color, it would be Bronzed Lake.


Two skeins of Shibui Sock in Honey!


Impossible question to ask us to play favorites! I'm going to go with something I've been wanting to try, and say Fleece Artistt Thrum kit, in Ivory. I've also had my eye on Gradience Wildflowers for some time trying to find an excuse to buy it.

Lisa Viviano

I simply love the Fleece Artist's yarns but have never tried the Swiss Mtn. Sea Silk. The Walnut and Sock Nebula colorways would truly be a great way to spoil a girl!

Lois Yamada

The new Manos Del Uruguay, Alegria Sock is definitely one. And then, Tanis Fiber Arts Purple label is another winner. I've got this thing for any yarn with cashmere!!!

Linda B

Definitely have to be any of the Malabrigo Yarns.Better still,a magical trip to the about overload!! Whenever we are driving through, and DH would make a detour!, the hours don't agree with our time schedule. I'll have to work on that.


I would be happy with any of the great yarns from your store. I guess if I had to choose it would be Sweet Georgia's Silk Crush---or Tanis Purple label, then again would sure love to try the skein yarn too!
---See it is really a tough nut to crack!

Patty McDonald

Dream in Color's Smooshy with Cashmere in Sundown Orchid or Starless Sky immediately come to mind. I love that whole line.


Too many choices. I like Schaefer yarns, Lorna's Laces, Madelinetosh, and the monthly Dream in Color choices. That said, I'd probably order anything if the color(s) were right.


I haven't knit anything with cashmere yet, so my wish is for Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Aiden. And all my favorite colors are in Aiden.


I've always been intrigued by the Unique Sheep Gradience Line... and I've always wanted to try a Zauerball or five... and those Alegria colorways, I could practically live in. Any or all of those are tops on my list.

Ruth Anne

The new Manos Alegria sock yarn! The colors are gorgeous!


I'm with you. ;-) I'd probably grab some Fleece Artist Swiss Mountain Sea Sock in the Aurora or Wine colorways.

If I couldn't get that I'd go for Schaefer Heather or Anne in the Clara Barton colorway.


Handmaiden Casbah for sure. My all tiime favorite yarn. Actually anything Handmaiden/Fleece Artist would be good for me!

Anne Marie

I really want to get my hands on some of your Poste yarns.

Kathleen Sachs

Lorna's Laces sock yarn in the Flames colorway:


I would want either quivuit or tosh sock, perhaps Betty Draper Blues.

Kelly-Ann (on ravelry))

I would love to try some Poste self striping one day!

Terri Brinegar

On my wish list is the Kollage square circular needles. Too much wonderful yarn to decide on just one!


This is indeed a tough question. Probably the first thing I'd put on my list is anything Tanis Fiber Arts followed closely by Lorna's Laces Sportmate. I love all your yarn though, so it is very difficult to narrow it down.

Brenda B

I think I'd be so happy to find myself in your shop with all it's loveliness that I'd probably pass out with happiness before I actually got to make my mind up!!


The new Manos del Uruguay Alegria.. and I have to admit I went ahead and bought 3 skeins. YUM!


Lorna's laces solemate zombie BBQ! I've loved the color way for so long and am dying to try the solemate base.

Jean Y

I guess it would be the new Manos del Uruguay yarn...SO beautiful!!!!


oh, probably anything by Malibrigo or Manos del Uruguay. There are so many nice yarns out there these days.


ANY of the new manos del uruguay sock yarns. Can't wait to try them out.

Gale Longley

It would take me about a hour or so to make up my mind. But I think I would like Poste yarn - Miss Babs or some of Lorns lace.


A skein of this yarn

LL Sock Multi Simply Socks

I bought some when it was the anniversary colour, and LOVED IT. But daughter now has socks as they always were a little big for me.

I'd love another skein and knit some for me.

Leslie Fehr

What is the top item of my wish list? Enough of the Simply Sock line of yarn to knit a Gathering Stipes sweater in my size! The designer did say that she would have patterns in adult sizes soon. I'd love to use a light blue for the main color and a pretty green and a darker shade of blue -- or make the stripes in a Poste Yarn that looks smashing against a light blue! Maybe Santa will pay attention for next year.

Kay L

Allison, this is a hard one! I love anything Fleece Artist/Handmaiden, especially the Swiss Mtn, Casbah, Merino 2/6 and BFL. I also love Scheafer Anne and anything Opal. I just love sock yarn! I guess if I had to chose just one brand it would FA. I probably have more Opal but this would be a close second.(And I'm more partial to the blues/greens like Hemlock.)


How about the shop itself to be located in my town?! :-) I would love to be able to routinely stop in and visit and shop and knit and experience the wonderful LYS you have built! Merry Christmas to all of you.

Amy St. Amour

I love trying different manufacturer's sock yarns. I don't have any Manos del Uruguay yet and would love to try them! Any of their color ways are beautiful. I'm sure I'll be putting in an order after Christmas--and the stash continues to grow. :)

Chelsea W

I would so love to try some Dream in Color Everlasting sock! All the colorways are amazing, but if I had to narrow it down I would wish for Fortune and Plenty.


OH my... this is such a difficult question.
Could I have the whole shop moved into my home? ;-)

Well - I love most yarns, but this time I think I'd go with Lorna's Laces - LL Sock Multi Amys Office , LL Sock Multi Black Purl, LL Sock Multi Flames, LL Sock Multi Tomfoolery - enough of one of the colors to make a nice shawl (3 skeins should be enough).


I like DIC SC Bronzed Lake. Or a Manos Yarn. I haven't tried that yet.


If forced to choose, enough FA Casbah to make a sweater or really big wrap.

Kathy Boettcher

Ditto on your selection noted in your blog...I love the Swiss Mountain sea silk; the texture and feel of the yarn feels very rich. I'm hoping to order some skeins after the new year once I figure out the right lace pattern I can use with the yarn! And your other readers are right....everything you have on your website is great...


I have fallen in addiction with Poste stripe yarn. The holiday colors are over the top and too hard to settle for just two. I intend to collect the rest of them as soon as possible. A stripe of the month club is also my secret desire.


Kathleen B.

One of everything! I would love to try the new Manos Del Uruguay, Alegria Sock in any of the colorways.


the gradience scarf kit would be wonderful.


Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist, Swiss Mountain Sea Sock: Aurora would be my choice - love those colors.


If I *had* to choose one thing I think it would be a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts - Purple Label - and really, any color would do :)


I have a skein of Candombe on its way, but I'd love some Ciebo, too!

Rachel R.

Pretty much impossible just to choose one thing - the new Manos sock yarn would be up there, along with the DIC Smooshy with cashmere. But if I just had to pick one, it would be the Tosh Pashmina - I've never seen it in person, but it just looks so yummy!


If I could only pick one, it would have to be the MadelineTosh Pashmina.


I would love to try the poste yarns as I am fascinated with self-striping sock yarn!

Debbie H

US Gradiance Midnight Delight is my fav. Thanks


would love to have two hanks of Sweet Georgia's Silk Crush Sock in Lettuce Wrap for a shawl for myself now that i've made shawls for everybody else.


Probably the SM Sea Silk in Rose Garden , I don't have anything with
silk in it . But there's also Tosh which I have knitted and love .
Forget it , i can't decide ! I have loved doing this . I love Simply Sock Yarn and have 5 ,(I think) Bird-Leg bags ! A sock in about every one of them .

Thank You , Allison

Susan Hill

Well, Allison, you have finally done it and asked the impossible question. Your website is my favorite and I always recommend it to fellow knitters.

Since you asked, I guess I would have to grab one of the most expensive and luxurious skeins I could find and dash out the door and home to savor my treasure. I am partial to soft shades of pink, gray, brown, purple - oh who am I kidding, I love them all.


Tops on my SSYC wish list is String Theory's Continuum in colorway Magnetism.

I knit for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a group helping family members of servicemen killed in action), and the red-white-blue colorway is perfect! The Wingspan I made from one skein I bought from you is sensational!!


I would love the Sweet Georgia, BFL Sock: Boheme!


First thing to pop into my head is Opal sock yarn. Love it! My favorite sock making yarn.


I would like to knit something from Madelinetosh, ans something from Bird Leg bags

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