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December 20, 2012


Patti Young

I would like to learn the Continental technique of knitting. That way I might get more than 2 pairs of socks knitted in a year!


I'd love to learn some new patterns and stitches in 2013, everything I've knit in 2012 has been just plain knitting. I like the look of laces and cables but find them intimidating so I'd really like to overcome that.


Would like to master socks with an afterthought heel and jogless stripes.


My resolutions are to learn toe up socks and making socks using the Magic Loop method.


I would like to get better at colorwork, maybe try a fair-isle yoke cardigan. The suggestion of making a sweater from sock yarn prompted me to remember I'd like to do that too!

amy g

I would like to design and knit a gansey sweater for myself. And of course a matching pair of socks. I'm excited for the sock yarn from Manos!


Does finishing count as a technique?

Chelsea W

I have made one pair of socks and one baby sweater this year. Nest year I would like to get better at both of these.

Ruth Anne

I want to make a sweater that actually fits me! So far my sweater projects have been largely a disaster. I need to work on my seaming skills and pattern altering skills.


I would like to learn to do 2 at a time socks, to avoid that "second sock" syndrome. Happily learned Magic Loop this year after coming across really concise, doable instructions.


I would like to make a lace shawl of some sort. Lace kind of scares me so I tend to stay away from it - but boy are there lots of pretty patterns for shawls out there!


I want to master mitts and mittens--that thumb thing still intimidates me. My goal is to gift mitts to all those I gave socks to this Christmas.


I knitted my first pairs of socks in 2012 and they were toe-up. I would like to branch out and try a la y cuff down sock pattern this year.


I saw a sock pattern on Ravelry that is knitted flat, then and edge is picked up to create a vertical stripe. Looked like fun


I would like to try an afterthought heel. I've knit about 6 pair of socks now and want to branch out.


I am getting ready to create my first sweater using Opal sock yarn.

Deb in NC

A sweater is on my need to learn to do list for 2013. I have the pattern picked out, just need to purchase the yarn!!


I would like to knit a full-size shawl from sock yarn. I have been looking at Faroese patterns.

Jenifer Marquis

I would like to try the top-down method of sock knitting and mastering the dreaded toe grafting (scary)!

Beverly Shearon

I would love to tackle a sweater with sock yarn. Anyone willing to help? Also, would like to learn to do two socks at a time.


In 2013 I'd like to create my own pattern for some socks or a shawl. I don't quite think I'm ready for a sweater yet.


I want to learn to knit two socks at a time. I have way to many single socks around here.

Kathleen B.

13 sweaters in 2013! It's a lofty goal but sounds so wonderfully warm!

Anita C

I want to master colorwork this year. I'm looking at making 3 Christmas stocking for next year, so I should get plenty of practice!


I'd like to learn how to do two at a time - toe up.

Meg F.

I'd like to learn to install a zipper in a cardigan and to knit a full sized lace-weight shawl.

Sheila E

I'd like to make a lace shawl in 2013. I've been drooling over them for a couple of years and it's time I made one for myself - or a pair of socks, or a sweater, or even a scarf.....FOR MYSELF.

amber kane

I would love to do a shawl out of this yarn..looks so yummy. (I did a huge granny square throw in sock yarn two years ago for my future son in law. It took me all year to do, but well worth it.) Love the colors on this yarn.


I'm hoping to learn Continental knitting so that I can get better at Fair Isle. I've tried both once or twice, but not very successfully, and there are too many attractive patterns out there to let that go unresolved.


I have two ambitious projects for 2013. I want to practice my continental knitting until my fingers memorize it. I have also rented a booth in a new crafter's market in town and will be stocking it to open Jan. 2. I really, really hope this will be a success. I leased the space on Tuesday, shopped for display cases yesterday, and am buying them today. Already making lists of what I need to do!

Patty McDonald

I want to organize my patterns and yarn so I can find things easier.

Diane E. from PA

A lace knit shawl or colorwork


Finish a sweater!

Gina Kostoff

I would like to learn toe up socks, cabling and felting.


A sweater out of sock yarn would be great. If I could get it to actually fit, even better!


This year I am going to learn toe up socks. I love to knit socks and I have been resistant to do this technique, not sure why... but that is my goal this year.

Vickie Litterell

I've never done socks in any stitch, but this is the year that I try. I asked Santa for a sock loom because I am making preemie and newborn hats and booties for the NICU, and would absolutely love to make them little socks!

Melanie Darst

This coming year I will launch my "sock-for-the-month project" with a February edition (so that I can finish in time). I want a Valentine color scheme - reds, pinks, and cream - and hearts in bands around the toes and cuff. April will be soft pastels and pansies....


I'd like to learn (be brave enough) to steek.


I want to make a vest that fits, and possibly try entrelac socks. I think the Alegria sock yarn would be great for entrelac!


That Atlantico colorway is gorgeous! I started a fingering weight sweater this year, my goal for next year is to finish it. I have other goals floating around in my head, but first things first. I think 2013 will be all about finishing what I start.

I challenged my self to make 12 pairs of socks in 2012 -- I just finished pair 20! so I think part of next year's challenge to myself will be to do a little Fair Isle and try the dreaded "steek". Perhaps starting with a baby sweater out of all that left over sock yarn so if it's a disaster, it's at least a smaller project.


I too would like to make sweater from sock, however their are very few patterns, but I am determined and will keep hunting.


lace shawl!


I like to learn knitting the English way, so I can do multiple colors with both hands. I am into knitting mittens this year, using sock design.

Carol Gursslin

My first 2013 goal is to knit dress yokes for my two granddaughters, pairing them with pastel fabric for unique Spring dresses. Fingering weight yarn? Cotton? We shall see!

Debbie Huett

I definitely plan on trying some colorwork techniques! And I'll attempt some patterns that I've never tried before. I plan on at least 13 pairs of socks this next year. Really going to plan out gifts ahead of time. :)


Okay. Would love to learn toe up magic loop because then I could do two at a time socks and not have to worry about second sock syndrome! Adore the new Manos. If I could decide on a color I would order but I am overwhelmed by the gorgeous choices!

Kim Deiro

I am still in 2012 mode. Not ready for 2013!


Appropriately enough, I'm going to use 2013 to knit socks! I've never made socks before, so this is a new challenge. My hubby has very large feet, so knitting something for him would be good, but I want some too! And that yarny goodness in the post is just what would give me some impetus to cast on.

Rachel R.

I'd love to actually *finish* a sweater in 2013 - I've started a few, but haven't managed to finish one yet!


I want to make myself a sweater. And do some color work.


I may take on my first adult sweater in 2013....I think it is about time...


I want to learn to knit socks and the magic loop as well. I can hardly wait!

Pam Dykhuizen

Such BEAUTIFUL colors in the new sock yarn!! I would like to start a shawl or blanket in those little hex-squares from my leftover sock yarn.

Debby P

I would love to be able to say "I have an FO; SOCKS ". The guild would be so proud. I've been saying I want to knit socks for a few years now. It would be a tremendous Accomplishment for me. I must knit a pair of socks!


The only technique that I haven't tried yet that I would still definitely like to learn to do is double knitting. I can think of several projects that I would love to incorporate it into. Making sweaters from sock yarn is fun, just very time consuming, but definitely worth the effort.


I will tackle a color work project! Life got in the way this year but I hope things settle down & give me more knitting time.


I'm going to try entrelac socks.


I would like to make some amazing socks and get to keep a pair. That would be wonderful


My dream is to make the Evenstar.


I'd like to try intarsia this year. I have a pattern that I have been putting off due to intarsia technique. I'd also like to try a woven pattern using two heddles on my rigid heddle loom.

Rebecca Gabriel


Andrea Sandahl

I would like to make a pair of twined mittens. I took a class a few years ago, but never did make a pair of mittens other than the one sample mitten.


I'm trying to learn to knit socks from the toe up. Working on two pairs using short row toes and heels. The other cast-on's flummox me! I also want to try EZ's sideways socks.


For 2012 I vowed to knit a sweater and still have not. I make the same vow for 2013.

Susan Ipavec

I'm going to try to knit socks toe up, knit socks on one long circ, and finally finish a jacket I've been knitting for the better part of the last 3 years.

Nancy Cain

I would like to tackle a sweater. I have made socks galore, mittens, mitts, scarves, shawls, hats, rugs, just about everything else, but no sweater for me yet!


two things are on my "must do" list for 2013: double knitting and doing one of the patterns in Jane Slicer Smith's book, Swing, Swagger .......


For me, it will be finishing a sweater. I mean putting all the knitted pieces together. I am excited to learn this and then wear it!

Jean Y

I really want to learn how to make socks with two circular needles. Also toe up. I only know the "traditional" method.

Robbin Koenig

I would like to tackle magic loop and double knitting next year. I learned brioche and socks 2AAT on 2 circs this year, but I want to knit a Danger Monster and those are best done on magic loop!


Plenty of projects for the new year. I am going to have a little KAL with my friend, melody, to make Guernsey Wrap. If I were to have a skein of this BEAUTIFUL yarn, I would definitely make Holden Shawl with it.


I would like to learn to do toe-up socks.

Becky Hill

I would like to master the Kitchener stitch ... It makes perfect sense when I see it diagrammed on paper or in a video, but when I look at the toe of my sock, I'm flummoxed!


I would like to master the art of stash organization.

Holly Waldrop

Two adventures planned for 2013 - socks with cables and a cardigan for me.

Alene Sternlieb

In 2013 I hope to complete a complex lace patterned shawl.


In 2013 I would like to knit a pair of long underwear with sock yarn in all different colors.


Oh my gosh where to start! I want to improve my knitting skills. I guess my biggest 2 things for 2013 is, double knitting and socks. Sock yarn is one of those pleasures in life. It's soft, pretty and just so nice to touch. I know once I get the hang of sock knitting, I won't stop.

Sharon Roberts

I would love to venture into more shawls. So far I have done some fairly simple ones, but would love to get into more intricate lace work.


I would like to try color work socks this year.


I would like to try a really lacy and beady shawl, like Aeolian, or Bitterroot.

Deb K.

I would like to tackle entrelac in 2013. I've been drooling over the Annetrelac socks for seemingly forever, I think it is finally time.


I would like to knit faster , finish more socks and make a shawl.


Going away for a knitty weekend in January, and some one it teaching me to crochet. I can do the basic squares, but she's going to teach me more.


I really want to learn how to do colorwork and double knitting. I've seen so many gorgeous patterns, but I don't have the skills to tackle them yet.


I have been thinking that my sock collection needed a pair of colorful cashmere! My feet really deserve that!


Wow, I was thinking about this and I think the second thing I would make with sock yarn would be a beaded shawl with pond scum green lace edging.


I would love to just pick up the needles for 2013. I haven't done any knitting in 2012.


I'm hoping to branch out pattern-wise this year. While I've done a few cable socks, I want to try more intricate designs...we'll see.


I would like to take on a knit shawl and a Catherine's wheel blanket. My hope is also to start (notice I said start) a beekeeper a blanket as well. I am dreaming BIG!!!


I had not knit a sweater, so the 2013 is the year of the sweater!


In 2013, I need to make more socks, but try different techniques for the heels. And I need to finish off a fair isle sweater that I started 20 years ago.


I would like to make a lace Faroese style shawl in 2013 to expand my lace knitting skills.


I would love to try a large lace shawl!


I want to learn: toe up socks; two at a time socks; two at a time toe up socks. All with fun self striping colorful sock yarns. Should be a fun year.


Well, I just learned how to cast on and knit moebius, so check that! Hmmm, I think the goal is to knit (and put together) wearable, well fitted sweaters, you know, stuff where gauge matters. I've got socks down pretty well, let's see if I can expand my repertoire.


I am trying hard to learn twined knitting for a heel on one particular sock project, which would look smashing in a color-changing yarn. Thanks for this fun contest :-)


The yarn looks wonderful! And it has nylon in it (unlike Malabrigo.

I addition to making socks for myself, I would use it for a baby hat -- or two or three!

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