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December 04, 2012



Wow - that is a hard decision! I narrowed it down it Options 2 & 5. I have a lot of red in my stash so option 5 won but realistically I loved them both so if I was buying them I'd probably get both options to see them in person and make a decision then :)


OMG....such beautiful colors and so hard to choose a favorite. But....I think either option 6 or 7 would be my choice. Can you tell I'm likin' the grays?

Teresa - Working Traveling Mom

Option 3 really speaks to me!

Leah H

Option 3 would make for some awesome Valentine's Day socks! (I'm thinking My Vampire Boyfriend, from Fall 2009)

Kim Deiro

Option 5 would make handsome men's socks


Option #1 is my favorite... I love the richness and the contrast of those colors!!!


I like the option 7. They are all such pretty colors though.


Option 5 would be my choice.

Anne Marie

I'm diggin' option 3 with all those pinkie pinks.

Leslie Fehr

I am drawn to Option #9 - I just love the brown/gold combinations.


I like Option #5 - but they're all beautiful!!


OPTION 5 is definitely my favorite. I'm a sucker for blue, and gray is my new favorite neutral.


I'll pick Option 5, please. That Atomic Blue is just dazzling!


I think I'd have to go with Option 2 - that pop of red is calling to me, and the Stripe Study Shawl knows my name too. Have to figure out how to use three colors instead of two (change at border?) but that would be fun to figure out too!


I love Option 6! I'd make socks, or fingerless mitts, or a scarf.


I love OPTION 6 especially, but all your combos would be fun!


Option 5. That is just about my favorite color of blue.

Kathleen B.

Option 9 just goes with my natural coloring (strawberry blonde).


After looking at all of them my favorite is Option #1. They are all so pretty.

Theresa M.

Geeze....I think my head almost exploded from the stress of picking just one! Right at this moment I think this one is my favorite.Option 8: 039 Lost in Plum, 035 Charged Cherry, 037 Magic Orchid

C  Fuller

I think right now I like option #1 the best.


Oh wow, I love option #10!!

R Morris

Option 8 is my pick. Thanks.


Option 8 what wonderful colors!!

Karen Pettyjohn

Option #5 really is my type of colors. However...if I was in a bold mood...with a little convincing...I'd love to try Option #8!


Option 1, 2, or 6. It's so hard to choose, they're all so pretty :)


ooh, option 7 is my favorite. thanks for this chance to win!

Ann Duke

It's very diffiult to pick just one option but I choose Option 8 and then Option 6 and so forth down the

Lucy Portland

I love Option 1. The Charma really adds pop, but all the colors are pretty.


Definitely Option 4. My younger daughter just had her first baby, Jack, and pink is her favorite color. She is an amazing daughter and mother and I'd love to knit her a shawl in these colors.


Option 6. They are all good combos.


Option 9 is my favorite. I really love fall colors and especially browns. They go with everything. Thanks for the terrific giveaway.


omg--I absolutely want Option 1. It is soooo gorgeous.


Hmmmmm, this was a HARD one!!! But I keep leaning toward option #9


I like option 1. thanks!

Karen M. Griesinger

Option 6 it was a hard decision. They are all beautiful!' Thank Allison for a great contest.

Sue J

Option 1 for me!! LOVE that Lost in Plum & Charma Chameleon together!!! I'd make the Derecho Shawl (on ravelry)

Mun Yee

I love them all! But Option 1 really stands out. It's not a combination that I'll normally go for but I just love it!

Anita C

Options 4 and 7 for me - I can't decide between those 2, but I really like all of the combos!


I'm a Valentine baby, so I'm drawn to Option 3. That said, I'd probably combine 42, 47, and 36 (or maybe 37) in my ideal trio. FWIW, I have never met a bright color (or color combo) that I didn't love, so I always find posts about color-shy knitters fascinating!


I have changed my mind 3 times, but now I am going with option #7. It just spoke to me and I think it would motivate me to finish any project.

Lois Yamada

Option 4 for me.....although you can't go wrong with any of those beautiful color combos.

Crystal Corr

I love them all...but Option 5 is my fav! I would wear that all the time!!!!


I like option 8! I've been dreaming about making the color affection shawl!

Brandon Thomas

I really like 5 or 7.


Option #5 is incredible and dreams (BEGS!) to be a Pterodactyl. But, honestly, who hasn't yearned to be a pterodactyl at least once...

Jennifer in NC

Option 5 for a Color Affection. Although I might be tempted to swap red for the blue. I love red and gray together ...

Sondra Turner

I love option 6!

Pam F.

Option 1, for something that doesn't seem to go together they actually go together. I like that.


Though i love Option 9 as well, i have to say my fav would be Option 2 . Red for me and brown and blue for the boys!


Kathy S

Option 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Option 1

Deb Welch

Option 5 is amazing! I would love to make a striped shawl with it!


Gosh hard to pick - I'd go with Option 5 first, and 6 if I couldn't find the colors.

I'd also go for Crying Dove, Black Pearl and Grey Tabbie.

Whatever combo, they all look lovely and I would be more than pleased to be picked to win!

Susan Ipavec

So hard to choose..they are all so lovely. Option 10 is my favorite though!


I love #1 and #7 either combination would make beautiful sweaters for our newest grandbabies (twins-a boy and a girl)of course with a matching big sister sweater.


Either 6 or 9, although I lean slightly more towards #6.


Option 7! Really feeling the "grellow" this year


They are all gorgeous, but option #2 is my favorite!

Jane Finnell

options 1, 4 and 5 - WAAAAY to hard to decide. Love, love, love them all! Thanks for the chance!

lydia m

Option 5 is by far my favorite. That would be gorgeous!!!


They are all yummy! I like option 5 the best! If there were something with a deeper green in the mix that would've been awesome too!


Option 5 is my love! But they are all great choices...can't go wrong.

Kay L

Oh my! So many choices! I have to say that Option 6 caught my eye first with Option 5 running close behind.


Option 5 is my favorite! I love working with blues and grays. Classic and timeless. :)

Jean folkerth

I love option 1


#1 all the way! Love it!


I love option 8!! My favorite colors, all in one place. Plus whatever I make will coordinate beautifully with 2 of my bicycles :).


What a wonderful giveaway! I have wanted to knit Color Affection for a long time and Option 1 just sings to me. It is not a color combo I would normally choose for myself, but I love it.


Option 1 just screamed "knit me". The play of the plum with the orchid would be divine on their own but adding in a pop color with chameleon would be a real eye catcher!

Lisa Viviano

I can't decide between option 6 and 7. Really, all are great combos of a truly great yarn!


Option 5 is awesome! Perfect to make a new sweater with. :


Number 5 is my absolute favorite. I have always loved grays and blues together. All of the new colors are wonderful.

Christine C.

I really like Option 7 - I can't go back and look though cause I'll probably change my mind! Beautiful colors!

diane obrien

Option 7 please, love the way the amber pops.

Rene B

I would totally go with Option 6...(Prince William) is going to be a daddy, perhaps a baby girl (Rosalita), and I am a (Navy) brat :) So the perfect color combo!

Susan Hill

Option 3 speaks to me and my 10-year-old grandson. He told me the other day that he has decided to wear more sweaters and asked me to knit one for him. He is a kid who loves colors so I think it's karma that you have posted this. Even if I'm not chosen, I see an order in my future.


Option 5 is beautiful. I've been very smitten by all the ombre things popping up on the Internet, and an all-gray palette would be lovely, too!

Laurie Jones

Option #6 is an amazing color combo. Love the splash of bright!


Option 7 for sure - beautiful combo, and gray and yellow are really great together. The subtle plum really sets it off.


I want to do a Color Affection shawl, and I think option 1 would work best with my wardrobe!

Tina Champagne

I love Option #5!! They would be gorgeous together.....pick me, pick me!!!


Hmm, hard to decide btwn #5 and #7. Would love socks in each of those colours!


They're all beautiful, but Option 6 is my favorite!


Jewel tones make my heart sing! I love option 8. Thanks for the chance to win!


Option 5 for sure! I would make Earth and Sky or some sort of westknits design! STUNNING colors all round though!


Option 5 is what I would pick. In all my years of knitting, I don't believe I've ever used grays. Of course that karma yellow color really draws me too, just might have to order some.


Option 2 would make an AWESOME shawl in my opinion! Though I love all the colors!


I'm loving option 1. Not sure what I would do with it yet, but right now I'm a little addicted to matching mittens, cowls, and hats. So probably color work xD

Becky Davis

I really love option 2!


Option 5 would be my choice. What is it about gray this time of year that seems so "normal"? The sky? The cold? The short days? And that blue adds a hint of optimism.

Ashley D

On man! This is a tough decision. I am usually drawn to earthy tones like browns and greens. But Option #1 totally caught my eye! I love the dark, deep purple.


They are all gorgeous, but I'm drawn to Option #3, which is interesting because I'm not a pinks kind of gal.

Amy Beth

Option one made a big impact, but Option 7 is my pick!


Wowza! Option 1 just called out to me--sorry Options 2-10, but I gave my heart away before we even met.


What a gorgeous set of colours!
Set #1 is my favourite, folowed by #5. I notice not a lot of blue combos in the bunch... ^_^


Torture to have to pick. When in doubt, NEUTRALS, #9!


I think I would have to go with #2. Beautiful!

Melissa Westphal

I think that option 5 would be beautiful shawl but option 2 is a close second.

Diane True

I think Option 1 would make a most delightful shawl!

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