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December 12, 2012



What was your first knitting project? By the way, Henry's smile looks a lot like his mom"s.


Merry Christmas! I love seeing the pictures of your two boys! I can't believe how fast they are growing. My children are grown adults, so I don't perceive the passage of time like you see with small children. It's a magical time of year for them.


Have you knit, or are you knitting, any gifts for the holidays this year? And very cute boys!


Looking forward to this year's 12 days! My mother and I both did it last year.
On another note -- would it be possible for you to convert the 'impatience cowl' pattern you have on your website into a pattern that could be done on straight needles? Thanks!!!


My question for the 12 days : do you knit for long periods at once or do you knit in short bursts? If you knit long periods, how do you keep your hands from getting tired and crampy?


Mine was a sweater and an epic fail! I've since become a much better knitter, thank goodness. The boys are so cute!


My first project was a blue and pink ribbed scarf on tiny needles, likely not a great choice :)

Leslie Fehr

A question -- Do you find yourself using circular needles even though the pattern lists straight needles? If so, why?

I love contests and pictures of the boys -- I love that James seems to be winking just at me LOL


What an adorable photo!


Love the photo!


Does anybody else have the ability to fall asleep while knitting and wake up later with the needles still in hand and no stitches dropped, or is it just me? Also, do you knit 'throw' style or continental?

Lucy Portland

I made an Aran cardigan for myself. I don' wear it any longer; it probably wouldn't fit yet, bu I think I still have it.


My first (and only) crochet project was a ripple afghan. Not having tension down, one end was far wider than the others. It came to live in the basement where, I believe, the mice enjoyed it until it headed to the dump. Since then, I've become an avid knitter

Abby M

I made a square for a charity afghan at my church!


I made a dr who scarf.

Natalie Jamieson

My first crochet project was a vest. It is long gone, but I recall two colours (pink and blue), rows and rows of treble/triple crochet and two long shoulder straps. I remember wearing it too. I would have been about nine years old.


Please note: this isn't the place to post answers to contest questions, if you want to be entered. You must enter them on the day/post associated with that question. If the comments are closed, that means that day is over.


What has been your favorite pattern to knit so far, and would you knit it a second time.


My first project was a small cotton coaster.

Linda Fristedt

Please note the twelve days of Christmas are supposed to begin on Christmas day and count forth until Twelfth Night (which is the actual Christmas of many Orthodox Christian sects). The twelve days represent the time it took for the wise men to follow the star and discover the king whose coming had been foretold.
For me, all twelve of the days are Christmas. A single day simply isn't enough for all the good will and blessings of Christmas. For you, though, I can easily understand the desire to write all your blogs beforehand. It is certainly both generous of you and a treat for us. Thank you.
Maybe a question regarding an ornament or decoration made from fiber (self or gift) with sentimental value/attachment?

Marion Brizendine

When my hands get tired, I get out the machine. Well actually it sits ready to go on the dining room table. My grandson, age 15, loves the socks and is not a purist,so that works for me.

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