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November 30, 2012


Mun Yee

Allison, hopefully everyone feels better soon! Have you ever tried using saline nasal drops on Henry? That's what was recommended for our baby when she had her first cold. You won't have to suck the snot out and the saline will flush it down the throat instead. Worked wonders for us. The drops is less harsh than the sprays so doesn't hurt but just tastes horrible.


Mun Yee, Yes- you are so right. At our doc's recommendation, we started doing a combo of the saline then the booger sucker and I hope that soon we can just do the saline and leave the second part out. Poor little guy.

Mun Yee

Hopefully you'll be able to just use the saline and not have to booger suck soon. I've never booger sucked my girls and I can't imagine having to do it. Get well soon, Henry!

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