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November 05, 2012



oh, that sounds like so much fun, but my Christmas knitting is going to be keeping me busy in November and December and maybe January. I have been known to gift one sock with an IOU...


Natalie, I think I have you beat on the loser-gift. For the past two years, I have knit two different people a pair of socks and they didn't fit. I had intentions of tearing them back, but I'm now remembering I never did! Embarassing.


Funny you should bring this up. I just decided this week that my next project should be a shawlette out of Malabrigo Sock yarn!


Allison, I would rather reknit them a sock then tearing them back!! Maybe that's why I have so many UFOS...


A couple of years ago, I used part of a SSYC Gift Certificate for a skein of Malibrigo Sock in "Aquas" I knitted one sock in a four row lace pattern on #1 needles in about two months. Love the yarn. Now Im inspired to knit the second sock.

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