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November 15, 2012



I had to laugh! Take it from someone who is also the mother of two boys; you will have to get used to "poop humor". Mine are 19 and 22 and would probably also laugh hysterically at "Poop Mama". In spite of the the frustrating and unproductive week, please enjoy your boys, knitting with the lovely Poste yarn, playing Words with Friends, and know that it does get better, but passes all too quickly!


He will love the book "Everyone Poops" It is hilarious and a favorite read of my girls when they were small :) Can't wait to see the holiday kit! Good luck with the computer woes too!


Anxiously awaiting the new Postes Yarn colors and the Holiday kit. Kids say the darnedest things. Lol

Leslie Fehr

Speaking as one who has been there with all aspects of your missive --- I got a good laugh about James knowing how to spell Poop. My very grown-up son would probably laugh at that also! Sorry about the computer woes - it's the pits when they act up. But, I'm glad that you have a bit more time to knit and enjoy those boys! Before you know it, you'll be back to putting up pictures of new yarn and all of the other myriad tasks that are done with a computer and will wonder did you really have time to knit?


I see April beat me to the punch recommendting "Everybody Poops". My grands thought it was hysterical. And this is your first taste of being a mom to boys (I had only girls but have 2 grandsons). An I just got a message on FB from one of my girls: "Mom, I really want this" with a photo of a Kristin Rendgren design from the Twist Collective that just came out (today I think - I haven't had a chance to look at it yet).

One of old friends from high school is married to Kristin & he posted the photo to his FB page - bragging about her. I don't know; It's an oversized sweater with a gigantic cowl neckline. I can see it taking me a year to knit - especially what with having to replace socks that my old washer & dryer messed up in their dying gasps. And a new baby due in the spring & I really do need a hat & sscarf & mittens.

Lisa Soderman

This too shall pass Allison! Hahaha! Thought I would continue on with the poop theme!!! :). Don't worry about the small things- everything will get fixed. Enjoy time for yourself and have fun with the boys!

Robin F.

18 lb. at 4 mths! What are you feeding that boy? My 3 kids were all tiny- didn't make it to 18 lbs. til they were a year and a half. I can't imagine carrying around 18 lbs. You have my sympathies.Just enjoy it goes so fast!


Robin, I know, right?! He's a freaking tank! I spend much of my day nursing him- Which is why I get little else done around here! I love that he's healthy, but JEEZ. He's not easy to lug around.

Elizabeth De Long

My 6 month old granddaughter weighs 20 pounds and I thought she is A chunk,compared to her (my Texas grandson) 11 month old, 18 pounder.Hank is the tank!

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