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October 02, 2012



Don't have a specific item but am currently working on a super-bulky cowl in Aslan Trends Del Sur in bright pumpkin orange which I think will be my go-to from now on!

Ruth g

I don't have a specific item, but 2 years ago I dressed up as an "obsessed knitter" and wore almost every knitted item I've ever made.


Don't have a specific knit item for Halloween :( but I am trying so hard to get mitts done with last year's Halloween kit yarn


I don't but I'm hoping to be wearing a pair of socks knit out of your orange and black poste yarn this year.

Sue J

I have a friend who hand dyes yarns, and I requested a skein of sock yarn in Halloween colors last year and knit a scarf for a dear friend who LOVES Halloween.........she'll be wearing that all month!!
I'll be wearing socks knit with black & orange yarn starting this week


A hat I knit with my first spun yarn!

Teresa - Working Traveling Mom

I'm working on a Hallowig to wear!


I'm almost finished with a pair of knee-high pi striped socks in very bright and halloween-like colors. Hopefully they'll actually be finished by the 31st so I can wear them!


I don't have any special Halloween knits, but I really should.

Kay L

I usually end up wearing jack-o-lantern face socks a lot this month. Right now it's a bit too hot for them: I'm still in my sandals!


I sure do have a special item. It's my candy corn striped socks and fingerless mitts. I am always so excited to start wearing them in the fall... love them..


I have some autumn coloured socks which I hopefully will be able to wear by Halloween. So far, too warm!


I have some socks in a colorway called "Pumpkin Patch" that I wear often, but I always try to wear those for Halloween.


I knit Vlad in Lorna's Laces Westlake. The color is a dark gray/black and the shawl looks very spooky.


By Halloween I should have a ruffle scarf in orange, purple, and black, and I hope some socks made from the yarn in the Halloween kit from SSY. Our church does a pumpkin patch and I've knit pumpkin, apple, ghost, candy corn, cat, puppy, and beehive hats for kids, but not for me!


I don't at this time, but I would like to!


I don't have any special Halloween knitted items. Maybe I'll just have to remedy that!

Jean Y

Hi, I LOVE to dress up..
I have lots of knit hats and socks to go with my dress up outfits!!


I don't have a special Halloween item....but realize that I NEED one!


I do not have any special handknits for Halloween, but I do have a couple skeins of variegated black, purple and orange that I need to knit into something fun for Halloween one of these days.


I can't wait for Halloween time because I can wear my black and orange striped socks with the pumpkins around the top. They look great with my black and orange striped fingerless gloves!


I don't have a specific Halloween knit but I do have an October Frost Cardigan knit in a gorgeous autumn orange.

Leslie Fehr

I usually dress up as a school girl - I have a uniform jumper saved from ever so many years ago--- add my blue knit beret and my white tights -- I'm all about the free candy!

Anne Marie

An orange reversible cabled scarf.


I just recently started knitting, so no special Halloween knit...yet. I'm planning some cool socks for my witch outfit this year.

Lucy Portland

I wear a sweater with pumpkins, but I did not make it. Maybe after I make my socks from the Halloween kit, I will have socks to wear.


I have a shawl that I wear in the Fall, but nothing specific to Halloween. Hmmm... maybe a new project?? :-)


Nope, nothing special. Unless you count the handknit socks I wear when I work hockey games, and Halloween is during hockey season?


Nope! I don't think a handknit has ever been a part of my costume. Now that we are doing something called Trunk or Treat annually, it seems, perhaps I ought to consider something. (Although most of what I do is for charity.)

Thanks for another contest, and a great pattern recommendation for these types of yarn!


As of right now no specific hallowen item but I would like to make black and orange socks.


I wear fingerless mitts a lot during the transition from Fall to Winter.

The colorway (Toast and Jam) is perfect for a new pair of fingerless mitts. Thanks for the chance to win.


I do not. I do use some felt Halloween stuff, but it's not wool I actually felted.


I have hand knit black/orange socks and fingerless gloves


I have some autumn- colored socks that I knitted for myself. The aren't exclusively Halloween colors, though. I HAVE made two pair of orange and black colorwork socks for my husband. They are PERFCT for Halloween! We used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he is a SF Giants fan -- and that was the real reason for the orange and black socks. He is extremely sock-worthy, too.


Eeek! I don't have a special Halloween handknit!

Lisa Viviano

I don't have a special Halloween knit really. Some cool socks.


No special Halloween knits here. Working on socks that should be done by then.


i have a pair of socks that i dyed halloween colors. they are three years old.....guess i should knit a new pair.

Renee Anne

Nothing special for Hallowe'en. Perhaps someday.

I do have some yarn in my stash that would make some nice Hallowe'eny things but I just haven't made it that far yet.

Ashley W

Last year I made a pair of orange socks that I look forward to pulling on soon!

Deb Williams

Black and orange striped socks are my Halloween wardrobe!


WIP- halloween shawl, hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks!


I'm not into Halloween enough to have a specific handknit for myself, but I did knit a Harry Potter scarf and socks for my grandson last year. Would love to make some socks from that yarn.


This year I can wear my Daybreak shawl - black stripes with grey/natural/bronze stripes - Warm and Fall! Tho if I get busy I could finish the black socks with orange red colorwork flames!

Donna Reed

I have a sweatshirt with jack o lanterns on it.


I don't have anything yet, but hope to start on an orange wrap soon.


We don't really do Halloween here, so I don't have a special knit.
But I should! Just because more knits are always a good idea...


Clearly, I need to be knitting something for Halloween. How many days do I have???

I usually wear a black skirt with a pair of awesome orange-and-black-striped tights I splurged on a few years ago and my pointiest-toed black boots. I have a little ghost pin with eyes that light up that my kids love to steal.


A matching hat and cowl set and a pair of stripey mitts!


My Doctor Who scarf - the very first thing I ever knit.

Nancy H

Okay, nothing knitted that I normally wear for Halloween, but this year I've been knitting like crazy all the wonderful oranges out there. Right now I've just started a marvelous cabled orange-red hat for ME! I usually knit for everyone else. I'm going to be wearing that hat all October this year!

Rachel R.

I don't have a single Halloween-y knit - but I've been thinking about candy corn fingerless mitts!


My kids wear flower pot hats!


Orange socks! Gets comments every time I wear them.


My witch socks - bright green and black stripes.


I would wear any of my handknit socks!


No nothing for Halloween.

Karen M

Like many others I don't have anything handknit and Halloweeny; just handknit. I always wear my socks.

Abby M

I made a Hallowig last year, in a blue-green happy feet yarn :)


I have no Hallween knits. Would love to make some socks.

Samantha Kravitz

Last year was one of the toughest times of my life. Knitting class was the only thing that was getting me out of the house and it helped me get back on my feet.

One of the first things I made is what I call my "hat of power." I know, sort of silly to have at 33 but whenever I am having a tough time making it through the night or day I put on my hat of power, pull myself together and it really helps. And to think it was all an accident. I was so eager to make my first hat before my hat class that I did it on the wrong size needles. But it came out one of a kind [and I wish I could replicate the fit]. So my hat of power is my favorite and about only hand made knit that I keep for myself.

Melissa VR

I will be wearing the hand knit socks made from your Poste yarn. The one you referred to as your "Halloween Socks". I think it was called Sedona Sunset. They were a really fast knit (I kept wanting to see how the next color stripe would look)and I love how they turned out.


I do not have any knits for Halloween. I could wear a pair of socks I knit


When our youngest was two and too young to walk around with her brothers and sisters, I put her in a stroller wearing a great hoodie that I knit with bulky red yarn. Added green felt leaves and stems and she became a Tomato


Perfect timing. I just finished The Boneyard shawl in Miss Bab's Witch's Potion. Perfect for Halloween. However my granddaughter thinks she is going to wear it, me thinks not.


Orange is my favorite color, so I have many orange options for Halloween. Usually it's orange socks, but sometimes an orange scarf if the weather is cold enough.

Joyce Halloween knits....BUT, I would love to knit some orange and black striped socks one of these years!


I made my daughter a pair of Halloween socks for her first Halloween away from home (college freshman). They were the Zauberball yarn--purple, pink, and orange!

Anamaria Seda

I don't have anything finished for halloween but am wearing my Halloween socks knitted by a friend already

Anamaria Seda

I don't have anything finished for halloween but am wearing my Halloween socks knitted by a friend already


Not yet but I've been looking at Alchemy Juniper Blood Orange for a pair of fingerless mitts


Nope,nothing knitted for Halloween here...I hate to say it, but I really have never liked Halloween!

kelly-ann (ravelry)

I have a couple of cute spooky toys that I knit last year and I set on the mantle this time of year.

Jill L

I have a black and orange Giants hat I wear if they are playing in October.


I don't have anything in particular, but I do have a knit hat that I wear as part of my REn Faire outfit

LN in TX

I don't have a handknit to wear at Halloween time, but do look forward to when cold temperatures hit Central Texas so I can wear my handknit shawl.

Dana Berry

I knit the shirt and wrist warmers to an 'Astrid' costume from 'How to Train Your Dragon' last year. I loved that costume!


We aren't halloweeny people, but we like our toast and jam!


I always wear my Symphony V Moebius shawl/cowl made out of the black, gray & white Zauberball on Halloween, as well as around the holiday. It can be drawn up into a hood for when you're outside which comes in handy when it's snowing Halloween night.

Cindy Carpenter

Halloween socks naturally :-) Especially if I have to work that night!

Rachel S

I don't have a special Halloween item, but I'm planning one for next year that is likely to wind up being my go-to piece every year -

Janet Silloway

I don't have any handknits, but I do have a candy corn tic-tac-toe set.


Nope, I haven't knitted anything Halloween-ish. I only started to like orange as a color to wear a few years ago.
But the colors of nature are so wonderful this time of year. Aside from the pumpkins, the changing colors of leaves, etc. - all set off by crisp autumn air.

Marian Skupski

I don't have anything so far, but I may make my pair of viper pilot socks the Halloween item.


subtle and gorgeous ....I haven't knit any halloween yet but I'm still working on my handspun color affection


This is the first time I will actually be able to wear knitted items during October (moved from CA...then in MD)! I'm making socks with yarn in a colorway called "Great Pumpkin"...I know they'll be my favorite!!

Amy G

This year my small team at work are dressing up as a strange version of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I am making slippers for the three bears and we are looking forward to a VERY comfortable day! (the rest of the costume includes fleece pants with bear paw print, plain long sleeve t-shirt and headband with bear ears) I think the slipper will become my favorite Halloween item!


Not made specifically for Halloween, but my orange Central Park Hoodie always seems exactly right to wear that day.

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

I have a black and orange fuzzy scarf I knit eons ago with the eyelash yarn. It's the only thing I have knit out of the novelty yarn that I really like.


I don't have a Halloween knit item; I need one! I bet I could come up with something using Toast & Jam!


I have no specific knit for Halloween but this year I hope I will have new gloves in time for the trick or treat kids.


I don't have a Halloween clothing item knit by me for the occasion! I could make one! I love your blogs.


I love Crystal Palaces colorways. I don't have any special knits for holloween (although I have several black striping sock yarns that could be). My only special knits are two pairs of socks for myself. I am trying to remedy that but haven't worked out the perfect plain sock yet.


I have no specific handknits for Halloween...but I am working on a hitchhiker scarf that has all the Hallowen colors...maybe I'll have it done for the holiday!!!

Debie H

I don't have anything special for Halloween. I usually have to work. Thanks for the giveaway.


I am making "Fright Night" Socks with your wonderful Poste Yarn! Have 1 done, 1 to go. Will wear them a lot in October, including to a costume party

paula busbee

I am knitting my first pair of Halloween socks and I love them. Your Halloween kit is the best. I love those new markers.

Andrea W

I don't have a hand knit item that I wear for Halloween, but I do have a shirt that says..."this is me wearing my Grandma costume!"


Just received the poste yarn fright night from you in the mail this weekend - now I just need to work them up to make a pair of fingerless mitts!


I don't have a special knit item, but I do have spider earrings and necklace that I wear with a pencil skirt and heels at work. :)

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