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October 22, 2012



I'm right there with no on being so sad about not knitting for my own kids after years of knitting for friends' babies. I have a 22 month old and a 6 month old, and I am trying to have them at least each have one hand knot sweater for this winter, but I hate that I don't have time to make them both hats and finish baby's stocking and do a dress for her since I finally have a girl and everything else that I've been planning for them for years!


with *you and *knit - clearly typing too fast.

Lisa Soderman

You will have time again one day Allison. :). You are a good businesswoman and mom. Your kids will remember the things you took the time to do with them and love it! Awesome deal on Lorna's! You can't go wrong with any of the colors!


If its a choice between spending time with them or knitting for them, the former always wins out.

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