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October 29, 2012



I half thought it might be a Halloween trick & you were linking to the YouTube video of knitting Twizzlers! I'm about half finished with one sick from the Poste yarn & I love it. Love the feel if the yarn & the beautifully dyed colors.

Leslie Fehr

Thank You!! I'll try to be patient waiting for them to arrive LOL I'm really interested in seeing how they feel in my hands.


Love the Poste yarn you are using, but I live in Tuscaloosa (red & white) and it might be dangerous to have socks that close to LSU colors! I'm knitting furiously up the legs of my 'Ghouls just want to have fun' socks with the firm intention of finishing just in time for Halloween! Then it's on to my Christmas socks in Lorna's 'Country Christmas.' So little time, so much knitting!


thank you ... i'm tickled to be a winner and looking forward to trying these square needls on a pair of sox.

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