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October 11, 2012



It's pumpkins of course. Once we lined the whole sidewalk with pumpkins. Gotta move them fast after Halloween and the nights are frosty and the pumpkins start to melt...


Our favorite is a cat made of lights for the window -- it has red eyes!


Ooh, thanks for having this great giveaway! We don't bother with Halloween decorations, although sometimes we do carve pumpkins. Last year we carved foam ones so we could put them out every year. I recently saw this crocheted cobweb ( and thought it was a pretty awesome decoration. Now, if only I could crochet...


I really dislike the stuff that hangs from my neighbor's tree that is like spider webs. Walking anywhere near that gives me the creeps! actually, I guess that's why it's there this time of year!

Rachel S

I love ALL Halloween decorations, but the best ones are the homemade ones - or the super scary ones. :)


A large cardboard pop-up "haunted house" that just about covers a round table in front of a window. It looks like a House of Seven Gables and has orange pumpkins lights or ghosts in the windows. My mother mailed it to me many years ago when I was living far away and it brings back many happy memories when I get it out every year. It folds flat so its easy to store. I would like to try square needles.

Lois Russell

My favorite Halloween decor is a witch flying into a tree. She's wearing orange and black striped stockings, black curly, pointy toed boots with heels. Picture a hat and cape hanging on a tree. Out from under the cape are the arms and legs horizontal on the tree, as if she just hit it! And the broom is now on the ground in front of her. On Halloween night,I hear the parents chuckling when they notice the witch and get lots of great comments on it. :-)


I have always loved gourds. I like the variety of them- the colors, sizes, textures.

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