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September 24, 2012



I would love to see this great pattern in Tosh Onyx with Ginger


How about Firewood and Magnolia Leaf? Very Fall-ish. :)


There are so many great options from which to choose. But I've been eager to try Sweet Georgia yarns, and I love bright colors. So I think I'd choose TL Sock in Peashoot and Pomegranite, or maybe Lettuce Wrap. All lovely.


I think maybe you mean they were 'crocheted' by Michelle?


Hahaha! Sue, you're so right. And I can't even feign lack-of-sleep on this one b/c the baby has been sleeping like a champ!

Lisa Leavitt

I like Sweet Georgia Yarns in Coal Harbor with Summer Skin!

Kim B.

I see I will be shopping tomorrow! That is a fabulous always...

Jean Yuryan

I think that crystal palace intense rainbow and red would look really neat !!!


Lorna's Laces Bittersweet and Charcoal, for that stained-glass effect.

Leslie Fehr

I love Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Ginger for the outer border with either Terrarium or Plaid Blanket in the center -- would need an "extra set of eyes" to double check. I haven't crocheted in quite a while - but I know where all my hooks are! This looks like fun!

Debbie H

I think Unique Sheep Gradience Caribbean and Erin's Dream would be stunning! Thanks!


Red hot purse pattern!
Love the Halloween kit, too!


Beautiful! I'd like to see it in Tosh worn denim and whitewash.


Love it! I would use Tosh Sock's Betty Draper Blues and Byzantine. I love me some blues and browns!


Ink and Jade. Mmmm, my two faves


I definitely see the tote bag pattern in my future. I may use a low contrast combination like Tosh Byzantine and Vintage Sari or, maybe, some of the new Fleece Artist colors..


I like the Mini Mochi idea. How about 122 and 1105?

Thanks for the contest!


I think it would look great in Mad Tosh Cove and Dustbowl. Or Sweet Georgia Boheme and Espresso.

Judy Morrissette

Will definitely be making at least one for a gift. Am thinking Lorna's Laces in Apple Hill/China Blue or Simply Socks/Chagrin.


Totally Tosh trinket and candlelight --hoping for this one!

Judy S-G

How about using the Mini Mochi #315 (Grateful Grape) & the Mini Mochi #1101 (Solid Red)? Thank you for having the contest!

Kathy in KS

I have been crocheting for, ahem, a while. I counted the rounds, and it looks like there's 8. So, I would choose one of those Gradience sets, and do 2 rounds of each color. I'm especially fond of the Jack Frost, November, and the Luau colorways, but really, they're all awesome.


really nice yarn and kit, ;)


Oh so hard to choose colors but I'd go with onyx and baltic , the colors of my local hockey team - hopefully if I knit it they'll resolve their lockout! Great Pattern.

Cathy B

I think Tosh Sock Onyx and Volga would be lovely. Because purple goes with everything, right?


My fav Lornas- Zombie BBQ with Lornas Nearly Solid- Ysolda Red


I would choose Tosh Onyx and Flashdance....I think the pattern is lovely and I would like to make this bag.

Linda Grondin

Cascade Fixation 7382 and Opal 6 Ply DK Polar Lights 5202
Reminds me of the lights at night at Niagra Falls.

Susan Henderson

Really nice purse pattern. I would go with Mini Mochi 105 and Mini Mochi solid 1103 - purple. Would love to try this purse in many colors.


I would love to make this purse in Tosh Sock Amber Trinket & Candlewick! I love Dawn's pretty!!

Vanessa Brooks

I am in love with two of the Multi colors Country Christmas and Liberty so the solid I think would look good in Cranberry for the christmas one maybe and the bold red for the Liberty? I love the Flame one too lol.. I am a yarn whore lol. LOVE this pattern and would love to make a few of these.

Michelle Myers

Madeline Tosh Terra Verte and Jade, and Madeline Tosh!! This is my next one, with less rounds and a smaller handle:) Thanks ladies for all of your color matching help:)

Nancy H

Oh, my! These make me one to take up my crochet hooks again! Don't know what colors I'll use yet!


Madeline Tosh Sock in Tomato with Onyx borders would make an incredible trick-or-treat bag for Halloween parties! (Or a great everyday purse for an orange nut like me.)

Angeliner Mediner

I would probably use Melody ms20 and ms26.


MT sock - Worn Denim and Whitewash...


I like the Unicorn Parade and Violet...
The colors are wonderful....

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