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September 27, 2012



As someone who snagged one of your Halloween kits, I thank you profusely for not accidently losing mine :-)...

My oldest is 5 years older than his sister and 7 years older than his brother. He took his sister to show and tell when she was about a month old... Now my oldest and youngest are very close. It is rewarding to see siblings together... You are blessed.

Leslie Fehr

I'll let you play with the yarn in my kit- just pack the socks in the Halloween bag along with the rest of the goodies LOL
I had 8 years in between my kids - my son wanted a sister very badly and was overjoyed when she arrived.
He would quietly roll her bassinet out of my bedroom and down the hall and sing to her while I was napping.
Now, he's 40 and she's 32 - and still so very close...
Wishes that your boys have the same experience.


Oh Henry is so adorable! Every bit as cute as James. Let me warn you (& James) that time when Henry gets down on the floor may be less than joyous for James. My older daughter LOVED her baby sister sooooo much. Then Kathy got old enough to be on the floor. Shd very quickly started crawling (she actually crawled before she sat up - she was motivated to MOVE) & was walking at 9 months. And as soon as she was mobile, she got into Julia's toys. Of course, a baby that age doesn't understand yours or mine; everything is her. (I believe I read in a child development book that babies don't realize completely that everything isn't part of them until around age 2 & it's s gradual process starting at birth.). it was hard for Julia to remember to put her things up where Kathy couldn't reach (& she was climbing by a year). And a 31/2 year old is just learning to share. A 5 year old likely will be able to understand a lot better. But you might want to think about how you want to handle that & forewarn James. BRW, my girls are the best of friends now.
PS Can't wait to get the Halloween kit that I was lucky enough to snag!


Henry is adorable. I'm so glad your child are doing well. It's a good thing there's no jealousy between the two.

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