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August 10, 2012



Allison, you look AWESOME... and have such a beautiful family. I do look forward trying to get my hands on some of the Purple Mountains Majesty. Its just lovely

Monica Jines

you have such handsome boys, thanks for sharing the pictures


Beautiful pictures


What a happy family! Enjoy your time with them - they grow so fast!


You all look so beautiful especially you mama! Thanks for sharing - I have been wondering about you!


Congratulations on your beautiful family! As stressful as this time can be, enjoy every minute of it - it goes so quickly.


What a sweet time in your lives. Enjoy!


Delightful to see the pictures of all of you and looking forward to seeing you in person soon. Take care!


Love the pics! Your boys will be best friends....just you wait & see! You soon will be in a great routine!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. Love the photos.


Time with the little ones always goes by too fast! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. Your blog always gives the feel of visiting the perfect LYS.

Penny Deotte

All the best to you and all your "boys". James looks so sweet with Henry! You look absolutely aglow. Babies are more important than yarn. We'll be patient.


You're back and look beautiful. Can't wait to place my order!

Leslie Fehr

Thank you for the pictures of the family! You look wonderful! I feel like a long-distance Aunt because of your wonderful blogs.

I can be patient waiting for an order - all I have to do is think back to when I added a second child to our family. They do take time and it's all so worth it.

You have spoiled all of us with your super fantastic customer service over the years - and set the bar so high that most online shops can't compare. Of course we waited--we've been special to you --as you and your family are special to us.


What sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Lisa Soderman

Allison, you have a great family. Yes, everything can be quite wonderful but also stressful. So please remember not to take things too seriously if you don't have to! All of your customers will know to be gracious and patient if an order is not at their home in 2-3 days. You are not a huge corporation with hundreds of employees- you are a local small business specializing in service and excellent products. Everyone will have to deal with life with a newborn. :). Everything will be just fine. Just relax, breathe, take your time and don't try to get everything done in one day. We all appreciate your service and friendliness!!!


Congrats on your newly expanded family! Such beautiful boys! No worries about orders taking a few more days than usual. Yarn and knitting can be put on hold. The same can't be said of newborns!


Congrats on your new bundle of joy(and I commiserate with the nursing diapering etc). I totally remember the last time I was in your shoes ( 17 yrs ago). They grow up so fast.

I love sedona sunset what great colors!

Robin F.

Great pix. Congrats on Henry. Get a copy of Siblings without Rivalry- by Faber and Mazlisch.


Wonderful pictures of the family. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

We look forward to your return and our patience has always been rewarded with your great enthusiasm and knowing what knitters like. The new yarns look great.


Thank for sharing your beautiful family photos! Those first weeks are so busy with A new baby! I can't wait to be back in your store!


how gorgeous your family is. with my youngest beginning his journey to kindergarten in a couple weeks it feels like even though the baby chaos is over, a brand new chaos is bubbling up just around the corner. thankfully football practice gives me plenty of downtime to play with my yarn. you will fall into a brand new routine soon, and with the promise of fall around the corner it's an amazing time to show your adorable Henry the best time of year (in my opinion). congrats, you look beautiful and have some of the most handsomest boys around!


What a beautiful family. Never complain about how much time you spend with your family. These years never repeat and you need to enjoy/cherish every moment.

aurora ann fox

what a sweet baby...your second one can make you very tired please take care of yourself and get some naps!!! I wish I was there and could help...I am a Nanny who specializes in infants ;-) (AND I also love to knit.)..I love holding newborns....well enjoy him now as soon he will be a little boy--before you know it! they grow so much the first year...if you are overwhelemed --it always helps me to repeat over and over "this too shall pass"...;-) hang in there and take time to be lazy...

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