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August 13, 2012



Hmmm... I think I would have to choose Madelinetosh's Merino Light for two reasons. 1. I love Madelinetosh! 2. I haven't used the Merino Light yet and I would love to try it!


I would probably try DIC's Smooshy in Shiny Moss! I love taht green color and have been wanting to try Smooshy for some time!


If I lived a little closer, I would love to see the shawl in person. It looks like it would stay on your shoulders nicely. I would probably try one of the gorgeous colors the Skein Sock comes in.

Stephanie V

I'm loving the Skein BFL in Beach Shack for this shawl. Lovely pattern. Yes, please, count me in the contest!

Denise Colley

What a lovely shawl! I think I'd knit it in Madelinetosh Pashima because the silk and cashmere blend would be exquisite! Welcome back, Allison!


Skein BFL sock it is for me! Love the colors.

Patricia Richardson

Welcome back Allison! I think I would knit Lara's lovely shawl in MT Merino Light in either Cobalt or Nutmeg.

Leslie Fehr

Skein Sock in Beach Shack for me! I love the color variations in that yarn - but not overwhelming for the shawl.

Lucy Portland

I'd do DIC Smooshy.


Goodness. I haven't tried Madelinentosh, so this would be a nice excuse. I think the semi-solid would be beautiful, but so many amazing colors how can I choose?

Sally S. Smith

I would use Tosh Merino Light...perhaps the Steam Age color!


Any thing in Madtosh- either sock or merino light - I just like their colors!!


The Madelinetosh is so beautiful. And maybe in the color Volga would be gorgeous. Or maybe another color? They are all so gorgeous.

Linda Grothe

Oh all the colors are absolutely beautiful. I think skein sock ghost gum would be gorgeous. Thank you for your fantastic store and blog.


I'd use Madelinetosh's Merino Light in Copper Penny. I just love that color.

Terri Tashiro-Harless

I would be oh so tempted to use Madelinetosh's Merino Light in the color Copper Penny and take a stroll among the tees in the fall.......

Sue Banner

I would so have to try it using the BFL because I love that wool so much, Tuscany would probably be the colorway, reminding me of a couple of wonderful trips to Italy!

Leta Hansen

I would go with the Madelinetosh Light. It is such a yummy yarn in beautiful colors it would be hard to choose just one!


I would probably use Dream in Color Smooshy. I even have some in my stash and have used it for a shawl. Of course, I've never used Madelinetosh so this could be an opportunity to try that too. With a pattern this beautiful, it seems the possibilities are endless. This would totally keep me warm in my chilly office!


Oh, most certainly the Madelinetosh's Merino Light in "Copper Penny". I haven't used that yarn yet, but it looks lovely.

My baby is due in late-October. Wouldn't that color look lovely to cover my baby and shoulders during those late night nursing session?!

Congrats on your new one...

Robin Schriefer

I've fallen in love with Sock Merino - in fig. If I weren't married......

Denise Russart

Skein sock - any of their lovely colors - it's my new favorite yarn.

Barbara Stone

I think I'd try the Madelinetosh's Merino Light but it would take some time to pick a color. They're all so delicious. (And you have the cutest little baby in the world. Aren't they wonderful? My baby is 21 and doesn't fit in a basket anymore.)


Wish I'd thought to take photos of my infants in baskets of yarn! Those are GREAT.


Your baby is adorable! I love the pics you cute! The pattern is lovely, and I would make it with MadTosh Sock in Steam Age--current favorite color of MT:-)


Beautiful shawl!! I'd like to knit in that Beach Shack, too--sooo pretty! What a sweet picture of Henry in a basket of yarn, he's a beautiful boy!!


Welcome back, Allison! Love the pictures of your wonderful family. The picture of Henry in the basket of yarn is priceless! If I were to knit this beautiful shawl, I would knit it with Shibui Statacco yarn in Chrome. This yarn is so soft after washing, it feels like cashmere!


I like this shawl, and I think one of those Skein colors would add some beautiful dimension to the design.


I would love to try dream in color smooshy.I have not try it yet.the pattern loves really nicewould love to try it.

Alice Hirsch

I would choose any of the Skein yarns from Australia. I love the colors and ti can envision the finished shawl.


What a lovely shawl! I would love to make this in MT Pashmina in Curiosity.
Thank you for the contest and for sharing pictures of your adorable little man...Henry is so sweet!


MT Merino Light Filigree is my choice for this pattern and a lot of others!

Debbie H

I think I would choose DIC Smooshy in Butrer Peeps. Thanks - your baby is so sweet!


I'd choose the Skein in the BFL - Gossamer or Sunlight - Welcome Back, and Henry is gorgeous!


Definitely some cashmere


I would choose any of the gorgeous colours that your dear baby, Henry is modeling. What a great name, my hubbie's name is Henry. It means "great king or lord". Of course, he does know who is the real boss here, Yeh, the CAT.

RuthAnn G

I'd most likely choose Skein BFL in Bittersweet. Probably because I'm thinking of Autumn, and the color (and name) remind me of the season. Beautiful shawl BTW.

Denise Hinckley

I think I would make up this shawl in either Simply Socks Solids-Tuscany or Lorna's Laces Shepherd's sock in Peppermint Mocha. While I'm usually not a pink person, I do love the pinky tones of both of these colorways. Denise

Lin Reuther

I think this pattern is awesome - light weight, simple, curved to stay on your shoulders! I can see knitting it in different yarns for several people for gifts.... But first in Skein WhiteWash for me!!! Hope I win!

Sue J

I think I'd have to knit this out of Hand Maiden's Casbah, Amethyst!


of course the cashmere, yummy!

Ulrika Reinholdsson

I've fell in love with this yarn and colour, so that's my dream yarn for this!

Cat H.

I would definitely choose the new Skein Sock in Beach Shack. Love the colors in this. Perfect yarn and pattern for a trip to Australia in Feb. Thanks!!!


I would use the MadelineTosh Light in Norway Spruce.
Welcome back!

Joan B

I'd love to knit the shawl in Madelinetosh Merino Light -- I love the way the pictured shawl drapes. Your baby is adorable -- welcome back.


I'd use Skein Sock in Organic or Hopeless Romantic. Lovely colors.

Beautiful baby.


Madelinetosh in Scarlet

Diane Fennel

Great pics! I'd make the shawl in Skein Ghost Gum.

Martha S

Ooh cashmere! And congrats on beautiful Henry!

Trudy Segla

I would probally choose the Sock skein in organic. I love the color

K M Murphy

I would use Dream in Color Smooshy Cashmere. I love that yarn & it would make a soft, squooshy & warm shawl.

Sandy Brandon

I would use DIC Smooshy in teal for this gorgeous shawl...a great transition into fall!

Vallery Cowden

I would use Dream in Color in Bermuda Teal so I'd feel like I'm wrapped in cool ocean water. Any thing cool is great right now in Houston, and this yarn is yummy!


Pashmino in firewood would be my choice... Loverly...

Denise Royal

I think I would choose the BFL and probably a blue or green.


I would love to knit this shawl in Madtosh Pashmina in the Steamage or the Vintage Sari colorways. Sweet baby pics.


I would like to have this done in TFA Purple Label Grape or maybe Claudia's Handpaints or even Madaline Tosh (one of my new faves) :)

Last year, my mother-in-law brought some hand-spun yarn from Nova Scotia for me. It's a rich violet color. I've been saving it to make something special, and that shawl looks very special. That's the wool I would use.

pat yamada

The MadelineTosh Merino sounds wonderful. I'd like to try that.


I would use Dream in Color Smooshy in Melon Bomb. I love to knit with Smooshy. I've made socks with it, but have yet to make a shawl. This pattern would be perfect! Thanks for sharing, Lara.

Bev Moon

The new hand-dyed yarn from Australia looks great and I like all of the colors--maybe Kaffir Lime the best. Henry is so cute--congratulations--enjoy him as they don't remain babies very long. My 'baby' just turned 41 Aug.1!!


Henry is beautiful! I don't know if I can pick a yarn since three are too many choices. I do have some wonderful prism in my stash in a dark color way that would look stunning as this sweater.


I'm so glad you are back and Baby Henry is adorable.
I think I'd try the new kettle dyed yarn from Australia. I'm usually a Mad Tosh gal, but sometimes it nice to change things up.

Debra Simon

I would probably go for Skein BFL sock, just because I have heard so much about BFL yarn, and have never used it!

Kathy O in GA

What a gorgeous addition to your family - congrats! For the yarn, I think I would have to make the shawl in the beautiful Australian yarn to remember my trip there two years ago. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!


Easy choice! MT Light in Heuchera - beautiful fall through winter in Texas!!


Smooshy in Wicked Royal. Why because its gorgeous.


Would love to try knitting this shawl in... what a minute... what was the question again???!!! I can't stop thinking of the photo of your beautiful baby boy. What a perfect combo - Henry and his mama's yarn.

Cathy B

I'd choose Skein Sock in Hopeless Romantic. Beautiful!


Welcome back!!!! Henry is the cutest--just like his older brother. :-) I would love to make that shawl in Tosh Light. In fact, it's crying out to me to make it in that yarn--and you should know what happens when that happens. :-)


Oh Henry is so precious! He is so darn cute!!! Congratulations and welcome back!!!

I love that shawl!! I would use Madeline tosh Merino light in Smokestack or Tern! Depends on what's in stock! I love a lot of the colors!!!

bette lacaille

IDMake itadtosh and smooshy. Love it.

Shirley A Cassel

I would use Madelinetosh Merino Light in Gossamer.


I'm still partial to the colors and feel of Malabrigo sock for the cartigan pattern. Thank you for running a contest!

Racedogmom on Ravelry - Sally Miller

Look what the Angels brought! How wonderful!

for the shawl, I'd like to try Smooshy, as I haven't yet. Preferably in a cream or pink shade.

Linda Gettmann

Welcome back Allison, Henry is such a cute little bundle! I'd make the lovely shawl out of Pashmina, it's sooo soft and wonderful.


The Madeline Tosh Light is divine and perfect in that color for Fall!


I think I'd like to try Misti Alpaca's cotton/silk yarn, this way it wouldn't be too warm, since I'm hot stuff!


What an adorable picture of Henry!!! I think I'd do the shawl in Madelinetosh's copper penny. What a yummy color to spark up the fall season.

Michelle Harrison

Madeline TOSH! Definitely!


I love the idea of making this with Pashima in either the Composition Book or Hickory colorway. Hmmmmm......can't decide.


I would love to try Skein. I have heard good things about it.


Congratulations to you and your family. Welcome Henry. We share a birthday :). I think that I would make that gorgeous shawl in the madelinetosh, and perhaps in vintage sari...

Sylvia Potts

MT Merino Light Dahlia ... how can you pick a favorite? There just is no such thing.

aurora ann fox

ohhh! would luv to knit this in Madlelinetosh....please ! ;-)

Ruth Kowalski

The colors Skein Sock are so lovely! That would be my choice


Wow! Handsome Henry and lovely shawl. I would do it in the Madeline Tosh Light, maybe in Envy.

teena liesenfelt

This shawl is beautiful! I've been knitting some light shawls lately for my nieces and using sock yarn. They wear them with t-shirts and jeans, the Pricess Kate look. It's hard to pick just one, but my first choice would be Skein Sock Bittersweet. Just gorgeous color!


Oooh, Skein Sock in Fig would be gorgeous in this pattern. That would be my pick!

Carol Brown

Welcome back. BFL in whitewash would be lovely with everything I wear.


Henry is sooooo. Cute!
I would love to do the shawl in DIC dusky aurora.

Michele Minkebige

I would like to see this in adeline tosh Pashmina "Curiosity". I would be curious to see how well this would look knitted up, and what other colors could be worn with this beautiful shawl!

(How about a KAL with this??!!)


This definitely needs a cashmere blend yarn like Smooshy or Pashmina.

Nancy H

Definitely Smooshy. What a great pattern! Love today's photo of Henry.


MT Merino Light. I absolutely love the colorways. Gorgeous!

Karen Wong

Henry is adorable. Good job, Mom!!!

I would use DIC Starry! Gotta have the glitz.


Love the contest - it means I just have to browse all the yarns, right? I think my choice would be DIC with cashmere, the Bronze Lake color. That would look sooo good with light wash denim jeans and a classy white shirt. Henry looks very comfy in his nice fibery nest!


I like Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, in Dark Current!

Thanks for the new contest!

Congrats on handsome Henry!

Bonnye Bulla

I would knit the beautiful shawl in the Skein Sock. I love the colors.
Baby Henry is adorable. Bonnye B

Alma Hamilton

It's such a tough's a blank slate which would look good with either a plain color or graduated tones of one color. It looks really cuddly, and would be perfect for fall and winter; I'd go for DIC Smooshy, in the shade "Velvet port" as I think a wine shade suits everyone and this is a gentle wine which wouldn't overpower any complexion. It's a shade which always makes me feel sophisticated (which I'm not at all) and super-confident (which I work hard at being).

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