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August 21, 2012



I used Lorna's Laces in the beautiful color Echo to make a pair for my Florida dwelling brother--figuring the Outlast fiber would be comfortable during both the warm days and cooler nights there. He loved them!


my son would lover cedar


thankfully the men in my life love color! However I did make a pair of basic socks for my husband, they were a hunter green with grey heels. My son picks out oranges and browns and my nephew loves blues and greens.


I'm knitting a pair of socks for my DH in a subtle variegated mocha color. He does prefer solids though. So, I save the fun color combos for myself. :-)


I'm a guy and I knit. Yay, me! I've never been in your store, but I've been on your order form several times. ;-)

Anyway, my bit to add here is that, while I am most likely to choose "manly" colors for a sweater, I will wear pretty much any color on my feet. In fact, for hand-knit socks, I mostly think the more color, the better; since I can buy subdued color socks most anywhere.

In my opinion, the design element that makes something too feminine for me to wear on my feet (or anywhere else for that matter) is holes. Holes make it lace and that's not good.

So there's my opinion. Remember it's just from one man.


The socks that my husband wears the most in winter is a pair of socks made with Solemate in Charcoal. I also made Opal Polar Light 5402 that seem ok with boots.

Sometimes its hard to pick out a variegated colorway in case it has a little bit of the dreaded pink or purple.


I feel so grateful that my husband isn't afraid of color. His favorite socks are knit out of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball Stärke 6--crazy colors and they don't match. One of my male friends, however, is much more traditional. I used an Opal in Momo 19044 for him.


I am pretty lucky - my 92-year-old Dad loves bright red socks and hats and scarves and my Husband isn't totally dull --screaming lime & pink might be a bit much for him - but he really likes 95% of the Opal colors, so that makes it easy. My son will wear whatever I knit him no matter the color, he will love it because it was made for him. Yup, I'd say the guys in my life make it easy

Candice Kush

Yes, my husband loves his hand knit socks! I did grey the first 2 years and then he said he could probably handle a bit of color, so the next year he got a light variegated blue with seafoam variegated toe and heel. Both in Shibui sock. They're his favorites. He wears a size 14 shoe, so it takes every bit of 2 skeins. Luckily he doesn't like socks to be too tall. I like to use a 6-ply or something just slightly bigger than the usual sock yarn, knit on 2's.


My husband loves color too, and he wanted all of the Van Gogh yarns made into socks for him. I made him choose only half the colors so I could have some too. I also made him fingerless mitts from scraps of many colors. He's a fashion statement!

Bonni Nechemias

My choices for the granny square crocheted bag are............
Baltic by Madelinetosh sock
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Special Edition Grand Street Ink

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