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August 15, 2012


Cara V

I know you've probably heard this, but it bears repeating. Don't push yourself. Let people help you. Your health is the most important thing, and trumps sock yarn needs (gasp) of others.
Congratulations on the blessing of the little one!


Its so good to have you back. You were missed. However, please dont try to conquer the world and get back to doing everything you used to and be frustrated when you cant. I speak from experience. It will all come in time and your energy will come back. Be patient. Knit when you feel tired.


I'm going to echo Mary and Cara --- take it easy and don't try to jump into the express lane all at once!!

Hire yourself as a baby-rocker - and give yourself some slowdown time while you "discuss" instead of "do" as you rock Henry. If you don't take care of yourself - how can you take care of the family?

While I jumped right in a placed an order - if it takes a full 10 days to get here --I'll just be that more ready to see my new yarn.

Henry is just too cute - hope his eyes sparkle like his big brother's do!


Lots of folks have "been there, done that" and really understand this new stage of your life.....and it's ok to slow down a little bit! Take it easy on yourself!


Don't push yourself. You still need to rest as much as you can (& I know how hard that can be with a baby & older child). I am waiting a few weeks to order (I have a birthday coming up & always buy myself some nice yarn for it). I think most of us are mothers & remember the hectic feeling & new baby fog of motherhood. (I had a friend who felt guilty because she had anesthesia when she had her baby & blamed that for the mother fog. I told her I thought that motherhood was more likely to blame - it really is almost impossible to concentrate for more than a few minutes when you have little ones constantly needing your attention.)

Leann Kicker

Take care of yourself and your family first; the rest will come. But all will collapse if you are too tired from trying to do it all too fast. As Donna said, most of us have been there and understand this stage of life.


Please take care of yourself the rest will follow... we don't mind.

Brenda McCoy

Glad to hear you are back! Ya know, if you have a spare rocking chair at the store, there are lots of us grandmas that would take a turn to allow you more freedom....just sayin...Brenda

Lisa Soderman

Ditto on what everyone else said! Really Allison, no one will care if you are slow!!!!!! Or in a fog! Heck, Daniel is 10 now, and I am constantly in a fog! Ease up on yourself! :).

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