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August 24, 2012



Those Color Affection Shawls are all lovely! I love the color combinations that were used - I picked 3 safe colors - and still trying to get it finished :-( I couldn't "see" how the new color would work with the other 2 that you had selected - but, you made a great choice! That will look great against a dark coat - and against your hair.
Thanks for the photos --- now I've got inspiration to work on it tonight and this weekend!


Just beautiful!

Penny Deotte

I really like the colors on the top one. Yours are the best pictures that I have seen of these shawls. I had never seen one in person and I couldn't figure out what the craze was all about. I might try one this winter when I'm cooped up. I'm not a very fast knitter so I don't usually get into the fads and the KALs because I can't keep up.

Renee Anne

I have had no desire to knit a Color Affection Shawl......but I would have a difficult time saying "no" to that blue one :)

They're all lovely, don't get me wrong...but I do like that blue one :)


So pretty! Makes me want to knit another one!



I am just starting on my second shawl, though with different colours to the first one.

It's great to see all the colour combinations in this lovely pattern


Lovely color affections. I'm getting ready to start one with handspun yarn.

Melissa B.

Wow...those look great! Thanks for sharing. :)


Wow--each shawl is lovely!!! My Different Lines went a 1st grade teacher friend who retired from Forest Park School in June. She is also a Purdue fan who loved the Hickory and black (can't recall it's name)! Looking forward to another KAL some day!!!


I really enjoyed this KAL as well. I made two Color Affections that I have already gifted. Sorry I didn't get any good pics before they were gone. I think I am going to make a third one for myself after Christmas. But what colors to use? I love all the ones in this post. Can't wait for another KAL.

Jennifer Cameron

The colors of that top one are perfection! It almost makes me want to start over. Although I may need to start over with the disaster dropped stitch that I can't figure out how to fix.

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