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July 01, 2012



Congratulations Alison....hope you, Henry, Joe and James are all well....and enjoy your time off with your family!


Congratulations and welcome to Henry! May everyone sleep well!


Oh Welcome! My heart is so full and my throat is choked. Baby, you have the most wonderful parents. The world is yours and we are all you Aunties. Welcome to the world baby boy!


a much deserved vacay! enjoy your time off with your family and new little one to-be!


Congratulations to the whole Van Zandt family! Wishing you all much happiness, health, and some sleep!


Congratulations! Take as long as you need to make YOU happy/comfortable, us knitters have patience!


So very, very happy for all of you. Welcome to Henry! Enjoy your leave. We'll miss you.

Kim B.

Congratulations to your wonderful family. Henry is a great name. Can you sneak us a photo at some point when you are feeling up to it. Wishing you well and enjoy the new baby.


Congratulations!! I am tickled to find this message on the Blog - I had been thinking of you all weekend.

Blessings to you all - I know that James will be a great big brother to Henry. I do hope that Henry learns about sleeping at night and playing during the day quickly.

Allison - take your time and don't rush anything. If we can patiently knit blankets - we can wait for the store to open up. I think I've got enough in my stash that I won't be bored LOL

Brenda McCoy

Congratulations on your recent adventure! I hope all went well with your delivery and you're settling into your nest with your brood. Keep cool!


Congratulations! Enjoy your family time and we all look forward to your return.


wonderful! i'm so glad you can take the time off to be with your family. i'm sure you can use the extra rest!!


What a joy to hear that Henry has joined your family. I'm like the poster above, I have enough stash yarn to keep me til next year, let alone August! Enjoy this precious time with your family. I would get cabin fever when my babies were newborns, and my wonderful husband would take us for drives and buy me Slush Puppies (frozen fruit drink at the convenience store) until mama was happy again.


Welcome to your new family member, Henry. Hope you all are returning home to a house with electricity. Heard is was bad out your way. Take care and stay cool.


Yea Henry!!! Such a clever boy (like older brother James) to choose such a wonderful mom and dad! Allison, Enjoy your time with the family and can't wait for new pictures!


Woohoo!!! Congrats on the arrival of Henry and a well deserved break! I'd say rest, but I have 2 kids as well and there is no such thing. Enjoy!


Drake as long as you need to bond 4 into one family. I'm sure we all have enough stash to tide us over. Besides 100* heat is too hot for even socks. Too hot for anything other than lying in AC & reading. Enjoy some time with your men!


I hope all of you get sleep! Lack of it IS temporary!Congratulations!I am so happy for the four of you!


Beautiful Baby! You can't spoil them at this age by holding them too much. Enjoy these precious times! Congrats!

Lisa Viviano

Congrats! What a beautiful addition to your family.


He is gorgeous Allison - glad you and Henry are both doing well! Enjoy your family time!

Lori Beth

Hank the Tank is just wonderful. Get some rest and dreamof yarn. Best wishes to your little family.

Janene Reeves

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy! Big brother is my hero!

Rusty M.

Congratulations! He's a cutie all right, as well as his big brother. Enjoy!!

Kim B.

Just a cutie. Only two days old in this photo...this fellow came almost full grown! Enjoy your quiet family times. Thanks for the photo and update. Now go back to your break.

Denise Colley

"Hank the Tank"... I love it! He is adorable! Thank-you so much for the picture and update. Enjoy your bonding time and treasure your new memories.


Congrats and I love that big brother sings You are my Sunshine to Henry.


What a great update...he looks perfect! My girls too sang You are my Sunshine too!

Jennifer Cameron

Congrats! I am so happy for you! He is absolutely adorable.


Congratulations to you on the adorable new addition to your family! Enjoy this time with your family! It goes by so fast!

Jan in Lansing, MI

So happy you are all well and taking care of the important things in life these next few weeks. I feel confident that all of your regulars have plenty to keep us busy -- and that a bit of "stash reduction" knitting is in ALL of our best interests! Makes room for all the wonderful new stock you'll have for us when you re-open. Happy baby to you all!


Congratulations! Wonderful news! Enjoy your happy quiet time. And welcome to the world, baby boy!

Lana in Terre Haute, IN

Congratulations! Enjoy these irreplaceable days.


Congratulations to you all!


Beautiful, terrific, be blessed. Enough said.


A big Congrats! He is such a cutie.

Michelle N. McCrillis

Congratulations, he's beautiful!

Pat Richardson

Congratulations to you all. Thanks for sharing Henry with us.


Thanks for the picture and blogs. Congrats.


I am so happy for you and Joe, big brother James! He is beautiful!!!!


Congratulations! Henry is beautiful!


Congratulations!! Enjoy! Enjoy!


So happy for you and your family. Enjoy your time :)


Congratulations Alison and Co.!! I think of you when I pick up the needles and work on my Poste Yarn socks (from the kit) and say little prayers for you and your family!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Congratulations Allison and family! We have never called our Henry Hank, because the kids named our beagle Hank!


Oh baby Henry. We LOVE you. You are perfect and so very handsome.

Jody Beutler

What a handsome addition to your family! Henry is going to be a well-loved child, just like his big brother. Congratulations!



anamaria seda

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy every moment He's precious!!

Lisa Soderman

Congrats! Welcome Henry! Awesome big brother!!!


What a cutie! I am so happy for you and your family.


Congrats! Beautiful baby! Enjoy your boys!

Dan Lauer

Woohoo! Looks like you have two terrific boys on your hands, Allison. Best to you!

Mike Irwin

Congratulations Allison!! And Welcome Henry!!

(and please ignore the somewhat technical email I sent a few minutes ago describing the fact that your site isn't taking orders!! We can only please ignorance.

Congrats again!!!!

Mike & Tola


or "plead" ignorance. Mike was too excited congratulating you to proofread before posting. Congrats and we will make our order later!


Definitely a little cutie (or should I say a not so little one). Glad that things are going well. Can't wait to see you back in the store. Maybe we'll even get to see your two little ones?


Congratulations to you all! Babies are such a wonderful, joyous miracle - cherish every moment of your family time.


Allison: hope Hank continues to be a happy baby and your exclusive family time has been a joy. Look forward to seeing u again. Congratulations! btw I had a wonderful brother in law we called Hank (for Henry). He was a terrific guy and I hope your Hank grows up to have the same personality!

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