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June 28, 2012



Wow! What fun to see what people have knitted! The Color Affection Shawls look good -- mine isn't near as far along, but it is getting there. The sock looks good in that colorway.
And the Baby sweaters, pants and caps---absolutely fantastical!

Brenda McCoy

Loverly loverly knitting! I wondered how that Zauberball would knit up into socks! Hope you're not suffering too much in this little heat wave we're having. Keep cool, keep your feet up and drink lots of water - sorry, it's the Labor and Delivery nurse coming out in me :)


I was so excited for you thinking that the picture post was of the new family member, but alas it was not to be (yet). Take care of yourself, especially in this heat wave. Good luck.


I think I may have knit color affection.. I've been trying to hold off but the pressure is getting to me:)


me too Brandi!


Can you tell me the pattern names of the baby pants?

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