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June 08, 2012



Simply stunning and what great memories you had captured

Anne Marie

You are a beautiful momma and an inspiration.


Allison - you are simply beautiful on the outside and inside! I love seeing pictures of James - he has such a happy infectious smile and he makes me smile back at him! I hope these last few weeks pass quickly for you, although they always seem to drag on forever, they did for me.


What lovely pictures! A beautiful mom and a handsome son. :-)


Wow, such gorgeous photos - and you are so pretty! I really loved seeing those, and knowing they lifted your spirits. Hang in there, and best wishes for an easy delivery.


Thank you for your kind comments! I feel like such a mess lately that reading nice things is definitely making me feel better.


You are really photogenic Allison! Awesome photos. James is getting so handsome. I just love that second photo of both of you.


I also vote for picture #2, although they are all good. I imagine when James is all grown up, he will have the picture of his beautiful mother framed and placed so he can see it often. In the meantime, enjoy these sweet days and think of the new awesome person you will meet soon!

Lisa Soderman

These are wonderful pics! I remember what those last weeks felt like!!! You can clearly see how much love there is in your family. Hang in there- not too much longer!! :)


Beautiful Allison . . . . thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your family. Soon you will have that wonderful new baby and these last few weeks will fade from your memory :)


Wow, James' face has changed so much since May!!

What nice pictures together!


James is no longer just a toddler! How fast he has grown into a handsome little boy! I'm sure he is excited to be a big brother! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!


Those are wonderful pictures! They will be ones you treasure forever!


You look fabulous and did your husband have anything to do with conception? I think James looks exactly like you! Hang in there....your new little man will be here soon!

Melissa VR

Oh Allison,

The pictures are beautiful. Pregnancy agrees with you and James is certainly a handsome fellow. It was nice to see Joe (and James) a few posts ago - even if he was "resting up on the couch".


Priceless.. I can't believe how much James has become a more grown up boy. You will always cherish these photos.


Gorgeous pictures of two lovely, happy people!


Totally fabulous photos that you will cherish for a lifetime! Many thoughts coming your way for these last days.


Allison, I just got my sock kit with the Poste Yarn!! Wow, I love it - the colors are fabulous! look just stunning in these pictures - and your little boy is a doll!! He will love being a big brother! My best wishes to you Allison.

Linda in Waterloo

Handsome big brother! Best wishes for a smooth delivery and a wonderful month off.


These are wonderful. Perfect timing!


Great pictures - you look beautiful - radiant in fact! Best wishes - stay cool!


Allison you are just stunning and James is such a cutie! He will make a wonderful big brother.


Lovely photos all. Pregnancy becomes you - you really do have that glow! And James is such a handsome little man. Before you know it, you'll have tween girls calling him! I especially love the 2nd photo.


What beautiful pictures!!!!!!!

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