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June 25, 2012


Lisa Viviano

I would choose either Mansfield Park or Mourning Dove. I think both are great colors!


I'd love to knit that beautiful scarf in Tosh DK Ophelia.


As I looked through the colors, I kept trying to go outside my usual color box. How can I do that when TFA Yellow Label DK Deep Sea is so beautiful? The blues and greens are so saturated and gorgeous. Hope you continue to feel well!


I'm moving into a red mood (along with the mercury on the thermometer) - so Tart in Tosh DK or Poppy in TFA Yellow Label.

Kathy S

I'd knit the scarf in MadTosh DK Flashdance to match a hat I just knit in the same color!


I'm addicted to Madelintosh and Firewood totally captured me.


I'm thinking that Tanis' Brick colorway would be lovely.


I just love the TFA Teal or Brick for a scarf. Actually, I love all the TFA colors as you know. Try to stay cool this week!


I really love so many of those colors, but my first reaction was Tosh DK in Cathedral.


Mine would have to be in Madelintosh Cousteau....the colors of the mountains and waters where I live.


I think Plaid Blanket would be a good choice for this scarf, and Mourning

Carla in Mt

Tosh DK Mansfield Garden. What gorgeous colors!! :) Thanks.


Tosh DK Cousteau. Mais oui!


I am torn- I found one of each I like. I would use Plaid blanket from Tosh DK- it looks like a late fall or early winter scarf. THen in Tanis DK , I like the Sunset colorway- looks like a crips fall morning. This sounds a great knit. THanks for sharing it.

Janet Laub

I would choose DK in Cathedral or Volga! Tosh is so beautiful!


Tanis Tidal would make me very happy!


I'd do it up in MadTosh Mansfield Garden or Alizarin. Both are beautiful!


Very interesting scarf pattern. I love Madelinetosh yarns and would use Tosh DK in Magnolia Leaf.

Meg C

I thought it would be easy, but it's HARD to choose! I'd go for Yellow Label Sunset. What a gorgeous, warm color.

Kelly M

I'd have to say Tosh DK in Mansfield Garden Party. It's always been one of my favorites!

Mary Anne Tucker

Please enter me to win the free scarf pattern.
Thank you


I would use Mansfield's Garden Party. Love the colors!!


All of the MT colors are gorgeous as always, but I can't keep my eyes off of Mansfield's Garden Party. I would LOVE to use it to make the Scrunchy Scarf!

Bette Lacaille

I'd go with Mad's Plaid Blanket


I'm drooling over Cousteau.

Judy Laquidara

I would use Madelinetosh DK in Tart. I am so in love with all Madelinetosh yarns and especially tart. That red with the hint of black . . LOVE IT!!

Jean Yuryan

I would have to go with the mansfield's garden--it's just so pretty


Definitely MadTosh Plaid Blanket. Used that in Pashmina for a long Honey Cowl/Infinity scarf last fall for a gift. Absolutely stunning! Wish I still had it for me! So, I'd be happy to work a new scarf to keep.

Diana Follett

I would knit it up in Madelinetosh Tosh's Dk - Ophelia. I just helped my 5 yr. old grandson tye dye a t-shirt in black and purple so we would match.

Angela Medina

I would use TFA Poppy. It's a beautiful colorway!

Lila B

I think either TFA Yellow Label DK Velvet or TFA Yellow Label DK Deep Sea would be very nice colorways to use.


Oh, Tosh DK's Plaid Blanket reminds me of the wool plaid skirts I wore in high school in Wisconsin! So warm looking.


MadToah Ophelia, definitely. Or Envy. but then there is Tart......! How am I to ever decide!


I'd use mourning dove.


They're all beautiful, not to mention the scarf. Looks like fun to knit.


I also think Tart in Tosh DK would be the way to go! looks like a great pattern too!


I would choose the colors in the pic, that looks AWESOME! Only issue, my daughter will claim it before I am done. :)


Another hard choice! I think I'd go with MT Tosh DK Mourning Dove, but TFA Yellow Label DK Deep Sea is beautiful, too!

Thanks for the contest.


So many colors.... Tosh's Firewood spoke to me :)


Oxblood, or Cousteau--those jump out first, but there are close seconds.

Ann Glenn

I LOVE the Madelinetosh tosh DK. IT would go with almost anything.

Rise St. Arno

I love the Tosh DK, hard to pick a fave but I thinks Cathedral is the best!


I absolutely love the MadelineTosh Dk Plaid Blanket!! So many great colors - very hard to choose just one


I love all the colours but I'd start with Mourning Dove!


I would make the scarf in Tosh DK Flashdance.


I would use Tosh DK in Cousteau. Beautiful. Thanks much for the giveaway.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

I thought for sure I would go for Tosh because of the depth of color but looking at the pattern, I think TFA teal is a perfect match for because the lighter, brighter parts will really pop in the scrunchies.

Jean Mathews

Difficult to choose from such a great selection, but my first choices would be Tosh Flashdance or TFA Poppy. I might need several scarves!!


I would have fun knitting the scarf in Tosh DK Plaid Blanket - it has just the right plaid colors!

Lisa Soderman

Hi Allison! Cool scarf pattern! I think I will need to add it to my Revelry library. For Madeline, I liked the flashdance or Ophelia. Thought those colors would work well in the pattern. For Tania, I like the Velvet color. Hope you stay well these last days! Won't be long now!!!


I would go with Madeline Tosh DK in the Envy colorway.


I would definitely choose the Madeline Tosh DL in Tart. It is a beautiful red.

Paula Zent

I would love to make this scarf for a very Dear Friend of mine and the Madelinetosh Tosh DK would be Perfect,these are her favorite colors!!!


I would like to do one in TFA brick or tosh garden (fun colors!)


MT Tosh DK Mansfield Garden

But I have to tell you that I love ALL the colors!!!!



Allison, This is a great scarf that could be quickly done for Christmas Gifts. I think my favorite color way is Madtosh DK Ophelia.

kate s

I would use the Madtosh DK Plaid Blanket


Lots of pretty choices, but I would use MT Tosh Mourning Dove.


Such a fun and funky pattern that I would choose Tosh in Nutmeg - perfect to coordinate with my favorite jeans.


Oh I like this style very much and will do it in Tosh DK, Ophelia!


I love the pink in Mansfield Garden Party


Separate beauty from beauty? Tough choices! But if I HAD to I'd pick MT Tosh DK Cathedral--it would be great to pull on that first chilly day of fall (up here in the midwest that can sneak up on ya).


What a tough choice! If I had to choose today, I would go for Tosh DK in Firewood.


All the colors are gorgeous, but the Tosh DK in Cathedral caught my eye most of all. So pretty!


Tough decision. I guess that my first choice would be Mansfield's Garden Party - I already have it in fingering weight, and it is beautiful. That said, there's a tie for a close second place between Plaid Blanket and Cathedral. Tart is great, but I've been overdosing on that color lately.

Good luck with your new baby.


Either Tanis Brick or Olive -- both would go with just about everything I own.


My choice of yarn from MT DK colorway is Magnolia Leaf. Thanks for the offer of a free pattern.

Ruth in N.J.

Cathedral would be my first choice!


I would use Cathedral, Ophelia or Flashdance.


Mansfield's Garden Party knitted up so pretty - but it was hard to decide! It would feel so nice on a cold, windy day in Wyoming!


Cousteau...I'm in a teal phase.

Michelle N. McCrillis

Mmmmmmmm, Tosh DK in Cousteau.


Madeline Tosh DK in Cousteau. Or Tanis in Teal.


What a good color selection! It's difficult to choose. Its either Tosh Cousteau or TFA Poppy or may both... Why not, I worth it!


Magnolia leaf would be my choice.

RuthAnn Cromwell

I would chose the Mansfield Garden. What a fun scarf.


My first choice would be pretty!


i want them all! i do love magnolia leaf though. enter me please. thank you


I have a weakness for the colors in MT DK's "Magnolia Leaf". That's my choice for the scarf.

Thanks, and God bless you and your growing family.

Debra D

There are so many pretty colors but I think today I'd pick Vintage Sari. Tomorrow, it might be Malachite or Cobalt.

Laura Jones

It's hard to choose, but Tosh's Mansfield Garden looks lovely in this pattern.

Linda Buntin

I have used this yarn before and it is wonderful! I would use the MT in Cove.

Deb G

I would choose Tosh DK Mansfield Garden.. what great lovely happy colors!

Jeanett Craddock

I'd pick envy. Love the look of it


MT Tosh DK Mourning Dove is my fave. Love the name too!


I seem to be drawn to plums & purples in the Tanis Fiber Arts Ylo Label DK. I would choose Velvet. Best of luck with your baby!

Maya (MayaMoonie)

A tough choice! I think I'd go with Tosh in Ophelia.


I can't decide! Tart, flashdance, no tart, no....


I think Tart or Poppy! The reds are beautiful!

Linda B

It would definitely be Tanis Velvet as those are my sisters' favorite colors. Then I'd have a head start on her February birthday present!! That doesn't happen too often! Thanks for the giveaway.


I love blues and greens, so Envy would be my choice. It is tough, though. All the colors are gorgeous.

Sheila D.

I would make this scarf in the Madeline Tosh DK Envy.


I love all these Colours, but I have to go with tart

Jamie brewer

I would love Tosh Flashdance! All things purple!

Miriam H.



Tosh DK Firewood would be my first choice, but a close second is Tosh DK Tart

Jan Walsworth

Madeline Tosh DK for sure - her yarn is one of my favorites. I've queued the scarf in Grenadine on Ravelry because this would be a perfect Bday gift for my DIL and that color is perfect for her, but the Cathedral would be my personal choice. Then again, I'd love the Alizarin too... :)


Ooooh, either Mourning Dove or Envy, both gorgeous! Actually, they're all beautiful, but having to choose, those would be my favorites. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

Lony Kerschbaum

I think it would be great in Tosh DK Morningdove. I wear jeans a lot and think it would go perfect with them as my accessory!

Denise H.

I'd have to go with the Tanis in Sunset. It makes my heart go pitty-pat!

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