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June 07, 2012



I like the color 2009 Joyful. I wish they wouldn't discontinue this yarn.

Mary Brown

Color 2009 is my favorite color. It reminds me of a tidal pool. Sometimes yarns are discontinued before we are ready for them to go.


I like the Cocoa and Mint. Blue and brown is always a favorite color combo for me.


8110 - those are totally my colors! Or maybe 2009... that one is really good, too.

Kathy Strand

8110. Love a little purple with my green!


I like the color Fern Tones. Pretty greens.

kate s

6016 - I love that red!


8116 makes me think about early autumn in the woods`


I absolutely love the garnet laser color. The red is beautiful and so are the bits of contrasting color.


6016 is the winning color for me - love the reds, tho 8110 is a close second.


The blues and greens of 8110 Jungle are beautiful.


I really like the beautiful green shades of 8005.

Lisa Soderman

The color 2011 - the tweedy spices looks way cool! The price is phenom! A bag of 6 for 13.50?! That is great!!!

Arleen Gould

2001 is perfect and so easy on the eyes.


Treasure Chest 8109


Frosted Baby Blue!

Cathy Goldman

Red gice me red


Ooh! I like 6016, Lacquer Red! It looks so Christmassy!


Jungle 8110!


2009 JOYFUL . Joy is my oldest's middle name.


looks like a fun mag! love the colors!



2510 I'm a sucker for pastels, especially pinks! Reminds me of my all time fave DIC Petal Shower.

Sindy Faddis

2009 would be my choice....


Cocoa mint, reminds me of Andes dark chocolate mint wafers!


Jungle 8110! Love the blues and greens

Kim Q

Ooooh...the frosted baby blues...


I love Coral Sea! Just love that combination!


2009 is my fave. Might just have to buy some--Thanks, Allison!

Anne Marie

Love the Jungle colorway! Rav amchart


Panda Silk 8115 is my favorite. It looks like the sky at sunset.


I like Feldspar.

Mary A

2510 Frosted Rosewater and I never had pink jump out at me before breast cancer hit 5 + years ago. Of course two beautiful grand daughters may jut make pink pop also.

Katherine Hawley

Love the Red - 6016


It was hard to choose, but I'll go with Joyful! Thanks for the contest!


I love the color Treasure Chest.


I like 2009 Joyful!


I like 2009, but 2301 comes a close second.

Kathy Beaumont

Color # 6016!! It is a great red, so clear and bright.

Stephanie V

Frosted Rosewater! Everything about this yarn is so tender and delicate looking. I'm trying to imagine how it would taste as a cold drink, too. Yummy yarn color.

Penelope Damore

My favorite is the 8005 Fern tones. In the past I've used Panda Silk DK in several colorways for lacy chemo caps (Knit Michigan project) and the fern green was the best colorway of the bunch


2301, Frosted Baby Blue. Usually I'm a 'green' person, but I'm drawn to this one for some reason.

Lucy Portland

My favorite is 8116.

Leta Hansen

Panda Superwash 2011 Tweedy Spice
I can almost smell the apple pie baking. YUM!!!

Jean Yuryan

LOVE #6016; I ordered 6 skeins!!!!
Can't wait to get it!!!

Jeri Nicklau

I love Treasure Chest 8109. Deep and beautiful.


It's a close call between Joyful nd Frosted Rosewater. All the colors are wonderful and I wish I would have picked some of this weight up when I was in last week.


Oh, I love the Lacquer Red!

Natalie G.

I love feldspar. Anything that combines browns, beiges, and blue is great for me

Debbie H

8115 Purple Dawn. thanks!

Andrea W

I love CP Panda Silk DK 2510. Great color!


I loved the 2011. Made cute socks, premee hat and a beekeepers piece to remind me of the gift I gave of each.

Beth Fulton

CP Panda Silk DK #8109....I keep looking and looking!!!...and keep coming back to that one! "Magnatized!"


I think the Joyful 2009 color has to be my favorite!


I like the maizy 1218 or the panda silk 2301=)


My favorite is #2990 - Joyful. I like the basic color and especially the little streaks of other colors. However, I also like #2301 - Frosted Rosewater. I'd use this for my niece - she's a pink fan.


Frosted Rosewater is my favorite.

Melissa B

8110...jungle...purple and green together is always my favorite!

Suzanne Shattuck

I love 2203 Evening Blues.


2009 Joyful, because I love both the name and the colors!


8110 blues and greens!


2301 frosted baby blue. Looks like a nice COOL summer color!


I love jungle, I have always like purple or pink with green! but rosewater is also nice!


I like cocoa mint. Love the green and brown combo.

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