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June 22, 2012



I would knit a pair of socks using Dove - I've never knit with cashmere, so that would be yummy for my toes!

jan murphy

One color, huh? It could only be Atlantic


I've been dying to try the Rosewood one-skein shawl and this yarn would be perfect!

paula busbee

I would love to try this yarn. Shadow would be my color.


Wow choosing just one color is difficult!! If I must choose, I love to do something with Orange Blossom.


I love that Deep Sea!

kate s

this looks like lovely yarn. I think with one skein, I would knit Haruni.


I love Dove!! It's my kind of color. Would love to try this!

Nancy Evanchik

frost wood make a great baby gift How about a sweater


I would love to knit with cashmere,I never try it before I would love a pair of cashmere socks
they would be so warm for the winter in vermont.I like Jewel


Oh purple label in Stormy and honestly I think it deserves a wonderful sock pattern such as Sunday Swing Socks..


Brick socks would be great, wonderful with jeans and Birks -- what cozy feet I would have!


Anne Hanson's Tudor Grace.


I would choose the Olive to knit the Polypodium vugare socks in my queue.


I would knit Batik by Kitman Figueroa


I think I'd knit a shawlette with Buttercup. thanks for this chance to win!


Hmm, perhaps the ever-popular Travelling Woman or Ishbel... in either Stormy or Atlantic?


Only one color...It's a toss up between lilac and sweetheart. I'd knit Cookie A's Asymmetrical Cables from Sock Knitting Master Class.


Stormy would make for a great pair of socks.


I would love to make a Shallows cowl in Stormy. So lovely.

Renee Anne

First of all, the "Shadow" colorway is calling my name......and I think I'd have to stick with socks, just for farts and fairies. I don't know that I'd want anything too complicated because of the possibility of pooling or otherwise looking weird with patterns. So, perhaps some plain ribbing, perhaps toe-up (since I haven't done that yet).

I know, I'm boring.


I would make the Spring Shawlette from Abuelita's Yarns Designs shown here ( in the Dove colorway. It looks like it would be perfect for wearing with jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt for a walk in the woods this fall.


I love the Blossom shawl! It's been in my queue forever now!


I would pick Dove!

Tammy M

I think I would stick to socks, just because I love knitting socks! I would love to try the Sand colorway for this lovely pattern: :)

Teresa - Working Traveling Mom

I'd use TFA Purple Label Sweetheart to make the Valentine Socks pattern!

Martha S

I would knit Celaeno in TFA Purple Label in Buttercup and call it Sunshine. I love the beads and with this yarn would be heavenly!


I'm thinking perhaps a Piper's Journey.


Tanis Fiber is one of my favorite decadent desires and I would make myself my favorite rib sock pattern in grape. This yarn is truly fabulous!


I would use shadow, because it's got several beautiful shades that would show off a nice cable or lace pattern.

Ashley W

I want to knit Sign of Four socks in Stormy or Atlantic.

Donna R

I love Shadow!! I would make a beautiful shawl!


I would knit the Traveling Woman shawl, which has been on my Ravelry queue for a long time!


Mermaid Gloves with Dove

Sue J

WOW!! That's a hard decision! So many beautiful colors!!
I think I'd go with Plum.....I love purple, and I don't have any purple socks! I need to fix that!


Pick just one color?! Dove is beautiful. So is grape and garnet And velvet is pretty stunning too. if I have to pick, this moment I'd go for Dove.


I would knit a shawlette out of Orange Blossom.


A nice cowl in Tidal would be wonderful!

Sarah S.

I would love to make my daughter a pair of socks for her birthday with Deep Sea.


Wow! a tough one. I think Anne Hanson's "Frillibet" shawl in Cobalt


I would make a Simplicity Shawlette out of the color way closest to the special edition color last year (mostly blue with pink and grey, denimy, Blue Label). Probably Cobaly, maybe stormy? A friend admired my Shawlette and I am not ready to give it up!!


I can't help myself -- I love grape...BUT since I am trying to wean myself off purple, pink and red, I would choose to knit a shawl with stormy or cobalt and I would love to try the cashmere blend

Linda Buntin

Oh, so many wonderful colors!...garnet, stormy or spruce. Which one, which one...
the garnet


I would knit the Allons-Y shawlette.


Zuzu's Petals Shawl with Atlantic. So many beautiful colors, very hard to pick just one!

Leta Hansen

Simple Yet Effective Shawl using Sand.


I would HAVE to knit a pair of socks for myself. My feet deserve the decadent treat :)


I would choose Cobalt and make an infinity scarf for my daughter.

Lugarda Cappetta

I would make something out of Dove; just not sure what.


I love the Atlantic color, and I'd probably knit just a plain pair of stockinette socks, to give the cashmere and color the spotlight.

Kathy S

I would knit Multnomah in Spruce!


I love Tanis Fiber Arts yarn! I would knit the Cream and Sugar Cowl by Alana Dakos in the color Brick.


So many wonderful colors and patterns to choose from, but I think I would like to make a shawl/scarf with Atlantic.

Linda Grothe

Oh Sweetheart will you be mine?? I know you will keep my hands and feet warm.


I would want lemongrass for a cool pair of fingerless mitts.


I would choose Tidal for a pair of shorter socks so that I could make wrist cuffs with the leftovers! That way by some miracle, I might slightly look forward to cold weather ;)


I'm having a hard time choosing a color since there are at least 5 or 6 that I really like. But whichever one I chose I would make into some textured stitch scarf like Fuyu or the Honey Cowl.


I would pick Lemongrass, Buttercup. or Orange Blossom because those all seem to be very unique colors to me. Probably would make some fabulous mitts or gloves as those colors would brighten any dark or dull winter's day.


We are having twins, so it would have to be Sweetheart to make the Sunnyside baby sweather.


I think I would choose either garnet or stormy to make either the Traveling Woman shawl or Multnomah. The choice would be decided by who I decided to knit it for...

Elise McKee

I would make something from the one skein of sock yarn book. I love so many of the projects in that book. Any of the beautiful colors would do!


I would use Lemongrass, although it was a hard decision because all the colors are beautiful. I would do a footie sock and hope to have leftovers for mittens!


I love those two tiny sweaters via link. I think I would choose to knit one of them.


A toss up between Haruni and Multnomah. This yarn is one of my favourites for any shawlette project.

Susan C.

I have so many one-skein shawls in my queue, and I'd love to make a Cedar Leaf Shawlette in Lemongrass. Gorgeous!

Leslie Fehr

Brick would be my choice -- for a pretty cap with a lace pattern. I have a special friend with lovely white hair and I think Brick would be just the right color.

Debbie O'Shaughnessy

I would choose Dove - I could make a pair of socks and "nest" on my sofa while knitting!


Garnet or chestnut would become socks or a cowl. It's hard for me to choose just one, which explains my stash!!!!


Solaria is a beautiful one skein project I would love to knit.


I would pick TFA Purple Label Dove in Anne Hanson's Rivolo pattern. But I agree with Lynn - it's hard to choose just one!

Lisa Viviano

Sock knitter that I am... A pair of socks in Dove. Seems like a very calm color for a calm knit.


all the colors are gorgeous! I would knit a shawlette in Garnet, I think.


I would knit the Annis scarf in Garnet - I'm a January baby, so I love Garnet!

Jill L

a cozy cowl

Diane E

I'd like to knit some fingerless mitts in Brick - pretty for early Fall!!


I would love to try "Deep Sea"! My favorite color is blue and this yarn would be perfect for Moiraine (socks).

Brenda McCoy

Oh Man! A Fishtail scarf in Atlantic...I think...Oh or socks in Snowflake...oh..oh!

Holly K

Deep Sea would make a luscious Wingspan shawlette--and show off the gorgeous color variations to all. Yum!


Brick would make a lovely lacy scarf for this fall.

Melissa B.

I agree with others that choosing one color is difficult! With Stormy, I would knit the openwork shawl

I love the depth of all the colors!

Thanks for giving me a chance to dream again.

Lucy Portland

I would make a pair of socks using royal flush.


Although it is not terribly creative to say socks, I would indeed knit socks out of Deep Sea In preparation for my spring trip to Alaska to do some sea kayaking in Glacier Bay. These yummy socks would keep my toes nice and dry and toasty!


The Dove for me because I have nothing so subtly serene. I would make fabulously simple socks. For me instead of for two sisters I usually bless.


I love Grapefrui for a shawl called "Sugar Mountain".

Anne Marie

The Jewel colorway for some Carousel socks.

Rav amchart


Dove is beautiful and would make a lovely "Afternoon Tea" by Helen Stewart.


Sweetheart....almost got some before!

Cathy Goldman

purplr label...give me cashmere....and a fantastic pair of socks....have to think about which pattern...but something FABULOUS


Garnet.. scarf for christmas. love the yarn!

Carla in MT

Because I love knitting lace, and cashmere is a perfect fit for a lace shawl, I would knit Gail ( using Dove.

Mun Yee

Spearmint will be my choice. Somehow I'm quite taken by green this week and I think it'll be perfect for Anne hanson's Pea Vines pattern!


I think a scarf in Dove would go wonderfully with my winter coat.


TFA Purple Label Shadow to knit the sock called Changeling from Janel Laidman's book The Enchanted Sole. This has been on my project list for a while.


I think I'd do Thistles, Thistles shawl in Teal.


Pogona by Stephen West

TFA Purple Label Dove

Then again, I'm on a shawl mission.

Um, "allofthem"? ;-)

Ok, I guess if I could only pick one, it would be stormy, but it's like asking me to pick my favorite child!

Wishing you and your family the very best as you welcome your little one!


I'd knit Solaria ( out of Orange Blossom, though I love Dove!!!

Lisa Soderman

All are wonderful colors! My faves though were Dove, Shadow and Velvet. So out of all of those, I would choose to knit with Velvet and the pattern would be The Windmill Beret by Sami Kaplan from Ravelry. ALLISON- you have got to check out this pattern! Sizes from BABY TO ADULT and absolutely adorable! I put in my Ravelry library! Thanks for the contest right before baby is born! Take care!

Janene Reeves

Definitely a shawl! (just haven't narrowed down which one yet) ;-)

LN in TX

Some simple socks in Cobalt. Yum!

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