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June 13, 2012



My view is the website telling me that I am dealing with a 105 heat index today and I'm not loving it!!! This is why I keep my bedroom dark and cavelike to keep the heat out as much as possible.

Yet I STILL try to win wool!!! LOL

Melissa B

My view tonight is two beautiful boys taking an after supper "swim" in our backyard kiddie pool. It's a little cool for me but they are having a blast!


Tall, deeply etched red cedars embedded in the damp, rich earth next to sprawling, luscious pink rhodedendrons, both audience members to the babbling brook in a cool ravine.


My view earlier today was my newly cleaned out chicken house - Yay for fresh pine bedding. My view in half an hour will be from the front porch of the Wednesday Night Knitting Group - wonderful women knitting and watching traffic.


Naked roof, old shingles, nails, weird celophane (from the back of the old shingles)-----yuck! Hopefully the house will look great with the new roof!


I'm a teacher and usually I have a view of the parking lot. Today we went on a field trio to Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx and had a glorious view of the Hudson River.

Lynn Z

My view on my drive to work is of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. I can't complain.

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