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June 13, 2012



My current view is my lunch - mussels steamed in organic tomato sauce with mushrooms, julienned zucchini as noodles and fresh basil from my garden.

A Facebook User

My view today is mostly my spinning wheel. I'm spinning some orange and white Punta wool called Dreamcicle.


my fancy tea cup, trying to inspire myself to get my writing done.


my view today is out the window by my computer and it looks hot and windy.. hummmmm wonder where I am?

Rusty M.

My view today (like you I'm sitting with my feet up due to stupid ankle problem!) is the kitchen table and my bright green quaker parrots in their cages.


Today my view is at work (but lunch is going to be spent working on one of 5 shawls for my cousins and the view will be of the river and ducks.)


My current view is of my desk at my, phone, inbox, calendar, etc...not very glamorous or beautiful, which is why I MUST knit in the evenings...yarn is beautiful and glamorous!


My view is piles of fabric and the sun shining on my deck. Now I want a pnut butter and banana hot dog!!

Jennifer Cameron

My view is the Mark's Ark property with animal barn and old farmhouse while a bunch of kids are dressed as elves and "bad guys" wearing black are acting in a film called Mrs Claus is missing. Plus the older kids and adults who are directing and filming. Fun (long) day


My empty red Starbucks coffee cup. *sigh* Must do something about that...

Theresa Morris

My view is looking out the front window at all the road construction that is going on all over the street. They keep tearing up and repairing the same bits while putting in a new lane. *sigh* And the driveway is blocked so I can't get out.

Ann Duke

My view today is sitting in my living room and knitting and watching the rain come down.

Carol F

Having a cup of tea in my new Starbucks mug while looking over the backyard.

Kathy Strand

My view is out my living room window of my Teresa Bugnet' rose bush blooming. And, it smells as pretty as it looks!

Kim Deiro

Sitting pool side watching my precious granddaughters take swimming lessons!! Grandchildren always make an awesome view!!!


My view... 3 bee boxes of 10,000 bees each being fed (carefully) their sugar water by my daughter.

Jean Yuryan

My view today madeline tosh yarn--trying to decide the pattern for my next sock endeavor-it's raining; perfect day to start a new project!!!


my view today is rain. It's very pretty.

Leta Hansen

My view is of my 15 year old Schnauzer. She is such a sweetie, sound asleep and at peace.


My view whenever I'm on the computer is boxes of yarn. It supposed to dissuade me from buying more online but it doesn't work--does it, Allison????

Sandra King

I wish I had an exciting view to share, but I'm at work! I work in an office with no windows, so I should win a prize for having the least desirable view!

Katherine Hawley

My view is a low dark cloud that is ready to dump water if I dare to go outside


If I turn to my left, I have a view of a beautiful sunny day (over a parking lot and the back end of an Arby's). If I turn to my right, I have a view of all the yarn in the store that is my dominion for the day. (Straight ahead is the novelty yarns that I don't care for, so I try not to look that way!)

Cathi Kohn

I just have to turn my head 90degrees to see a window. My view is my desk at work. i have pictures of my family on the wall and my 20oz coke and computer.


My view is blue sky over the Rocky Mountains. It's been smokey until today, so I guess the winds are sending the smoke from the forest fire to the east instead of south to us in Denver. Good thoughts to the firefighters battling it out up there.


One of my friends took me to the house they have under construction. Beautiful views from a high bluff looking out over lush green oak trees and the Mississippi River below. Gorgeous


My view today is of my son and his buddy long-throwing their baseballs, trying to build arm strength so they can play MLB! :) We should all dream so big.


two white butterflies fluttering around newly opened red salvia flowers..soon the hummingbirds will come


My current view is my home office - and lots of yarn in said home office.

kelly-ann (ravelry)

Both kids learning how to tread in 10 feet of water at swim lessons - love summer time activities :)


My view out of my bedroom window is the sheep having a lovely time grazing in the field. Paradise on Salt Soring Island, BC

Ramona Edwards

Gray skies, office computer and lovely African Violets crowned with blooms.

Cindy Henke

Ooooh that's easy. Sitting here working at my home office desk, staring out the window, watching my horses romp in their pasture on this beautiful Wisconsin day!


My view is the mint green walls of my office, complete with buzzing fluorescent lights. But at least I have pretty yarn on the computer to look at!


My main view today is of my grandkids playing at the park. Fun stuff. It's been a perfect day to be at the park.


My view today is of a bathtub filled with a Shetland fleece. Hopefully it will be a shawl someday.


Acres and acres of trees from my deck as I knit on this glorious day.

Anne Marie

an overflowing sink of dishes **SIGH** and unfinished project at the sewing machine. WISH it was a sleeping baby so I could tend to them! Rav amchart

Brenda McCoy

I see my backyard with picket fence and trees and my poor lonely covered swing swaying gently in the breeze and begging me to bring yarn and come visit.....

Gale Longley

I went to see my grandson and his class launch a boat that made in school. It was a raining but we all had a great time. What a great job the kids did.


My view today is the computer screens - a day full of software testing and report editing! Pretty boring until I have to get out of the test system and get to take a "run over to SSYC" for a few minutes.


View today in Vancouver is grey,windy and drizzly. It looks like November, I am hoping that the sun will come out later. Right now it's a day to knit a Christmas sock!


knitting needles and bits of yarn everywhere...


My office window doesn't reach the outdoors - my view is of a warehouse full of boxes of trees waiting to be planted.


My view is out the window of my office that looks out into a wooded area in the back of our bldg. And there is a telephone line that stretches from our bldg. to the pole and at any given moment there could be up to 5 or 6 Eastern Blue birds!!! And IF I AM BLESSED my deer friend will come out of the woods and give me a thrill today as well.

Rest Momma.......get some knitting done!


My lunch view today was three of the most adorable children (all in high chairs)at the Taj. The little girl was wearing a yellow headband with a yellow flower bigger than her head


My view from the sofa in the living room includes one dog sleeping over the a/c vent in this room, and the other dog sleeping over the a/c vent in the dining room. I think I need to change rooms if I want some air myself.


My view from my desk is a painting of an Iris from the 1997 Dogwood Arts Festival. Other than that, a boring beige wall & door!

jan murphy

Just said goodbye to my sister after she came over to go out to lunch. We've been making more of an effort to stay in touch since we lost both of our folks. So, my beautiful view is of her taillights as I waved goodbye for now :)


My view this morning was of the press conference announcing our new legislative advocacy network. Some of my favorite alumni and our Chancellor addressed the assembled group and news organizations. Very exciting!

Linda Buntin

My view...laundry...and lists
we are loading up the RV to go to the ocean. So, I am freshening up the towels and sheets that were in there all winter and making shopping lists of things to bring and get at the store before we leave. Everything is a mess right now and it's what I'm looking at (wishing I could do that 'Bewitched' nose wiggle blinky thing).

Sue J

my puppy Tippy asleep on her dog bed


My view right now is a sink full of dirty dishes that I have to wash, but my view while I am doing them will be the lawn I just mowed and a thriving garden!


My view today as I was coming back from lunch was of an elderly couple walking hand in hand. Oh,to grow old gracfully and still be in love,and not alone!


Freshly picked strawberries making the whole kitchen smell wonderful!


my daily view is out my kitchen window where mt marathon is right there. i've seen extreme skiers skiing down the race trail in the dead of winter, watch the women and men run up and down in the world renown mountain race every fourth of july and glass mountain goats, black and brown bears up there while hikers are on the skyline. i follow the changing faces of the mountain through the seasons.


My current view is my very boring brown cubical walls.. I should bring in some of my sooo pretty sock yarn to put splashes of color that make me happy, but as of now, I have current year school pictures of my 2 youngest nieces.. so when I look at their smiling faces, I can at least dream of happy times when I'm able to see them

Emily Kestner

My view is my computer...looking at your blog and not doing work like I'm supposed to! Shhhhh!!! Don't tell. ;)


A distant view of the ocean and islands, a close up of forest with random bunnies and deer wandering through. Hooray for vacation location!

Renee Anne

I wish I had a lovely view. Unfortunately, I had to pick Little Man up early from we're watching Futurama in the living room.

It's cutting into my packing time. Oh well. I'd rather spend time with Little Man anyway :)


My view is a 64-student string orchestra at a music camp in Kentucky. Wish I could attach a pic so you all could see these talented kids!


My view right now is the top of my two-month-old's head (in a sling) and my 11-year-in the chair, waiting for the ENT to come in and explain why his ear exploded.

Later, I hope I will a view of the oldest two (the 11-year-old and his 5-year-old sister) playing soccer. :)


My view is pretty similar. Being pregnant means I can no longer sleep in but instead was up far before 7am on a day I don't have to work. I quickly planted myself in a chair with feet up and knitting in hand. And here I still am.

Patty McD

Looking out my kitchen window at trees in my back yard, (lemon, orange, tangerine, lime, avacado, peach and grapefruit). All green with glossy leavves and a bright blue sky overhead. With the temp in the low 80's it's a beautiful day in Southern Caliornia!


My view is stacks of pleadings and correspondence that need written replies. How I wish I could finish my pair of socks they just need the toe to be done....for the last wk and a half.

Janene Reeves

My view today is my computer screen at work and the back of my boss' head! LOL


I am at work, so I'm viewing my computer screen & checking out yarn when I can.


My current view is my living room. It seems to be full of hand made pots, pictures of the family, books, a spinning wheel, and knitting items. And on the window sill, looking outside is one of my cats Isabel.

Sindy Faddis

My view is of my computer and YOUR feet.... well I can see out the back door to my deck too but so far a grey day and your feet are more interesting...

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

The view out my window is the demolishing of the Orlando Amway Arena. Barely 20 years old but the powers that are government decided that the basketball fans needed better seats to sit in to watch a game. Go figure!!!!!

Martha S

So sorry, my view is the bay outside my back patio in Destin, FL. . . .you can come visit when the baby comes! :)

Linda B

My view has been pretty much the kitchen today. I baked a dessert for guild meeting tonight. Caught up on laundry and made signs for a rummage sale this weekend. Hope to pick up the needles tonight after quilt guild.


My view out the back window of my house, beautiful green hills that are between me and the pacific ocean!


I started the day with the view of my beautiful 7 year old sleeping...

Pat Richardson

My view is looking out of my livingroom window watching the sprinkler go back and forth as it waters the front lawn. It's a beautiful sunny day but we desperately need rain.


My current view is of the computer screen, you feet and to the left the office window in my house, crepe myrtle tree and across the street neighbors. Very hot in Texas- stay in with your feet up!


My view is the pre-school kids next door performing for their fathers' day program...very cute and makes for an interesting day of work. Thanks for leaving the comments open late today...missed yesterday because of CA time difference. If I win, I think I would buy another to make one of the patterns I have seen using two skeins of sock yarn. It looks like a nice neutral.


My view is sitting on the back deck looking out at the river and woods. it's absolutely glorious outside today--sunny, blue skies, no humidity, light breeze, and comfortable temps.


My view today is of my computer screen. I'm working on typing in k-5 student contributions from the elementary students at the school where I work for their literary magazines. The stories and poems are amusing, especially when you know the students as well as I do--I'm the recess lady!


The grocery store, trying to think of something different for dinner. Too hot to cook! Never to hot to knit though!


My view is of the Hoover Tower on the campus of Stanford University. It's a beautiful sunny day, warm but not hot, and the sky is a gorgeous blue. My office is on the third floor of the main campus humanities library, so I can see green trees, blue sky, the tower, and the corner of our beautiful library. It's one of the things that makes coming to work in the morning a little easier!


My view today is the mowed back yard. All I'll say about that is that it was the first time moved this year (ahem)...our excuse was the spread of blue forget-me-not flowers growing throughout and we were waiting for them to go to seed :-)

Lisa Viviano

My view...12:30 this morning my 13 yr. old Maltese I keep looking out the window across the backyard to where she rest. Blessed to have had Sophie for as long as I did.

Sharon B

My view is my computer at work. Taking a guilty pleasure break to look at facebook and wishing I was outside in the warm sun.


My current view is out of my dining room window. I cand see children riding bikes and a flower garden that needs weeded... but my knitting keeps calling me..


My view is nothing exciting, just the inside of my home today....but we were traveling for a few days, great to go away, great to be home again!!


Looking out of my window, I see one of the best days thus far in Pittsburgh's spring season. Everything is green, and some of my summer flowers are actually blooming early. There's a slight breeze, and a clear blue sky. Perfect!


My current view looking to the east is a countryside with evergreen trees, foothills, and many layers of white, fluffy clouds. I often look this direction because on a clear day we can see Mount Hood in all its splendor; just not today. It hides on many days, and today is one. That makes the mountain that much more special when we do see it. So, today's view is pleasant and peaceful, but you would never even guess that a beautiful mountain was hiding there.


My view this afternoon was I70, to and from the vet. with the dog. Hope she feels better soon!

Amy Calkins

My view is my new baby granddaughter, Hazel, snuggling in my arms as we sit on the bouncy ball and she demonstrates an amazing ability to win staring contests.


My view is construction - lots of noisy and somewhat distracting construction. I would take a basement view with my kiddo for a day :0)

Anne Bond

My view this afternoon was the waiting room of vet hospital for a lon-n-ng wait to conference with the neurologist vet regarding problems my little chi is having walking. More meds, need more patience--hate to see that little guy valiantly trying to walk. But he loved the vet and the attention he got, glad to be back home.

Cindy Carpenter

5 weeks ago I found an 8 ounce kitten on an ant hill. We took her home and on to the vet for what she needed. Since we have a great dane, 'Max' the mini-kitten lives in a dog training crate as she grows up to a little bigger size. Today my view is watching our very big 'Maggie' the dane nose to nose with 'Max' sniffing each other. I think they will be fine as soon as Max is big enough not to get stepped on. But for now, their 'communication' is really funny.


My view is my 6 year old practicing "ballet". She's also dressed like an alien for VBS--purple shirt, Princess Leia hairbuns, glow bracelets adorning the hairbuns, purple star on her forehead, and a pink, purple, and yellow ruffled tutu.

(Ballet is running and jumping over pillows taken from the couch.)


One of my views today was along line of stopped cars on the expressway. Not a view I was too happy about.


I'm looking outmy 39th floor window at the Boston skyline. The fog is rolling in and out hiding and revealing the Prudential Tower and Fenway Park. Beautiful, but I'd rather be home in my family room knitting away.


My view this afternoon is of a sleepy,old black and white dog glued to my left side and a lively striped sock(number 2- I might add) of Poste yarn.


I'm looking at the late afternoon sun peeking through the pine trees on the little hill by our condo


I just saw my very wet herb garden, where the dill is just coming up, but the sage and chives have already flowered.


I stopped at the plaza to write my dad's father's day card before mailing it on the way back to the office. Blue sky above, 12-story buildings, and this little oasis. There are tables for a nearby cafe, cubes for people to sit on, and a cheerful fountain. People sit on the walls surrounding the tree boxes. A little bit of nature and a chance to catch your breath before you head on to your next wherever.

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