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June 12, 2012


Beth Fulton

LL SM Multi Cornelia .... this is the one catching MY eye! [email protected]


Definitely Baltic Sea. And the person I have it in mind for even has a Latvian grandmother!

[email protected]


Right now, I am in love with Zombie BBQ. The colors, the name, all of it.

Martha S

I love them all but if I was pushed, I love Liberty, right now. Ask me in a couple of minutes and I'll probably give you a different answer!
BTW, good luck with the new baby!! :)


Edgewater always catches my eye - I think it's that pop of aqua!

Kim Deiro

Country Christmas. Makes beautiful Christmas socks!

Anne Bond

It gives me the cozy feeling of a country hearth at Christmas time--I want Country Christmas for sure!


I love Maleficents! So many beautiful colors in this wonderful skein of yarn!!

Mun Yee

Multi Magnificient Mile. I just love that tone of yellow and I don't see that tone too often except in a huge box of colored pencils.


I really like Bean, it looks like it'd make really pretty, subtle socks.

Autumn Pilditch

I'm also crazy about the zombie bbq. My sister is a big fan of Walking Dead and think she would love something out of this :)

Brittani t.

I've never tried solemate but I'm loving maleificent's spindel.


Lincoln Park is my favorite!


So many wonderful colors...I think Multi The L is my favorite.


Definitely love Country Christmas!
[email protected]

Carol Brown

Giddings. I love it

Mary Cast

My favorite color is turtle rodeo. How can you not love the name this time of year. Reminds me of ponds and flowers.

Megan Best

Oooh, its a hard choice between Childs play and Hawaii, but I think chills play wins because it just looks like summer!



My favorite is Multi Baltic Sea.

Rheba Rozeboom

I love the Kerfluffle.........It makes me smile to just say the name!!

Andrea Hall

This colorway makes me think of my favorite place - the ocean...

kate s

Multi Campbell just jumped off the screen at me!


Zombie BarBQ is my fav no matter what the yarn weight- Love it


Hard to decide but Giddings looks really good.


Well, I love all the colorways and have knitted with alot of them already, but I think this time of year that Liberty would be my choice of the day.

Andy Berisford

Gorgeous colors! It's hard to pick. I think I'd go with Multi Ashburn since it has greens, blues, and purples, my three favorite colors. Turtle Rodeo is running a close second though.


Zombie BBQ, the colors are great, but I love the name!


Maleficents Spindel is calling my name!


I like the Ashburn

Judi Kennedy

I agree with you. Kedzie caught my eye to the tune of "I want one skein".


Mine is the Multi Gold Hill. It reminds me of colors in the Vermillion Cliffs in Utah!

Andrea W

What a beautiful color -L SM Solid Fjord. I am into blues and this is this most perfect skein of blues I have ever seen. Would love to make toasties for my piggies! Absolutely lone it!


Not an easy choice - but I'll go for Skyway!


Multi Watercolor would be fine for summer knittig. Mary [email protected]

Lucy Portland

I like Multi-Watercolor. The various shades blend so well.


I think I would vote for Jeans... today :)


I like the Multi-Jeans!

Kathy Strand

Edge water has always been a favorite of mine!

Liz Awsumb

The bean...I have just the shoes for it!


Kedzie catches my eye also, also liking The Skyway. They are all so pretty, it is hard to choose!

Gabriele G

My favorite is the Hawaii, with Irving Park coming in a close second.


I'm not sure what fascinates me more the name or the actual colorway; but I have to say my face would be Zombie BBQ!


Kedzie....and you you have seen my purchases....I LOVE them ALL!!! This outlast is amazing!


Solemate in Jarod Flood's Grand Street Ink would make a great pair of socks.


My favorite color is Blackberry. I discovered how much I like blackberry jam on my biscuits, yum!

Ramona Edwards

Cornelia is definitely eye-catching; neutrals with a splash of red and gold.

Mary Anne Schierman

I love Solemate in Watercolor. It would make a beautiful shawl!


Gorgeous colors!! Child's play, multi gold, multi jeans, rainbow, skyway, watercolor are just a few of my favorites.


Oddly, I don't have a pair of socks in camouflage yet. Solid cookie secret looks nice too--and who can resist that name?

Anne Cloward

Zombie Barbeque followed by Watercolor. One is for the dignified elegant side of me, and the other for the wild, crazy, what a great name side of me!


Mine right now has to be Shenanigans. The colors just jump out at me.

Natalie G.

Turtle Rodeo is a color I've been drooling over for a long time.

Cathy B

It has to be Nearly Solid Cedar.


Baltic Sea is very pretty.


Well, I already own Zombie BBQ, so now I am leaning towards Magnificent Mile. I've got a thing for lovely yellows...


Baltic Sea is so gorgeous!


I love the blues so it would be Cookie's secret. Thank you and a big happy anniversary too!


Multi Liberty is my first choice! I love wearing red/white/blue - for the USA and for Texas.

Terri M

Totally Love Zombie BBQ. The colors are great and I absolutely love freaking out my friends and family when they ask me what color socks I'm working on ;)

Deb D

Campbell!! I'm a green girl!


Definitely Campbell, I'm a sucker for anything green!


Multi Baltic Sea! My favorite has to have aqua or green, this one has both. Love it!


I love all Lorna's Laces but I think Cornelia is my current favorite!


LL SM Multi Ashburn would be my pick!


I've loved Vintage Office ever since they introduced it - would love to have a Sole Mate version.


Cookie Secret is my favorite of the bunch. Thanks much.


Grant Park is one of my favorites--It's a great place too!


My fave has got to be Zombie BBQ, I have a skein waiting to be made into socks for my daughter, who is a big fan of "walking dead". And any other zombie shows. But I also like Multi. Decisions,decisions.


Camoflage, colors are so more subtle in solemate..... also Child's Play and Kedsie!

Vicki F

What choices! I think mine would be Turtle Rodeo. Hard to choose just one!


Loving the Gold Hill!!


My favorite changes each time I look. This time it is Edgewater!


Zombie BBQ, how can you not love this name and color combo!!


gotta love the multi the L- very cute.

Mary Brown

I love Gold Hill, but all are beautiful.

Renee Artim

Lorna Laces makes such beautiful yarn, it is hard to choose just one. I like Multi Asian for it's subtle elegance.


So many beautiful options! But some favorites are: Grant Park, Kedzie, Maleficents Spindel
and Blackberry!


Rainbow, because who couldn't use a few more of those in their lives?


Child's Play caught my eye!!! Thanks for the contests!


My favorite is Asian, I love pastels.


Ysolda Red. Because I love love love love red!


I love Aslan!


My favorite is Gold Hill.

Janene Reeves

Oh, Baltic Sea definitely. But I can't not love Zombie BBQ too! The name just makes me smile!

Christy Becker

I am smitten by most every colorway. They are simply all combinations that speak to me. But i keep looking at Grand Street Ink and all the variety in this tonal. It is fascinating!


I love so many of them, but right now I would have to choose "rainbow."


I like Campbell! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Patty McD

Amy's Vintage Office has caught my eye. It's lovely!


How to choose Solemate? Lorna's laces color choices are prolific! I knit a hat out of zombie BBQ in regular sock and it's awesome!


The bright greens of Campbell always catch my eye, love it!


Multi Gold Hill looks wonderful to me, but my favorite socks are made with Solemate light purple, forgot the exact name.


I like the L in purple

Denise H.

Maleficents Spindel caught my eye - beautimous colors!


All of the colors are so fabulous, but my eyes always stops at Gold Hill. The best name: Zombie BBQ.

Knit Yeah!

So MANY Wonderful & interesting color Combos!!! I really like the variety in LL SM Multi Gold Hill the bast though!

Susan Hill

For me, it has to be rainbow. How many times have we looked at a rainbow in wonder. Just makes me happy to think about knitting with it.

Renee Anne

Multi-Hawaii is lovely but I wouldn't say, "no" to Kedzie either :)

RuthAnn Cromwell

My current favorite is Magnificent Mile. I love the yellow and all the pleasant thoughts the color brings.


Zombie BBQ is always my favorite LL color no matter what base.

Leah H

I'm at the coast (Newport, Oregon) and Baltic Sea is so close to the colors of the Pacific Ocean right now, I can't help but fall in love with it!

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