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June 19, 2012



I haven't tried it, but in one of Cat Bordhi's books, she said to go down a needle size or two from what your yarn suggests and it will make a thicker fabric.


Yes, smaller needles will make DENSER fabric, which might feel nicer and will surely wear longer. I love wool/nylon blends for socks. The wool breathes much better than cotton, and I wear them year-round. Just switching to hand knit socks will make your feet feel pampered. If you really want a treat, there also are the MCN blends, but I haven't tried them yet.

Cindy Carpenter

I make ankle socks for my mom all the time, (she needs help with the other kind). I use just an average toe up plain vanilla kind of sock. Once I finish the heel I simply k2p2 rib for 10 to 15 rows, russian bind off for stretch. I always use a quality wool blend yarn. If you want a denser fabric you can also use the k1 sl1 (row 1) then k all sts (row 2)for the bottom of your foot. My husband and I both wear tachtical boots 12+ hours every work day. We both wear hand made wool socks and we live in Florida. In fact most time I wear socks made with 6 ply yarn (super squishy good feel). Don't be afraid of wool socks in the summer. They feel just great year round. I personally find cotton unless blended with at least 40% wool does not give the stretch I like in the socks I make for my family.


I havnt tried it, but it seems if you could work out the math, a double knitting stitch from one of the pattern dictionaries could be used on the sole of the sock giving double thikness while leaving the rest of the sock in normal sock guage yarn. Wool and cotton blends are a good idea.


I'm on my feet all day in the 'other' job, too. I made myself a pair of work socks by working the sole in slip-stitch like a heel flap with great success.
I adore bamboo/wool blends in summer. Not so much a fan of cotton blends, as I find cotton just gets clammy and saggy.


Another about thrumming the soles with some unspun fiber as done in Norwegian mittens? It would be easier and faster than double knitting and you could control the thickness and cushiness with your choice of fiber


HeartStrings pattern A83-6101
a Bit-o-Lace Sport footies
[email protected]

this pattern has cushioned soles and heels
they're nice, feel nice! i got this as a free pattern, came across it while browsing.

Lisa Soderman

Hi! I just finished a summer sock from Churchmouse Patterns called Turkish Bed Socks that I made out of a cotton blend. I love them. They are not padded but still quite comfortable. You could use a wool blend fingering as well. The pattern uses Koigu but you could also use Lornas Laces Solemate. It is superwash merino and outlast. The outlast is a special fiber that keeps you cool when warm and warm when cool. I love using it ! Good luck!


Try using garter stitch in any area that requires extra padding. It will make a thicker fabric without adding too much weight aka heat in warm weather.

Kim B.

Allison -- How are you feeling? I've been concerned about you since your last post. Take care and be careful in this heat.


I haven't tried this one, but it has padding.

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