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May 21, 2012


Seattle Amy

Can't wait!



Anamaria seda

Oh I can't wait!!!


Congratulations! I'm so excited!


Very exciting venture - can't wait to see more!

Lisa Soderman

So wonderful! Yay you! If we can't make it to the celebration, will we be able to order the Anniversary kits online?! That would ne spectacular!

Jean Yuryan

Can't wait to hear more...


Yes, you can definitely order the kits online on June 2, the same time as the in-store shoppers. And while they are likely to sell within a few hours like most of our other kits, since I'm in control of the production, I might be able to have a few more kits made later in the summer for those who didn't click quick enough.
But that will have to come in August or later after I'm back from my baby break!

Leslie B. Fehr

Oh!Oh!Oh! Can't wait!


Why don't I just direct deposit my paycheck to you? :) Can't wait to see yarn!

Jennifer Cameron

VERY exciting! You are a workaholic....


You came up with a delightful surprise again. I love hand dyed stripes so this is so exciting for me


Jennifer... you have no idea. But I'm taking an entire month off when the baby comes (compared to the whole week I took off with James). So I wanted to get all this stuff rolled out before July!


I'm in!


Can't wait--where do I sign up for the kit?


WOW I can't wait to see this beautiful yarn! I know you will do a great job you always do. Good luck we everything.


This sounds so spectacular! A 2nd of June true celebration. I will surely join in the excitement from MN


What a fantastic idea! I was you so much luck with this new venture into striped sock yarn.

Sandra Keithj

I put off ordering SSYC solids for a long time because I thought the price was so reasonable, surely the yarn would not be up to my snobby standards. I did finally order 2 skeins, just to give it a try. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the SSYC solids surpassed any of my expectations. I have since ordered this yarn in many colors for I find it to knit up great and wash wonderfully, even in the machine. I look forward to SSYC stripes, for I know it will be top quality for a great price. Thank you so much for offering knitters a great product at a wonderful cost.

Karen Witcombe

Sounds wonderful Allison. Like many others I love striping yarns and there are some awesome patterns out there that feature them. I can't wait to see what you have done. Save some for your international customers please. All the best for the main event too l hope all goes very well indeed.

Karen in Tasmania


Fantastic!! I'm very eager to see the new line. Just love stripes, stripes, stripes.

Thank you!!


The yarn sounds great but A whole month off for the baby?! You slacker! LOL,after 2 grandbabies in less than 2 months, are you sure you don't want 6 weeks? I'm so tired and I'm not even doing the nursing this time!


Hope you've dyed LOTS of this new yarn for your anniversary kits. It's always a challenge for those of us in different time zones to get on line quick enough to score these special kits. Can hardly wait to try this new yarn.


Can't wait & I will actually be back from visiting my daughter in DC by then! I was afraid you'd be announcing something that would go on sale next Tuesday or something!

Kim B.

This is terrific news! Your solid yarns are wonderful to work with and I love stripes. We have seen a striped sock every so often -- navy, medium blue and grass green strips -- of I hope that is the first yarn. Lovely just lovely. I hope you are taking care of yourself.


Sounds like fun! I will await the colors:)


Wow...I can't wait to see the colors you will offer.


Looking forward to seeing it. Congratulations on 7 years!


I'm so excited to try this yarn. New sock yarn from a different (to me) sheep breed.

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