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May 18, 2012



Oh Allison, you crack me up.


I am always blown away by the generosity of people who donate entire farms to towns. Naperville has a farm that is a CSA (although it was given to the Nature Conservancy to make sure it remains a farm forever) & there & there is Ardenwood Farm in Fremont California which is also still a working farm. We went there a couple of times when my daughter lived in Palo A;to including one time for sheep shearing which was a ton of fun. There were volunteers showing people (mostly children) how to card the fleece & then spinning it into a short length (12-18") of yarn with either a spindle or wheel & turning the yarn into a little bracelet. There were other volunteers showing children how to make sheep using those giant pipe cleaners & fleece it a wee bit of brightly colored yarn tied around the neck like a ribbon. The kids loved it (& there wasn't even any ice cream!)


You are o right about the hay wagon rides at Salomon Farm. Two of the grandkids & I went on the ride yesterday afternoon and I couldn't wait for the end. The kids liked it though. And like James, we had to decorate quilt blocks for Project Linus. Fun stuff. The alpacas are so cute!


I dragged my husband to Salomon on Saturday. I enjoyed the silk worms and the LeGare(sp) sock machine that makesw a pair in 45 minutes. Talked to the alpacas and bought some Romney roving from my friend and teacher, Betty Barry.


Red is always awesome, so my favorite is Multi Irving Park

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