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May 10, 2012



I like to wrap the non working yarn at least 3-4 stitches or rows to avoid the long tails to catch fingers or toes.

Elaine Chaffee

If you have wide stripes my suggestion would be to cut the yarn and weave it across and you go so that you don't have to weave your ends in later. I find it quicker and so much easier...because when you finish your sock you are done. I carry yarn when I knit flat pieces up the sides because it will be sewn in the seam and will not matter so the wider stripes wouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps. Enjoy your socks. Oh, if you do see the color...don't worry....who will notice on a young man chasing a soccer ball down the field :)


I don't carry a color more than 1-2 rows. Otherwise I cut and weave in. You may notice the rounds are slightly off everytime you change colors. This is not too noticeable in ribbing, but will be when you knit in stockinette for the foot. This is easier to do than explain. Tie on the second color and knit 1 round. Then for the first stitch of the second round, knit in the stitch BELOW the first stitch and then continue around. You will be knitting thru 2 stitches, the old color and the new. Hope this helps.


If you're using white with a dark color, it's pretty much inevitable that the darker color will peek through the white. You can either make the stripes super-short (do you know the barber-pole method of one-row stripes, which also removes the dreaded jog?) and not cut the yarn between stripes, or make the stripes big enough that you don't have so many stripes on the leg and thus you won't have a ton of ends to deal with afterward.

As far as snagging toes on ends in the feet, remember that most of the time, his feet will be in shoes, so any stripes will be invisible to the masses. You could always make each foot a solid color, with the heel and toe in the other color. (For big-footed guys, I often do the ribbing, heel, and toe in a different color, to be sure I have enough yarn for the rest of the sock.) If he's open-minded enough, you could mirror the colors, to even out yarn usage.

Check out this site...she has wonderful instructional videos on different techniques. Hopefully the link will get you to the jogless stripes video... if not, :) go to and look up video tips. When you are carrying the yarn do you do the little twist of colors to trap it in? Good luck...

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